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Gossip: Friday April 21, 2000

Sex, deception and rumor detonate when fellow university students and roommates Derrick (JAMES MARSDEN), Jones (LENA HEADEY) and Travis (NORMAN REEDUS) collaborate on their new journalism class assignment: identifying the link between news and gossip. But when their class project goes frighteningly out of control, it puts friendships, the future -- and lives -- in jeopardy. 
One night at a wild off-campus party, Derrick stumbles onto the perfect subject matter for the gossip assignment when he spies Naomi (KATE HUDSON) -- a beautiful, wealthy and chaste freshman -- drunk and locked in the arms of her boyfriend, Beau (JOSHUA JACKSON). Although Naomiís determined attitudes on sex are well known, the trio nonetheless manufactures and plants a rumor that she and Beau have slept together. 
Once this incendiary piece of gossip is released onto the fertile environment of the university campus, it immediately explodes beyond their expectations and control, with even Naomiís friend, Sheila (MARISA COUGHLAN), getting swept up by the turn of events and helping to spread the story. But when the police arrest Beau for date rape, Jones, Travis and Derrick become trapped by their malignant creation. Suddenly, their game has become deadly serious -- and when the secret past of one of the three surfaces, their friendship enters an intensely dramatic new phase. -- 2000 © Warner Bros.

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"



Davis Guggenheim 


Gregory Poirier


Drama / Thriller


Joshua Jackson as Beau
Katie Hudson as Naomi
James Marsden as Derrick
Lena Heady as Cathy Jones
Norman Reedus as Travis
Marisa Coughlin as  Sheila
Eric Bogosian
Edward James Olmos

Running Time

1hr 30min.


Rated R for sexual content including language, and for brief violence.


Warner Bros.


All Types


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 The People's Review of Gossip 

score = 80
it was one of the nicest movies i have seen recently. nice story, good performances, good music, good screenplay, i really liked it.

score = None 
Pretty Bad Movie, I actually shut my eyes in the middle. Some scenes, are just plain dull and useless. The ending was unbelievable, no one would've ever thought. It kept you guessing. Truthfully don't waste money on it.

score = 30 
Is it me, or is Joshua Jackson featured as a main character in the previews?? He plays a minor role, a cameo performance if you will, which was disappointing AT FIRST. Once the movie was over I was glad his performance was kept to a minimum, it ressured me that he was not entirely involved in this monstrocity! The ending is unrealistic and the characters are terribly stereotypical. I generously gave this movie a '30' because it was such a huge amount of crap, the only thing that reasured me it was not a total waste of money, was the fact I could makeout with my boyfriend and not worry about missing important plot scenes. The bottom line... Boys, if you want any action whatsoever...see this movie with you chick, you'll both be so bored, making out will be inevitable!

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