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Final Destination: Friday March 17, 2000

Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), is embarking on a trip to Paris with his high school French class. In the plane's cabin, buckled-in and ready for take-off, Alex experiences a powerful premonition. He sees the plane explode in a fiery blaze moments after leaving the ground. Alex panics and insists that everyone get off the plane. In the melee than ensues, seven people including Alex, are forced to disembark the ill-fated aircraft.
Back in the departure lounge, Alex and his friends Billy (Seann William Scott) and Tod (Chad E. Donella); Clear (Ali Larter) a young woman who instinctively heeded Alex's warning; Carter (Kerr Smith), whose derision of Alex's paranoia had him and his girlfriend Terry (Amanda Detmer) thrown off the plane; and Ms. Lewton (Kristen Cloke), the teacher who volunteers to stay with the disembarking students, all watch as Alex's horrific premonition proves tragically accurate when the plane explodes in a catastrophic fireball.
Ironically, even though Alex's intuition saves lives, after the crash he is plagued by both guilt and suspicion. Ominous portents of doom as well as the FBI, dog his every step. Alex comes to believe that somehow, he and the other survivors have briefly cheated death, but will not be able to evade their fate for very long. Clear befriends Alex, but no one, not even she, really believes his macabre theory -- not even as one by one, these fugitives from fate fall victim to the grim reaper.-- 2000New Line Cinema 

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40.5 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

James Wong (IV) 


Jeffrey Reddick (story) 
Glen Morgan 


Supernatural Thriller


Devon Sawa as  Alex Browning
Billy as  Seann Scott
Tod  as Chad E. Donella
Clear as Ali Larter
Carter  as Kerr Smith
Terry  as Amanda Detmer
Ms. Lewton as Kristen Cloke)

Running Time

1hr 35min


Rated R


New Line Cinema




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 The People's Review of Final Destination 

score = 80
comments = Oh dear. I'm afraid that's all I can say about the critics who delivered the damning views above. It would appear that somewhere along their paths through film studies and writing failed art house screenplays they've forgotten the main principle behind film making - to be entertaining, and thankfully this is what Final Destination is. So what if there is no underlying message, so what if James Wong has chosen impressive visual effects over pretentious imagery, so what if the film has little to no intellectual value - it was never meant to. Final Destination is a popcorn movie, plain and simple. It doesn't take itself too seriously and at no point does it pretend to be something it's not.  This film is designed to keep the audience from nodding off by making them jump at least once every scene with something unexpected, the bus scene being especially notable for this.  Just sit back at let this film wash over you and you will have a good time.  Sure, it's never going to win any Oscars, it's not going to change the world but then it was never intended to. This film is designed only to be entertaining and delivers the goods nicely, right up until the end where instead of going with the cliched schmaltzy pap that Hollywood usually offers, it sends the viewer away with one last fright. Incidentally I would recommend getting the DVD and watching the original deleted ending. Both cheesy and saccharine enriched it is unintentionally hilarious. Had Wong stuck with it it would have absolutely ruined the film and the critics above really would have had something to complain about. But with the ending which made the final cut, Wong has delivered a fast paced ironic teen horror flick which is challenged within the genre only by Scream. Watch this film, and if you enter into it with the right frame of mind, you will take a helluva lot out of it.

score = 80
Although this film appeared as merely yet another to the list of the recently popular 'teen flick' genre however the director James Wong has ingeniously made this film.  If we look to the first scene we see excellent foreshadows of what is to occur later in the film. For example, there is a fan that blows as if a natural wind current.  There are a lot of symbols in the film which make up for the plot, which, though rather simple, is also rather nnovative.  Final Destination is one of those movies that you have to judge for yourself.  I believe it was well-made and the acting was indeed good, but others may take the opportunity to criticise its plot holes.  Check it out for yourself!

score = 100
I loved this movie!! I didnt find anything wrong with it! Kerr Smith and Devan Sawa are totally hott and the movie is an edge-of-ur-seat thriller and i loved it! the special effects were totally real and all the actors/actresses were great! i have seen this move 5 times and it gets better every time. theres always little things i find in each one, like the John Denver song is always playing in a death scene, and theres always this black shadow in a sespenciful part, its definatly worth seeing!

score = 100
This movie was one of the best  films i have ever seen however, have you ever stopped to think it may have been a little too realistic for some people!!!!!! My 11 year old sister was supposed to go to California for a jewish unveiling of my great-grandfather with me, my father, and my brother this thanksgiving break. We fly to florida every year and she has at least been on a plane 30 times. However, after seeing this movie she realized how easy it was to die and decided she was never going to fly again. My father tried with all his might to talk her into getting in the car and driving to the airport, but she just wouldn't go! I don't know if she wil ever fly again.

score = 60
comments = V. entertaining, shame there was no ending or even vague explanations of the bizzare fate thing. Seemed more of a concept than a story...

score = 100
comments = This movie was differnt and most people enjoyed it but unless you've seen both ending and all the deleated seens you wouldn't fully understand it.

score = 100
comments = i think this movie was great! many people thought it was too blood filled but if u dont like that type of stuff why go see it when u know people die on a plan? i understand about the flight800 thing but its not like the movie is a direct replica of it. i thoguht the movie was really good. it had a good theme.

score = 100
this movie was awesome. It wasn't the usual slasher, man in the hockey mask movie. It had a plot other than I'm coming to kill you. Not to mention the cast was great...especially Kerr!

score = 100
It is the best film in all my life. I would like know the register and all the cast for hug all them and stay with my favourite actors. This film is my life. The story is very interessant and the actors have played so well that i was shoked by them. Wong and Morgan are two genius and i want to begin like them. I say again that i want meet and speak this people because they are my life. I fill up my bedroom with posters one of them 2m*1.5m(my room is 2m*2m). If this isn't crasy, i don't know what to do. Now i say goodbye but i would stay here to speak about Final Destination a lot of time. CIAO AND REMEBER YOU CAN'T CHEAT DEATH!!!!!!!:-D

Cailin DeGeorge
score = 100
comments = I think Final Destination was the best movie, because it has a major point. I think that we all do have a plan for death. I thought it was a great movie because it's telling you that all people are gonna die sooner or later. And it showing all the ways of the deaths. I personally like the teaches death teh best, it was very well planned out. How at first the coffeee spilt on the computer then she got electracuted, then she set the towel on top of the knives, and when she tried to reach for the towel, all the knives fell on her and she died. I think the director of this should win an award for being the most creative horror movie director. Thats just my oppinion some people disagree with me, but I think most people eould agree with me.

score = 80
comments = I really liked this innovative little movie, it was a real suprise and i think Devon Sawa has the big time beckoning.The cast are polished for their ages and they all work well together,nearly erasing the stereotypes that "The Faculty" and the brat pack movies of the 80`s established. Real popcorn munching stuff!!

score = 80 
This was a roller-coaster ride.  Just when you have it figured out, it takes an unexpected turn -- drops you suddenly into a new situation.  Too bad it was eclipsed by bigger coasters.  But catch it at a dollar show or rent it when available.  It's tense, unpredictable, and will leave you breathless.

score = 80 
I went to this movie without knowing what it was about, it was a blast! Literally! Especially the scene when Terry gets hit by the bus, ans the scene that made the audience scream: the spasm of the dead body. Those weren't the only scenes when the audience reacted to the movie, there were some pretty funny moments too.  I liked the plot of the movie, it had a god cast and some pretty cool special effects! You should see this movie!

score = 100 
This movie was awesome and for you people who did not enjoy it you don't know what you are talking about.  You are right about paying respect to the families of TWA 800 but I don't think the point of the movie was just to annoy these people.  THis movie tries to make things realand anytthing that happened during the movie could happen to anyone.  SO now because A movie shows a detailed plane crash or what ever else you wanna complain about it doesn't make it bad.  I'd rather see something the real way experience it the real way then see it in cartoons b/c truthfully it can happen to anyone.  If you want intese you got it if you want to see how things happen just the way they do then this movie is for you.  and for those who didn't like it stick to watching cartoons.

score = 100 
I thought the movie was great i saw it with my friend.  I really liked even my other friends who saw it loved it and i really loved it to i think almost everyone should see it and i think it could of gotten a better score then it really did. I mean come on now.

score = 80 
I really enjoyed this movie because they finally made a teen-horror movie that not includes some idiot with a murder weapon. It got me thinking about the way that things in everyday life can cause a person's death. Nice detail: The board at the end reads 180.

score = 100 
I absolutly loved this movie and was soooo shocked to read some of the reviews it has recieved.The idea of the film is very clever and the cast show their acting ability to its best in this film ! Its definatly a must see and one of my fave films !!!! Go see it , its worth every penny !!

score = None 
I am surprised they got away with making this film. They didn't even try to make it NOT the TWA 800 disaster. I agree with Denys in hoping that none of the families of those who died on that flight see this film. It is just sick.

Dave Andrews 
score = 100 

score = 100 
This was one of the best movies I have ever seen! I can't believe how low the ratings are! It was not only scary, but the special effects were great and the story was amazing!!! Definetly worth seeing if you like thrillers!

Raja Althaibani 
score = 100 
This movie was the best that i had seen in years. When i went to watch it, it kept me at the edge of my seat and before i watched it i used the ladies room, ya know just in case the movie would be too scary, so while i was watching the movie i really had to use the bathroom but i held it because i did not want to miss a part that would be good, so i held it,and at the end of the movie i thought my bladder was gonna blow. My favorite part of the movie was when the blond girl got hit by the bus, i almost choked on my popcorn and i screamed so loud and jumped out my seat. My point here is that this movie is worth watching. I love it !!! when i walked out the movie theater i was totally dizzy and felt like i was flying. I watched this movie about 11 times with my girlfriends, i have been reccomending this movie to everyone i know !! This movie is the bomb. I am really looking foward in seeing part II of this movie ( if there will be a part II ). Thanx!!

score = 100 
This movie is the best! You have got to see it! Not only was it realistic and dramatic, but it was way more original than most movies. What you expected to happen, didn't happen. And what you didn't expect, did happen.

score = 100 
I saw this movie and it was the scariest I've ever seen in my life. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

score = 100 
I just saw the movie and i thought it was great. it was exciting and thrilling from beginning to end. i was jumping out of my seat the whole time. great acting and directing. devon sawa was great. the acting was great.surprise ending, i couldn't believe it. it freaked me out. it was one of the best movies i ever saw. very scary. only two bad things, brendan fehr died and kerr smith played an asshole who was soo mean. but oh well the movie was sooo good and now is one of my favorites. my frineds i went with loved it too!!! the movie was just to good, i can't wait to see it again. also, all the actors worked together very good in the movie. i'm soo happy i wen to go see it n i'm going to go see it again next weekend. i'm hooked.

Tara Del Rosso
score = 90 
This movie is probably one of the most thrilling and breath-taking films I have ever seen.  The plot is great, the story is interesting, and the circumstances are terrifying.  I have always hated planes, and now I know that I will never get on another one again in my life.  4 stars

score = 100 
I thought the movie was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!I think Devon was so cute and was perfect for this part.This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and i had to jump out of my seat ove 20 times.I think more movies should be made like this one.I also thought the ending was very suprising but awesome.I can't wait to go see it again!!!!!!!Now this movie is my favorite movie of all time so go out and see it.The movie freaked me and my friends out it makes u think twice before doing anything.

score = 100 
Oh, god that movie was great. It really made you think about life and death and how on slip or fall can cause your own death. Don't take life for granted or you just might end up in the coroners shop.

score = 10 
This was the worst movie I have ever seen.  I absolutely hated it.  I don't know how anyone with any morals could enjoy a movie where you see every horrifying detail of a plane blowing up... a plane that contains many people, including a disabled man and a newborn baby.  Every detail that you could possibly imagine is included in this film (when the plane crashes, someone's blood is shown all over, a fire burns someone else's face, a woman struggles and screams as she falls out of the plane)These details are gory,excessive, and completely uneccesary.  The script writing was horrible.  This movie is the type of film that makes our teenage society so corrupt.  I feel sorry for anyone that has experienced tragedies that were mocked in this movie, such as fires, car accidents, or plane crashes, and I hope to God that they do not see this movie. Never again should anyone make a movie where death is mocked in a cartoonish sort of way.

score = 90 
This movie was great, it brought the sense that no matter what you do, its all fate and you can't hide from it.  A realistic portrayal of fear in the plane and just everything that goes with it.  Anyone who rated this movie below 20 does not enjoy a thriller.  Great Acting and great twists in this flick.  Go SEE IT!!! ITS WORTH SEEING!!

Nancy Campbell 
score = 100 
One of the writers Jeffrey Reddick is from my town Jackson,Kentucky. I never dreamed anyone from this little town could have such a good imagination as to write something so outstanding. It truly redefines the word scarey.I would recomend this movie to anyone. How proud we are to say Jeffrey Reddick is well on his way.

score = 80 
I thought this movie was so awesome, and it scared me so bad!  It had great actors, and awesome story line, and it made me think!  I give it 2 thumbs up!!

score = 70 
Definately worth seeing. I credit myself as being a strict grader of movies.  Many people thought recent movies such as the beach, pitch black, and stigmata were worth movie of the year as the gave it 100.  pitch black i gave a 50 and stigmata and the beach 10 and no score.  Being that i grade hard, i consider that if i like a movie, most other people will too.  this movie is full of suspense and has some new twists and ideas that have not been done before. its definately an original.  Adult movie goers may find the cast not exceptional, and the acting has room for much improvement at times, but it will keep you hooked.  After all, thats what many people want these days-the matrix being the perfect example-able to hook you despite the sorriest acting ever.  i have seen everything in theatres now and i think This, along with reindeer games are probably the most interesting films out right now.

Geo Heller 
score = 80 
I liked this movie.  I saw it a matinee and was pleased.  It surprised me and scared me some.  Not a great movie but a good movie and enjoyable.

score = 100 
This movie is by far the greatest thriller I've ever seen.  If you haven't seen it yet your missing out so GO SEE IT.  Sawa as usual made the movie great by his acting along with Kerr Smith, Ali Larter, and Chad put together and you have a great acting team.  Its got me thinking twice and I'm going again today 3-24-00 with some friends I cant even stop thinking about it I keep watching trailers of it on the internet going to get my hair cut like Devon's and even looking at a car that looks just like the one Kerr drives in the movie.  And just when you think you know whats going to happen at the end BAM something you didn't expect to happens. See ya later

score = None 
DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! It is  one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen!  If you enjoying seeing person after person die in such a real life way, then you'll like it, but I felt like I was actually watching these people die and it really bothered me, I just about got sick.  If you are thinking about seeing this, really think to yourself if you want to put yourself through it

score = 70 
I enjoyed this movie for two reasons only!  Chris Klein, and Josh Hartnett.  They are two of my favorite actors, and I enjoyed seeing them work together.  The ending made me cry, and I am glad I went to see it.  However, it was a little drawn out ans cheesy.

score = 10 
I must agree with everything ashley said about this movie. I hated it. If I hadn't gone with a whole group of people I would've walked out. And the parallels between this movie and TWA flight 800 are sick. I pray no one whose family was on that flight goes to see this movie. And if my ticket weren't free I wouldv'e felt ripped off, though I don't normally indulge in immoral death-fest hacker movies. If you think this movie's going to be neat... don't waste your time.

score = 80 
I definitely loved the movie. It was so real. It felt like you were in the movie. After watching this movie, I look at everything different now. I recommand you to watch the movie. It's so amazing!

score = 60 
To get the most out of "Final Destination," it's best to dispense with the film's fanciful explanations (or lack of them; we never learn why Alex can see the dismal future) and concentrate on its sick humor and suspense. Think of it as a slasher movie without a slasher, but with elaborately gruesome death scenes that benefit from being committed by a force that can't be explained. The filmmakers understand that the unseen and unknowable is a lot scarier than some shambling idiot with a knife in his hand. Oh yeah, and have any of the cast members from Fox and the WB's teen shows `not' starred in one of these things yet?  Who'd have guessed that The Grim Reaper is a John Denver fan??

score = 100 
I had not seen a movies this good since "The sixth sence." This is definetly a must see movie..It will scare you most of the time

score = 100 
I really enjoyed this movie.  I think it was well acted and very well directed.  All the actors and actresses were great.  I can't wait to see it again and my advise to you is go see it it's GREAT!!!!!!!

mary briel 
score = 100 
I have already seen this film twice and i still jumped the second time around.  it was one of the most suspensful, thriller i have ever seen. Even the parts when you can't stand to see the sight of what happens to these people you can't manage to turn your eyes from the screen! I would have to say that this is the best movies ever made. the plot was great not like any other movie,  and i want everyone else to go see it again and again.  it is worth it!!

score = 100 
I just saw Final Destination on Friday and that is the best movie I have ever seen.  The movie was so cool because Everything that happens in the movie was unexpected and that made it really good.  Right when this movie comes out on video Iam buying it.  If you like breath taking movies than this is the movie for you!!!!!1

score = None 
This movie is a disrespect to the families of those  precious lives who died on Flight 800! And, as a resident of Long Island, this movie is rude and careless towards the memories of those who died on that ill-fated flight that summer night. As it is heartless and disgraceful to have used the untimely and tragic deaths of Princess Diana and John Denver as an ominous foreshadowing to support the plot.

score = 30 
Final Destination is a somewhat enjoyable movie and the concept and storyline had great merit. However, I can't believe the filmmakers chose to parallel the tragedy of TWA-800 in the film's opening.  A 747, takes off from JFK to Paris, with a group of high school students aboard, explodes shortly after takeoff, falling to the ocean. The similarities are too great to miss. This was done in the worst possible taste. The lack of compassion and creativity in using this recent tragedy to start the film is unbelievable.

score = 100 
I thought it was very well done.  I've seen it twice already and it still keeps me at the edge of my seat. I mean it really gets you thinking about when it's your time, and what's death's plan for you.  I don't want to get on a plane ever again. But I'm going to Europe next summer if the flight number is 180 I'm not getting on that plane.

score = 100 
I think this movie was excelent.  It's not lame at all.  The whole plot was very good.  It keept me at the edge of my seat the whole time.  You never knew what was going to happen!  I give this movie a 100.

score = 90 
This is one of the best supernatural thriller movies I have seen. It made me really think about my life and what death has planned for me. This movie scared me a few times and kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. I am going again today to see it for the second time. I would recommend everybody into thrillers to go definetely check this movie out on the big screen, this is where you would get the most effect.****

score = 90 
This was an excellent film. It was funny and action backed at the same time. My boyfriend and I loved it. Everyone should go see this film.

score = 90 
I thought it was a real good movie, the movie held my attention throughout the whole movie. the story line was great and the events i never saw coming.

score = 100 
best movie i have seen in along time.very suspensful. i would love to see it again. soon.

score = 100
this is a must see movie, i could not tell what was going to be next and i was on my toes the hole time. and if any one thinks different is wrong and have no idea of what they are talking about.

KeShaun Griffey 
score = 100 
I loved this movie my fav part was when Terry got hit by a bus,it made me jump. The movie was great and I hope another movie is made like that. The scariest part was when Ms.Lewton got killed.

score = 70 
his was a fast, but still good movie.  I death sceens are very good, but the ending is a little lacking, you know what i mean-it leaves your mind wandering to much.  Go see it with friends, you will all love itr even if you are not a horror movie type of person.

score = 90 
It was was a great movie.Devon Sawa and Kerr Smith was great in it.It also made you think about death.

score = 60 
The movie had such an intertwining plot and left you wondering how the next one would go.....but the excessive goriness was not needed.  It did somewhat make the movie what it was, but if they were really meant to die, God would have somehow kept them on that plane. He doesn't let you go so death can chase you down. death isn't an evil spirit trying to hunt you down to take your soul.  Its a transition.  so, the plot was unrealistic if you share my views in religion and on death etc etc....

Jennifer Pohe 
score = 100 
the best damn movie i have ever seen. This movie is Action packed and full of suprises. you never know what will happen next. the begining of the move looks like a ride from universial studios.  The movie was a scream.

score = 100 
I give this movie a 101% it was tight ~ i loved the story ~ it was thirlling and i loved how it twisted it and how it was produced ~ i saw this movie twice and to the people that give it a zero ~ ovilosuily you are a dull person and not understanding ~ casue i beleive they made this movie and use those plot to tell us to watch out and becareful becasue death is nature and if its yuour time then its your time ~ i love the perfromance and the special effects to make seem sooo real ~!~!~! love it ~ defintality buying the movie

score = 90 
I thought this ovie was really good.  I have never been so scared. All the actors did a really great job making us believe it was all real.  I have never come out of a movie like i did this one.  It's one of the best I've seen!

score = 90 
I thought that the movie was very creative.  I really liked it.  I sent all of my friends to watch it with me and they liked it too.  I have seen it twice.  I really recommend this movie to people that like to watch movies that leave you in shock.  I must inform you though, this movie isn't a make-out movie.  It's more of a hold me I'm scared kind of situation.

score = 100

score = 100 
If you like realistic movies, this is the one to see.  Everything was realistic, from the deaths to the emotions.  I loved it!!  Ever since I saw it, I've been very wary of things because anything could lead to your death.  One second, you could be alive.  The next second, you could be dead.  People take their lives for granted and this movie clearly shows how easy it is for a life to be taken away.  Great movie and great acting.  Definetly worth seeing.

score = 90 
First of all, this is a horror movie.  If you didn't want to be grossed out, you shouldn't have gone.  I thought that the movie was very cool. The only thing I didn't like was the ending(which I will not give away).  It left you hanging.  But it was a very good movie.  Devon Sawa's acting was superb and matched well with the wonderful supporting cast.  Al is so right  The people who hated this movie and and rated it below even an 80 do not enjoy a good horror flick.

score = 100 
This is a great movie. All the people who think otherwise needs to get a life. Plane crashes happen all the time, and this is the first movie that captures the emotions of flying on a doomed plane. Everyone knows this movie is graphic, stop crying and go watch Fantasia.

score = 90 
I'm a jaded moviegoer... I don't often like the garbage that comes out of Hollywood... but this movie delivered what it promised.  If you like horror movies, this one will provide you with what you're looking for.  If you get offended by movies of this type, then you shouldn't go... simple as that.  I haven't seen a horror movie that delivered on the scares it promised as much as this one does.  I rarely buy a movie on DVD and I can't even wait till this one comes out.

score = 100 
I have seen this movie, and I believe, that this movie really desrves a two thumbs up . . . really up.  I was at the edge of my seat through the entire movie, and it seems like the climax starts right in the beginning. Excellent movie,  very good acting, by all actors in the movie!

score = 100 
Ok, so I saw the movie twice, and I was still amazed at how I could still be kept in suspense through out the whole movie again.  I give this movie 100.  Great performance by the actors.  Devon, Kerr, Ali, Chad Seann, Kriston, and Amanda.  One thing to say for those who gave below 30.  Why did you guys go and see the movie if you were going to be so freaked out like that?  Please, if you are going to complain like that, then DON'T GO TO THE MOVIES! its as simple as that.

score = 100 
Great thriller.  Poses good question--do we make our own destiny? Or are their forces beyond our control that have a devine plan?

score = 100 
That was a great movie. You knew what was comin' but when it happened you weren't ready for it. Anyone out there that hasn't seen it u must!There is some funny parts in it to.

score = 100 
I think this film is FANTASTIC! the first time i saw it made me want to see it again and again! this is a MUST see film! i would give it 100/100! the story line is brillient and the role played by devon sawa was unbelievably good. i hope they could make a final destination 2, that would be brillient as well and i would be the first one down to the cinema!


score = 100 

I loved this movie ! Here in Brazil is in the Cinema yet 'n I saw 2 far ! It's so god cast ! I'll see more times !! I loved it ! Me 'n my friends make a scary movies to but is only to have fun ! maybe someday We'll be acctress ! :) Love Germana

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