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Gladiator: Friday May 5, 2000

It has been four decades since chariots raced and swords flashed across movie screens in epic dramas of a time long past. Now, director Ridley Scott brings the glorious battles of the ancient Roman arena back to the big screen in a sweeping story of courage and revenge. The great Roman General Maximus (Russell Crowe) has once again led the legions to victory on the battlefield. The war won, Maximus dreams of home, wanting only to return to his wife and son; however, the dying Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) has one more duty for the general-to assume the mantle of his power. Copyright -- © 2000 DreamWorks and Universal Pictures

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67.88 - Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

Ridley Scott


David H. Franzoni 
John Logan (I)


$100 Million


Drama / Action


Russell Crowe as Maximus
Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus
Richard Harris as Marcus Aurelius
Djimon Hounsou as Juba

Running Time

2hrs - 34 mins


Rated R (Violent)


Dreamworks and Universal Pictures




Official Site


Soundtrack from 


 The People's Review of Gladiator

Mrs Gladiator
score = 100
INSPIRING, AMAZING, EARTH SHATTERING, MIND BLOWING, MAGICAL, MYSTICAL, SPELL BINDING, can you tell how much I love this film, not forgetting Rus.  The music is absolutely DIVINE. A score of 100 is not enough, I VOTE ATLEAST ONE MILLION.
As for the Critic named" Ebert" mentioned above, my advice to you, If you have a day job, don't give it up as your score is a joke. Perhaps shock treatment might help you, your brain may function abit better with any luck.

score = 100
To be honest I wasn't all that excited about going to see this film but I went along anyway. It was and still is the most inspiring, breath taking, heart felt film that I have seen in along time. Not many films have such passion and power. It portrayed the human spirit (good and evil) and how one rises above the most tragic of circumstances. Russell Crowe is a gifted actor whom obviously studied extremely hard to portrayed his roll and WHAT A PERFORMANCE. If you haven't already brought the CD I recommend you do so as it will bring back all your favourite scenes and my favourite being the ending. I adore Rus and the part he played and like his character said "strenght and honour".  If I may say A FEW MORE thingS to the so called critic "Ebert" who on earth gave you the right to judge you absolute looser". SHAME ON YOU. You obviously have no taste at all. Perhaps you should call it a day. FOR ANYONE ELSE THAT COMPARES THIS FILM TO "BRAVEHEART" NEEDS A BRAIN TRANSPLANT.

score = 100
I don't know why everybody compares this movie to Braveheart.  They are very different movies from start to finish.  Braveheart deals with patriotism and passion.  While Gladiator deals with betrayal and revenge.  Even though Braveheart did deal with a little revenge.  This movie was excellent, and I've seen it about 5 times.  Braveheart is still better though.

score = 100
I was prepared to see another silly, prettified Hollywood epic. Instead, from the opening shots I realised that here was an historically-based film for which a great deal of research had been done. Although the central story is a fiction, the background and settings were finely chosen. The costumes, and portrayals of Roman life were pretty accurate and almost casually showed the audience what an amazing culture they had. The performances were exceptional from the brooding Maximus to the anguished and ultimately mad Commodus - a hair raising and heart-pounding approach, from the shock of patricide to the eroticism of his incestuous obsession with Lucilla. The score was just right too - spiritual, Wagnerian and achingly poignant. What a treat. Nothing could top this - don't even try.

score = 100
O.k. Now if you are debating about wether or not to see this movie, I hope that I am the one to help you. I watched this movie only once, and that is all that I needed to fall in love. This movie, from the previews, looked like a gorey, violent, pointless movie with no plot. Well... That is what I thought too, but once I saw the movie, I realized that the charactor developement makes it so interesting and fun. And how could I forget, Russell Crowe. He did an amazing job of portraying Maximus... "the general who became a slave, the slave who became a gladiator, the gladiator who defied an empire." That is enough to say. Please, PLEASE go see it!!! I can not think of a better movie.

kayleigh clark
score = 100
I loved the film. The cast was brillient my favorate was Joaquin Phonix he is fantastic I thought it was quight moving that I even cried  I enjoied so much I went and brought the book and vidioand dvd I watch it when ever I can it fills like your in the move a true master pieace

       gillingham kent england

David Duncan
score = 100
This is a must see movie, there is no reason why you should not see it. Its the best movie I think I have ever seen. It has alot of action and suspence. I f you havent seen it you need to.

score = 100
I bought dvd never seeing the movie before. let me say it was worth every cent. in my free time i just watch the movie over and over again. the music is awesome sets into the plot great. this movie should win all kind of awards. i commend the people that put this movie together

score = 60
This film is okay.  Nothing great, and certainly nothing original.  The battle scenes looked like they were done for a cheap mini-series, the story was a Braveheart ripoff (without the emotion or character development), and the script was textbook stuff.

Stuart Nuttall
score = 100
Gladiator is the best film ever made. I love the film. The actors are great, the storyline is fantastic and is a well made film. DreamWorks and Universal pictures shall stand proud at this masterpiece. Best at the cinema but video is good to. I loved it 100%!!!

score = 100
Well, what can i say, other than, I LOVED this movie , i must say, it was the best ive ever seen, had a good story line, awsome grafics, and well, i cant think of anything else to put here, but it was a awsome movie.

-The Big J Man.

score = 100
The Gladiator is the most tremendest picture in all level's. where ever you see it you will go srait to ancient Rome it is marvoules,the actores the screenplay etc...
you just want too see it and see it and see it...
It's whith a great sense of action that this movies trancends your possivel imagination

score = 100 
Gladiator is amazing and it isn't gonna be the same on video. I don't know why its being compared with Brave Heart because the battle scenes in Gladiator were a thousand times better. And Maximus is so sexy!       Russell Crowe is gonna be huge after this - he rules!

score = 100 
I absolutely loved Gladiator. It is a movie worth seeing over and over again, in fact I have seen it 4 times and never tire of watching the action filled yet touching epic movie. Russell Crowe is brilliant, and very very sexy. He should bring home an Oscar for  performance as the  macho yet tender character, Maximus. Anyone who disagrees about that this great film should win an Oscar for best picture, probably enjoyed last year winner and totally disappointing and disgusting movie, American Beauty. Please go see Gladiator and see what should be an Oscar winning movie. Ten thumbs up for Gladiator.

score = 100 
I never thought I would see a film to move and  excite me as much as Sparticus but this is it.  I have no idea how anyone could not say wonderful things about it.

score = 100 
Seen it twice yet and i'm definetely gonna go get it on DVD. The story is classic. The characters' motifs are as old as mankind. And the emotions this movie portraits and evokes go all the way from enveloping excitement to stunning sadness. Before it's available on DVD I'm probably gonna see it at least another two times. Great one.

score = 100 
this was the greatest movie ever!!!!!! All you people out there who didn't like it are a bunch of ignorants, you dont know shit!!! Braveheart and gladiator are both epic stories, of course they are going to seem similar they both have battles and intense scenes. Aperen, Kate and Rummer can kiss my ass and to that so called RCrowe fan, Russell Crowe gave his best performance ever. Don't call yourself a Russell Crowe fan if you are to much of an idiot to notice his incredible performance. He diserves an oscar!!!!!!

score = 100 
I saw the movie like 5 times. it very entertaining and the actors are great. Russel Crowe's performance deserves another oscar nomination. Im sure he'll take it home this time.

score = 100 
Wow what a great movie! I honestly think I'm going to buy this on tape or dvd, which i rarely do. Ridley Scott is an amazing director, from creepy "Legends" to breath-taking "Blade Runner". This is another fanatsic movie. The gore in it is hard to handle at times, but it is candid and realistic. I love all of the charaters, and my favorite was probably Cierco-that guy was just way too good to be killed off. If you liked this movie you would probably enjoy "Braveheart" and "Rob Roy" Happy watching! :)

score = 80 
It was good and impressive. I thought that I may not see any of this kind of great movie-such as Benhur, Quo va dis'...any more. The spectacular scenes with a battle and Comudus' entrance into Rome and the Coloseum have made me run into the ancient Rome. The structure of the movie is good even though the last scene seemed to be so unrealistic. I think 'Gladiator'is one of the most interesting movie in 2ooo

score = 100 
For those people who are after an exciting and breathtaking movie to watch, 'Gladiator' is for you. It includes many important themes, like: love, hate, justice, betrayal, morality, loyalty, and revenge. A friend had said to me that it was bad 'cos you had to be on your bum for so long, but I didn't even realise the time. The film was so enchanting with the beautiful costumes and brilliant actors. I think that every actor in the movie had contributed to the success of the movie. It may not be historically correct but who gives? It is a masterpiece and a movie historically correct would be so boring. I would have given the movie a rating more than 100 if I only could!!!

score = 100 
sik movie! fights scenes are good, but thats not what this is all about. its not about the fall of rome or anything, but about revenge and honour. worth seeing twice even!

Maja Christensen 
score = 100 
"Gladiator" is definitely worth seeing!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent movie with beautiful pictures and convincingly performances by Joaquin Phoenix as Commodos, and Connie Nelson as Lucilla, she is really amazing, what a charisma she's got. I do recommend!

score = 90 
A definitely "MUST SEE" movie!! I really loved it and when the lights came on in the cinema, I thought "Wow" now that's a good movie. Maximus has a really attractive personality, something that we look for but can never really find. The story was great, and through it you could see Rome's greatness as it once had been. The collosseum was also magnificent, and the love, betrayal, jealousy, ambition and vengeanance was really well portrayed by the actors and the director. It was an absolutely "Worthy" film to see. I recommend it to people who enjoy serious and yet humane movies.

Roman Rangel 
score = 100 
I love gladiator because of its awesome performances and incredible battle scenes. Really a must see!!

score = 70 
Yes, it was bloody, but that was the time.  I thought the special effects were excellent and Joaquin was fantastic - a hard role to play.  Russell Crowe showed us again that he is an actor who can play many roles and he stood up well in such an epic part. The story was one that I think is good to bring back up again especially at this time as violence seems to be more and more prevalent.  I say this because the whole story is about the futility of violence for violence sake (Gladiators tournament).  In saying that I have to stress that I didn't want to see this movie because of the good fight/battle scenes it was because I think that it is good to see things and be reminded that we are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past.  If only we would!

score = 100 
This is the best movie I have ever seen.  If you like action and amazing visual effects gladiators has it all.  Suspensfull and thrilling.

score = 100 
This is the best Drama/Action movie since Saving Private Ryan... And I think it will still be the best for years to come... It is a tragic yet great tale... and is DEFINATELY without a shout of a doubt.. a MUST SEE!

Janie C. 
score = 100 
Oh my gosh i loved this whole movie! I also (like matt b. below) can imagine this great movie winning tons of awards =). All of it is just plain greatness. In this movie, every minute is entertaining. It keeps you in your seat wanting more of it.

Matt B. 
score = 100 
This is the greatest movie of all time. It SHAMES "Titus", a movie that came out a couple months before. I can see this one fitting into the "Best Picture", "Best Actor", "Best Supporting Actor", "Best Directing", "Best Visual Effects", "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Makeup", "Best Art Direction", "Best Cinematography"... there are just too many. All in all, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

score = 90 
One of the best movies i've seen this summer. I actually cried at the end. I loved every minute.

score = 100 
Those of you out there that can't enjoy the film because it was very entertaining and held your attention for that long should break out of your coffin and get a life.  I don't know much about Rome or what happend there during that time in History, but this was a great movie that speaks truly about leaders and how they make a success from what life has to offer them.  Leaders don't wait for handouts or worry about life being fair.  Maximus Decimus Meridius is a true leader and reminded me that if it is going to be... it is up to me and my dream.  In the beginning of the movie he built a dream for his army before they fought.  That is what leaders do.

score = 60 
Obviously an attempt to make a serious film dealing with the subject. If only the script and the acting had matched the high quility of the gladatorial and battle scenes, it could have been great.  Russell Crowe's resenblence to Mel Gibson was distracting,  but he could have been great with better editing.

score = 100 
Good movie! Good movie! Good movie! Truly a brilliant film. Russell Crowe really made this film great. People that critize the movie because it was not historically accurate are basically losers! Movies are movies! Not usually based on fact. FICTION! Go rent Bambi if you want something historically correct to critize, losers!

score = 100 
Excellent.  So the historical account was not accurate?  We go to the movies to escape reality and to be drawn into another time and place.  I never saw any advertising professing this to be a documentary!  The portrayal of many of the characters, whether historically correct or not,depicted personalities, or portions, of the time period.  This is not Braveheart, just essential similar elements to win over the hearts of the true movie buff.  What, were directors supposed to leave all historical drama alone after Braveheart for fear of being similar?  Please...two very different personalities directed each...extraordinary talent all!

score = 90 
Even though I couldn't watch all the fight scenes because I don't really like the gore, there was a very appealing human story line.  I am not an "action movie" fan, but I will see Gladiator again.

Eva Elena Resendiz Vega
Mi nombre es Eva Elena Resendiz Vega, soy de México, D.F.,y tengo 37 años. Refernte a la pelicula,quiero decirles que los felicito, ya que tiene buen argumento y los escenarios son fabulosos. La actuación de los artistas es muy buena, que digo, excelente. Y la he visto dos veces y la recomende a mi familia y compañeros del trabajo. Ojalä la saquen en VHS. Por otra parte, me gusta mucho como actua el Sr. Russell Crowe y quiero decirle que esta muy guapo y que ojalá me envié una foto. Tambien felicito al Sr.Joaquin Phonix porque tiene una muy buena actuacion como villano. En fín los felcicito y ojala esten nomiados para el Oscar FELCIDADES!.....

score = 100 
very convincing, right from the beginning to the end.Russell crowe has finally proven himself to be an A class actor,the music throughout the movie stirs up strong emotions in the gut, and the bloody but glorious fighting sequences, especially the opening battle against germania was breathtaking and spectacular.Ridley scott has indeed proven that he is capable of showing us a powerful epic and not just some senseless violent film.well done!

score = 30 
Although ıt was a good film, characters didn't play very well.They have bad performance!for example OLD  CAESAR (which killed by his son)have bad performance in his role.Scenerio is bad and copied from BRAVEHEART!!Everybody says it's good but it's not!!It has a magical atmosphere that holds everyone,sentimental parts save the film...If you think carefully,that parts are spread every 10min of the movie...Finally ıf u have a spare time don't waste it with GLADİATOR please

score = 100 
Hi. I am Craig from England and I am aged 16. I have seen Gladiator recently. WOW. What a film. It's very powerful and indeed emotional. Russell Crowe deserves all the credit. Brilliant.

score = 80 
YAY Ridley Scott! What a beautiful and entrancing story, this film was so visually brave (and deliberate) with its unusually somber colours palette, and rough battle scenes. Crowe and Phoenix are stunning and convincing - I came out of the theatre reeling and inspired.  Not your average block-buster film (but then when has Ridley Scott ever given us that? - Alien, Blade Runner...)

score = 100 
What I got from the movie: It reminded me about some important values in life, e.g. Leadership - you sell your vision to others, you perform to show results, and make a stand for what you believe in, and am willing to fight and die for it.  Gladiator portrayed it in every sense.  At the end of the day, what matters to in life?  Is it fame, fortune & power, or love, justice, and honour? Look for these themes, and your comments won't just be that it was "The best movie I've seen in my entire life"... :-)

Lynx ~ 
score = 90 
Gladiator is such a great movie.  From the start you get sucked right in.  The battle sequences are gritty and well directed. After a while you begin to admire Maximus and has the film progresses you just don't want him to fail. The scenes of Rome are beautiful, including the fight sequences in the coliseum! The princess is also very beautiful.  The film has everything you could ever want from a movie, great scenery, beautiful women, lots of action, a real git of a villain ,and oh year a good story! It’s sort of like a cross between Braveheart and Ben-hur, a MUST see film! Trust me!

score = 100 
It´s a wonderful history, it has action, romantic, etc parts. Además la música de la película es mas que genial, la construcción de espacios virtuales tan reales como en aquellos tiempos. En si, es un película que catalogo como perfecta. mi correo es

Ms. Reny B. 
The movie Gladiater is just great.  It is true that is not acurate, so what? It is entertaining and was fun to watch.  This almost three hours at the theater was worth every penny.  The actors were superb! The director has the talent of the bests of the prey all together. Love guys! Ms. Reny B.

score = 100 
I really enjoyed everything about this film.  It all looked wonderful especially Russell Crowe!  The gladiator fight scenes were exciting and well done and the cast was excellent.  I felt the only thing that was lacking was a bit more romance which would have made this excellent film even better for me.

score = 100 
I thought gladiator was an extordinary movie . It was exciting,thrilling,and most common breath taking. Russell Crowe acted so well in the movie as well as the other actors . I suggest to everyone to go and see a fantastic movie . In my opinion this is by far the most unbelievable action movie i have seen in my entire life!!!

score = 100 
If you loved Braveheart, you'll love this one as well.  It contains all the elements a great movie should have and allows the viewer to experience every emotion.  Definitely a must see!!!

Omar Teutle 
score = 100 
This movie is the best action thriller of the year, and of other action/drama films in the past. Everything was wonderfull, and the characters were very well played. To all of those other people who really didn't think this movie was, many people who saw this movie have two words for you all, This film is by far, the best of the summer, and of the year. Many of us hope to see this film being nominated for at least one academy award. peace!!!!!!

score = 100 
This film had a great tale to tell, forget the accuracy it was not a documentory nor a book. The film does entertain you with all the drama of a classic you only have to listen to the "silence" of the audience during the film to know it is and will be watched for many a long year. Better than Titanic and Braveheart, should win a few Oscars at least.

score = 100 
okay first off this is probably the best movie I have ever seen. All of you people who say that it is a braveheart cop off are seriously off base. The good guy losing something precious to him is as old as films themselves. And if he is losing something he is obviously losing it to someone more powerful than himself (hence the tyrant,  another cop-off according to some people).  I think that this movie and braveheart are comparable but are about two totally different plots.  Braveheart is about fighting for your freedom and never giving up.  Gladiator is about revenge and moral victory.  Wait till patriot come out...the same people will be moanin because it is too much like braveheart....well get over it

score = 90 
Actually, if I had the choice I'd like to rate this film about 97. Powerfully evocative, artfully done in every aspect.  The screenplay left a bit to be desired, but that weakness was forgiveable because of all the rest:  great performances, striking cinematography, emotionally satisfying basis for story. This movie made me aware of Russell Crowe, and that in itself was worth the price of the ticket and the 2.5 hours spent.  In fact, I have seen it 4 times so far, and intend to go back as many times as I can, budget allowing, until it's gone from the theatres.  Russell Crowe has said his favorite movies are the ones where, when it's over, you sit there and say, "Can't I have just 10 more minutes?!"  This was just like that--hence, all my return trips-- just wanna be there again, experience it again.  In short, I LOVED it.

Carlos C. 
score = 90 
Es una de las tres mejores películas que he visto (titanic, salvar al soldado ryan y GLADIATOR). Todo en general es extraordinario: imágenes, vestuario, efectos especiales y la historia en si. Aunque a mi me hubiese gustado que Máximo hubiese entrado con el ejército. A lo mejor un par de luchas más no hubieran ido mal.

score = 100 
I don't know how you people sleep at night, this film is the best ever.  The ending was great, i don't know what your thinking, he went home to his wife and son something he'd dreamed of since the end of the battle.  This will be a great film forever!!!!!!!!!

score = 100 
 This film is the best film I have ever seen, and I have seen many films in my life. Russel Crowe are the best actor you can see on a screen. See it or live whitout this speciall feeling the movie give you.

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