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Galaxy Quest: Saturday December 25, 1999

For four years, the crew of the NSEA Protector donned their uniforms and set off on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space--then their series was canceled. Twenty years later, the five stars of the classic '70s TV series Galaxy Quest are still in costume, making appearances at science fiction conventions for their legions of die-hard fans. But some of those fans are a little more far out than the actors could ever have imagined.
A group of aliens who have mistaken intercepted television transmissions for "historical documents" arrive at a convention and whisk "Commander Peter Quincy Taggart" (Tim Allen) and his crew into space to help them in their all-too-real war against a deadly adversary. With no script, no director, and no clue about real interstellar travel, the make-believe crew of the Protector has to turn in the performances of their lives to become the heroes the aliens believe them to be. Copyright ©1999 Dreamworks SKG

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67.5 - Worth Seeing

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Dean Parisot


Robert Grdon (VII),

David Howard(VI)






Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith/Comander Peter
Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco/Lt Tawny Madison
Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan/Tech Sergeant Chen

Running Time

1hr - 42 mins


Rated PG-13


Dream Works 


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 The People's Review of Galaxy Quest

score = 100
I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! I could watch it over and over and I would just laugh harder every time.  My favorite characters were the Thermins.  They are so innocent and adorable.  I cry every time I see Quellek die.  I especially love Laliari, the alien babe. She is so cool, and I'm not just saying that.  My favorite part of the movie is when She and Tech Sgt. Chen  make-out after he beams Gorignak down on the Bad guys.  The expression on His face when he sees all of her tentacles engulfing him is hilarious! I AM THE ULTIMATE QUESTOID!

score = 100
Absolutely Fantastic Movie!  I have seen it over 150 times, and it gets funnier every time I see it!  I've got to give Kudos to Fred Kwan(Tony Shaloub) for keeping his cool throughout all the Chaos.  The Thermians are ADORABLE!!!! I wish I could meet them in person.  And yes, Barbara, Mathesar is played by that guy on "Just Shoot Me".

score = 100 
hey i found the movie to be great! My favorite part was the character named justin long. he was the teenager who helped tim allen to defeat the weird alien guys. I thought he was way hott and was wondering if he had a fan club, i really wante fto join, or at least write a letter to him and all that jazz. Thank you for introducing such a beautiful face to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! from cheech

score = 80 
Galaxy Quest is great fun.  Star Trek fans will like the 'blooperish' quality of the movie.  Or, if you think Star Trek fans are way too into sci fi shows, you'll like the parady of the show and fans alike that Galaxy Quest provides.  Unless you don't like good comedy and science fiction in the same movie, this movie is definately worth seeing.

score = 100
Just got back and have to say... COOL MOVIE! Lot's of fun and really good "inside jokes" (not really inside with all of the scifi fans out there). Even though some think Tim Allen isn't much of an actor, I think he did an excellent job in this one, very "Shatneresque" at the beginning and then becoming more like a real hero as the story goes on... Definite must see!

score = 90 
Assolute belly laugher.  Great family flick.  Combo of great quips and special effects.  If you don't fall in love with the aliens there is something wrong with you.  Everything works. Must see.

score = 100 
Great entertainment for everyone.Tim allen scores big in this one, and Sigorney weaver is a babe. This is a keeper the interaction of caracters are superb.

Galactic Girl 
score = 100 

score = 80 
It was a romp.  Done tongue in cheek for fun, spoofed Sci fi TV series and persons taking them seriously. Enjoyed Weaver doing something light. Allen was still Allen. Was the head of the aliens same person on Shojot Me?

score = 100 
A must see!  Tim Allen does a magnificent job, more than ably supported by the rest of the fine cast and the witty script.  The space scenes are -- for once -- truly awesome.  Highly recommended.

justin kohn 
score = 100 
one of the most entertaining, imaginative films out in years. it helps to have been raised on american t.v., though-

score = 100 
I seen your movie last night and i thought it was awesome and funny i do not mind to see it again. Tim was halarious also his team

score = 90 
A hilarious spoof of space operas. Truly original, unlike most contemporary comedies (and sit-coms).  Sigourney Weaver as you've never seen her before.  The hard-charging rock monster will delight all geophiles. A refreshing change from tired, flaccid, and totally predictable shticks of Robin Williams, Jim Carrey. Welcome relief from the F-word.

score = 90 
Just saw this movie, one word to describe it is FUNNY!  A really good spoof of a trek like show.  A good movie for everyone and dont think you will be bored.  Good effects, sound and the actors look like they had a great time making this movie.  A note to those that really read this. "I did"...

score = 90 
Iloved it!!!,it's something you gotta see,all the actors were wonderful!,I scored it a 90 it's not that high,but it's not an 80 either it's an 85.

score = 90 
My family went to see Galaxy Quest yesterday and were all pleasantly surprised - it is not often that all three of us totally enjoy a movie as we did Galaxy Quest.  The movie was funny, full of action and adventure, and sometimes serious. I am surprised that this movie is not being more actively promoted - it's wonderful!

score = 100 
Absolutely hilarius, honest with tons of heart. Well written, totally outlandish, but hell, you actually believe every word! Great effects, TREMENDOUS SCORE! Dont leave before credits end, there is a little surprise at the end. I highly recommend this one for your movie dollar.The cast should be commended.

score = 100 
This movie was AWESOME!! The cast was perfect, the script was hilarious, and the Thermians were absolutely huggable. If you don't want to laugh, I suggest go sit under a rock. If you want to laugh, go see Galaxy Quest (I saw it twice!). Alan Rickman was the perfect disgruntled alien actor and Sam Rockwell was awesome as Guy--crewman #6.

Dennis Wolf 
score = 90 
Great movie.  I laughed so much my face hurt!  Great take-off on Star Trek.  Tim Allen did a fine job acting like an actor.

score = 100 
Thank you Dreams works for Galaxy Quest. It was a wonderful experience to see a movie w/o vulgarity, wonderful story line and great actors. I will see it again and I can't wait for video. Best comedy in years. Please consider sequels.


Mr. Fodder 

score = 90

If you like a romantic movie, with a Shakespearean plot, that touches upon the love felt between man and woman, see something else! But, if you want a movie that will keep you laughing even after its over, see galaxy quest. The visual effects are stunning, yet unobtrusive. The plot is very strong, unlike a lot of movies of this genre. The cast does a great job of convincing us that they are really in this situation. Even the aliens are very well done. If you don't see this movie in the theatre, go out and buy a big screen TV and a THX unit. This movie benefited from the silver screen.  Are you still here? Run to the theatre. NOW!



score = 90

A delight! A movie that got all the jokes,   but treated fans and fandom with real respect   and understanding.  As somebody who's been a   Fan since Classic Trek was in production, this   one Tells It Like It Is and laughs with us, not   at us.



score = 80 

It's a blast from the past and future all in one. Like seeing the cast of Star Trek get whisked away to save the universe.  A fun film with humor and heartache love and laughter.



score = 90 

I loved it.  In a few sentences, it is like a what if story.  What if any of the Star Trek crew had to live their roles on t.v., as if, their t.v. roles were actually true.  Nowadays, we, at times, do not know what to believe is real or not.  This movie points this specific reality throughout the story.



score = 100

Hi i'm Che' and I give galaxy quest 100. galaxy quest is the funniest, and exciting things I have ever seen. Plus there are 3 aliens I think that they are really, really cute.


Doug Sontag 

score = 80

Good movie!  Funny at the right times and emotional at the right times.  Well paced and a fun movie.  Tim Allen is better than I expected. Should see it.


Mark K. Gamiao 
score = 90 
A great space adventure fun for the whole family. Galaxy Quest remarkably spoofs that classic science-fiction show from its television days to the stars' reaction to its fans at a convention.  Alan Rickman is great as the actor whose character, Dr. Lazarus, is overshadowed by the immense popularity of Tim Allen's Captain Taggart.  Other notable standout characters from the film are Guy Fleegman (Sam Rockwell) and the beautiful alien babe Laliara (Missi Pyle).  The movie's finale left me saying, "Never retire.  Never get cancelled!"


Misty Piy 
score = 90 
This was a great movie!!  It was very well put together.  The way the plot unfolded was extremely creative and unexpected.  Plus the cast put on a wonderful performance.  I believe that this movie is a must see.


Mark Podlin 
score = 100 
Galaxy Quest Starring Tim Allen & Sigourney Weaver Movie Review by Mark Podlin 5 Dolphins Out of 5 Still Believe Their Ancestors Came from Outer Space The first time I saw Tim Allen, he was jumping up and down and howling like a monkey on stage at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.  That must have made someone think of that ape scene in 2001:  A Space Odyssey, or maybe Planet of the Apes, to make the monkey leap to cast him in Galaxy Quest as the Captain Kirk clone. I don’t remember where I first saw Sigourney Weaver, but I remember thinking she looked like a better looking Jane Fonda.  Of course, she’s best known for her series of Alien films, and for her cloning to bring her back to life in the last episode of Aliens. Combining one of TV’s all time biggest money makers, Tim Allen, with one of the biggest female money making stars in the movies, Sigourney Weaver, seems like a surefire formula for the success of a film.  But, before you sit down with your popcorn to start watching Galaxy Quest, you’re not quite sure how this media marriage is going to turn out.  Relax.  You’re in for one of the most enjoyable movies you’ve ever seen.  Especially, if you grew up watching the original Star Trek or its reruns. In many ways, Galaxy Quest is a homage to Star Trek and its cult of worshippers who have conventions and routinely dress up as the characters from the show. They discuss the events of the show as if they really happened and entertain themselves with all sorts of fanciful scenarios about what might have happened if such and such had happened. The beauty of Galaxy Quest is that it cleverly picks up and develops the Star Trek fan fantasy about what would have happened if the characters of Star Trek were real.  Not just real spacemen, but actors who become spacemen and carry on in real life what they originally pretended they were doing for the screen. These actors are actually refugees from a science fiction TV show from the 70’s called Galaxy Quest.  Over twenty years later, they are supporting themselves by showing up at Galaxy Quest science fiction conventions dressed as the characters they played years ago.  Work isn’t easy to find when you’ve been typecast as a spaceman or spacewoman. Speaking of spacewomen, see Sigourney Weaver as an airheaded spacebroad who wants the universe to take her seriously.  She comes with extra padding and a nice blonde head of hair to play up to every nerd’s fantasy.  In the later scenes, she looks like the perfect spacetramp to insure the cultivation of a new herd of nerds anxious to lick her militaristic booties. Tim Allen takes on the persona of William Shatner—as we’ve always heard he was—in a role clearly patterned on Shatner’s Captain Kirk. If I have to tell you that Shatner played Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, then you might prefer to see Anna and the King,  rather than this wild space romp that is full of Star Trekkian insider jokes. Galaxy Quest is an amazing film that captures the essence of the Star Trek cult and totally satisfies every fantasy about Star Trek in the same way Shakespeare in Love satisfied the fantasy of every lover of Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet.  Like Shakespeare in Love, Galaxy Quest resurrects our heroes from fictional oblivion and revitalizes them for our imagination in the most satisfying way possible. Galaxy Quest reassures us that no matter how big you dream, there’s always a chance your dreams could come true.  And that, too, is why opening this movie on Christmas Day was very much the right thing to do.  It’s Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for you people from the Future.


Michael Whelan 
score = 90 
I loved this film. Everything comes together here: witty social commentary, engaging characters played by a cast who are obviously having great fun in their respective roles, a surprisingly poignant and touching story with great special effects.  One unexpected surprise were the roles of the friendly aliens who seek the aid of the Galaxy Quest crew: their performances were excellent, deeper and much more engaging than one would have expected given the place their roles had in the script. In lesser hands, we would have ended up with shallow "Data" clones without a shred of empathy or it is in this film, however, I felt they nearly upstaged the leads! To anyone familair with Trekkies and the SF Convention scene, this film will delight with the dead-on characterizations and in jokes that abound. Agagin, I enjoyed this film a lot and am recommending it to anyone with a sense of fun or imagination. I can't wait to see it again! Michael Whelan


score = 100 
We went to the movie theater to see "The Green Mile", but the times were posted wrong, so we decided to see this instead. What we did see was the wittiest, funniest, most indulging comedy this year! Galaxy Quest is brilliant comedy. The entire cast is superb, the writing is clever, the pace is exhilirating. No need to be a trekkie to enjoy this one--I've watched about two episodes of Star Trek in my life and I was falling out of my seat with laughter. You'll love it!

Bravo Cass 
score = 90 
For SciFi fans who can laugh at themselves this is a must see. Same premise as "The Three Amigos" but with a modern SciFi flare, this movie lives up to and goes beyond your expectations. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

score = 80 
Great deal of fun. It is fun for adults and children who like humor, space travel movies, and action. Good acting and easy plot to follow.

score = 90 
This was a great movie, esp. for Star Trek fans who have a sense of humor.  My favorite was "crewman #6".  A movie that would be good to see again, the humor is quick and I am sure I missed a few good jokes.  Well written and clever.  As good or better than I anticipated.

score = 100 
One of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen.  And the friend I went with agrees. I had expected it to be mediocre, but was so pleasantly surprised. It helps to be a Star Trek fan, but this movie is a treat all on its own. I actually came out of the theater feeling glad I had been to a movie. Thanks for the opportunity to review!

score = 90 
It was just "a hoot" watching scifi and humor blend in a witty, charming spoof of Star Trek, Trekkies and conventions. Get ready to laugh at the lines AND enjoy the plot.

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