Gone in Sixty Seconds 

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Gone in Sixty Seconds: Friday June 9, 2000

Randall "Memphis" Ranies (Nicholas Cage) is a legendary car thief. No automotive theft deterrent system can stop him. If he wants your car, it's gone in 60 seconds. But when the cops got hot on his trail, it forced him to leave his life of crime and everyone he loved.  When his kid brother gets included with a gang of car thieves, he must go on one last massive heist to save him.





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53.88 - Go See At Matinee

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Dominic Senal 


H.B Halicki,

Scott Michael Rosenberg






Nicolas Cage as Randall Raines
Scott Caan as Tumbler
James Duval as Freb
Robert Duval as Otto Halliwell
Angelina Joile as Sara Wayland
Giovanni Ribisi as Kip Raines

Running Time

1hr 59min


PG-13: for violence, sexuality and language


Touchstoen Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films


Real Player Film.com


Official Site




 The People's Review of Gone In Sixty Seconds

score = 70 
I saw Gone in 60 Seconds last night and while I enjoyed it, I do have a few criticisms. I have to say that this movie did not require or make use of the acting talent of Angelina Jolie or Giovanni Ribisi. Those two must have wanted a vacation while still getting paid (and paid WELL, I'm sure). Just not used to seeing them in these sorts of roles- they're both too talented to be in action movies where they don't even have to act. Also, Nicholas Cage appeared to just be going through the motions- did someone hold a gun to his head and force him to make this movie? My last complaint is about the bad guy, Raymond Colitri, or whatever his name was. Was he supposed to be scary? Was he trying to be menacing? He came across as a spoiled, wimpy geek. The dramatic fall that ended his pathetic appearance in the movie is a little played out too.  All of that said, I enjoyed the movie and went home wishing I was a car thief!

score = 80 
I though it was an ok movie. it needed a better movie line and a better plot line but the cars and the chase sean were good. the cars were really good accept the mustang 500 gt didnt need to get trashed.

score = 60 
Gone in "Sixty" seconds had a lot of noise flash and blurring scenes. For a car movie it was week and its title and lead charters name (Eleanor) hail form a great car chase movie.  The execution of the plot was an improvement but that was it.  It should entrain people looking for a Hollywood action movie. But will do nothing to satisfy someone looking for a great chase movie buff. Long live the great yellow 73 Eleanor. Larry

score = 100 
This was a great movie, I'm a huge Cage fan and this movie has made me like him more, I wanna see a sequel, keep them coming man! Action and comedy are both included in this film, I don't think there was one second I didn't like about thsi movie.

score = 100 
I thought Gone in Sixty Seconds was one of the best movies of the year...one of the best I've seen recently including M:I2...I really don't care much for plot and all but there was nothing wrong with that at all...Mission: Impossible was actually Mission: Kinda Easy...Nicolas Cage is one of the best actors ever (The Rock, FaceOff, Con Air,) and the supporting cast is great too...Definitely a must-see if you're interested in cars or just action that keeps the movie going...there is also great comic relief...the hell with the critics...they are antique people that cannot relate at all to teens or young adults...if you're young and up for some action and sweet cars, Gone In Sixty Seconds is for you.

score = 50 
Go for the cars.  If you know what you're looking at it's simply amazing! Like "Romeo Must Die". You went to see the fighting, not acting.  In this you're going to see the cars, not plot.

score = 100 
To be honest and brief about it, I thought it was the best action movie I ever saw. I wasnt big about action movies but this movie had about all my fav actors (giovanni, nicholas and angelina) so I thought I would go and see it and to tell you the truth I would spend more money to see it whenever else I can.  It is a good action,funny,romantic,and drama type packed movie.  Everyone that loves cars,action,and any of the actors like I do, GO SEE IT!! If you agree with me email me please. Giovanni is the best!

score = 100 
I think Gone in Sixty Seconds was one of the best movies i seen in a long time. It was intense with many of car chase`s. And it isnt a matinee movie, it is definately worth seeing, if your in too action/car movies.

score = 90 
I disagree with the critiques.  I felt this movie is better than Mission Impossible---- Why???-- briefly, better character development, more subplots, more 'comic relief' (to me comedy and action are a good combination) more believable plot, I was involved with the characters, i.e., I cared what happened to them. In Mission Impossible, briefly, it was not "impossible" (too easy) for Ethan to get Nyah to collaborate with him. The reason why Nyah went into the Sean's compound was because Ethan and Nyah loved each other-- I didn't believe it, it lacked sophistication.  The 'bad guy'wasn't that bad--- he had the ability to bond with another person, Nyah.  To summarize, I liked Mission Impossible but I think "Gone in 60 Seconds" is a better movie. 

score = 60 
This movie is OK. I don't think this movie has something like real purpose but it was sometimes funny and exciting especeally the last so it's ok to see it.

score = 60 
Went to a screening last night and the movie came off with a favorable vibe.  If anybody is a car fan, then this is a must see.  Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Beamers, and a sweet Mustang are included.  There really wasn't much acting in the film and what there was of it wasn't very good.  I'm not a big Cage fan at all and he wasn't very good in this either.  Angelina Jolie hardly plays a role so if you are going to see her, don't bother.  To be honest, Dukes of Hazzard had better chase scenes.

score = 60 
Dukes Of Hazzard had better chase scenes than Gone... but if you enjoy seeing a nice car or two than definitely check it out. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Beamers, and a sweet Mustang are included in the entourage of stolen cars.  If you think Angelina Jolie has a role at all in this film forget it.  She's hardly on the screen and has no presence value to the movie.  It's easy to point out some of the computer animated jumps and car tricks causing the scenes to lose worth. Acting?  There isn't much.  I'm not a big Cage fan and I don't think anything more of him after this.

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