The Green Mile

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The Green Mile: Friday December 10, 1999

An extraordinary tale set on Death Row in a Southern prison in 1935, "The Green Mile" is the remarkable story of the cell block’s head guard, who develops a poignant, unusual relationship with one inmate who possesses a magical gift that is both mysterious and miraculous.
Award-winning filmmaker Frank Darabont returns to the director’s chair for the first time in five years to bring his second King adaptation to the motion picture screen. Darabont wrote and directed Castle Rock's acclaimed 1994 prison drama "The Shawshank Redemption" which garnered seven Academy Award nominations, including one for Best 1999 Warner Bros.

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Frank Darabont


Frank Darabont,

Stephen King




Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecombe
Bonnie Hunt as Janice Edgecombe
Michael Jeter as Edward Delacroix

Running Time

3hr - 08min


Rated R for violence, language and some sex-related material.


Warner Bros. / Castle Rock Entertainment


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 The People's Review of The Green Mile

score = 90
I had a premonition that this film would turn out tops even before i went to the renting shop to rent the video.The script was magnificent as it blended laughter and sadness together without difficulty.One moment you will giggle in your seat,the next moment you will be wiping your tears away furiously.As usual,Tom Hanks is outstanding in this movie altough i must say that Michael Clarke Duncan's performace is better and very realistic.Three thumbs up for this movie

score = 90
This was a great and captivating movie. Some parts were a little slow, but other than that, it was great. I've never been a huge fan of Tom Hanks, but I just like him more and more as I see more of his films. And trust me, his performance in this was excellent. Barry Pepper (dean Stanton) is my fav. actor and he did great. The guy who played john coffey was mesmerizing too.

score = 100
I saw the movie in the theater and I cried, last week I rented it and I cried again; i don't think I will ever be able to see it without crying!
Defenitly best book to movie by Stephen King!
Stephen King rules!
Just hope Desperation and The Regulators get filmed.

score = 100
comments = The Green Mile is the type of movies in which oscars were made for. It has an incrediable cast, soundtrack and above all story line. It is a real heartfelt movie and it is certain to get a cry out of every viewer. One of the best movies around with a brillant performance by Michael Clarke Duncan. A must see for all.

Jeff Tai
score = 100
That was such a good movie, i cried, it was soo sad, it also has a definate link to the Bible, it in a way portrays the story of Christ

score = 100
comments = I thought that this movie was one of THE BEST adaptations of a Stephen King novel EVER (with the lawnmower man coming in a close second.)
P.S. In the credits, Hanks' and Hunt's characters are listed as Edgecomb, not Edgecombe.  Thought youd like to know.

score = 100
You gotta give stephen king his props for writing this story. it's the best movie/book ever! it's touching...and funny in some places. the characters are wonderful. and you gotta love that cute little mouse!

score = 100
comments = This is the best movie I ever seen and my favorite.It made me cry and think how harsh is to be a guard and a prisoner.I recommend this movie to all the people.

Melissa Carruthers
score = None
comments = I think that The Green Mile is a 100% must see video.
I also think that it is TWO thumbs way,way up!
        Melissa Carruthers

score = 100
comments = the green mile was a very good movie which sends a good message to the society.irealy cried everytime i watch it.

score = 60
Jose needs to stay away from me
Come on people.  This was not that great of a movie. Sure it was above average due to the acting.  However, this is not King's best written work, nor is it his best book to movie (Shawshank Redemption).  The plot developement really kills both the book and the movie, and in the end do not really care what happens to central character (not to mention the fact that the central character, John Carter, is not given enough time in this movie).

score = 100
comments = This movie was definitely the BEST movie I have EVER seen, that is besides Dirty Dancing. By the end of the movie tears were streaming down my face because of the sad ending to such a wonderful character and movie. I pity those of you who didn't give this movie 100%, for you missed the beauty and magic of such a great movie.

score = 100 
The Green Mile was such and great movie!!! It was funny sad and a action packed movie.  This is the greatest movie i ever saw. And if anyone else didnt see it then i suggest you go and rent today!!!


Jess Sutton 
score = 100 
Stephen king really has written a true master piece. It's a heart warming and pretty funny movie about paul who plays as a guard that directs the executions in a southern prison in the the mid 1930's. paul who dosen't beleive in miracles meets one in his block [the cells that he directs]. The miracle is John coffey who has a very special power. The characters in the movie are surpriseningly nice, even the prisoners who are going to be executed except for Percuy how is a crazy person who likes to make the inmates miserable, the worst part about it is a prison guard too. This is a must see movie with all the compassion and craziness. Tom Hanks or Paul does his best his best to make this movie believeable but hilarious. It may be a three hour and eight minute movie but it will keep you watching it for the time and maybe even more


score = 100 
This movie is really a terrific piece of work. The Shawshank Redemption was defintely not as good as this movie. Tom Hanks can act! Not that this makes me like the movie even more but the guy who plays Dean(Barry Pepper) is hott! I expected this movie to be another one of those stupid old times movies but when my mom rented it for me all i could say at the ending was: whoever wrote this is a genius! go and see it, you'll know what i mean.


score = 100 
This is one crazy movie man.  It really blew my mind. I was expecting a very long and boring 3 hours and 8 minutes, but instead they surprised the hell out of me, man.  I think the man who played Percy should have won an oscar man.  He was unbelieveable.  Also, Tom Hanks made me want to run out of Mexico, go to Hollywood and kiss him on his lips man.  Go rent this movie, it is crazy man.


score = 100 
OK, I just rented and watched The Green Mile.  After the movie was over all I could do is sit there wiping my cheeks and listen to the VCR rewind. I had to sign online to see what others thought of it.  Not much different I can see.  This Film had better sweep through the Oscars like no other. I am a 27 yr. old male and don't cry during movies, have teared up but never cried. Well, this one, I did. Excellent work with the cast, screen play, and most of all story line. Definatly a "buyer" when it comes out for sale.


score = 100 
Out of the thousands of movies I've ever seen, dating back to the beginning of film, this was one of the greatest.  Although long, it captivated me. The magic between the actors was special, and the involvment of the mouse was superb...The direction was fabulous and if one looks closely there are several shots which suggest supernatural forces...see this movie, you will be amazed. CORY


score = None 
This movie was great and definately a must see but I have to say that the book was better in details and descriptions! I couldn't go to sleep at night without falling asleep hours after starting the book! I say see the movie but before that, read the book! Definately both great! The actor who played John Coffey (Also in Conair) did an excellent job at his part! I imagined him as I was reading the book and it was astonishing that they were so much alike both in my head and in the movie! Tom Hanks did a great job also! One of his best movies ever! Stephen King again lives up to his reputation of being a "Master story teller!"


score = 80 
I rented this movie last week and Im still thinking about it. The Percy character was unforgettable, he should get an Oscar! And I always liked Tom and think this is one of his best performances, the movie itself was a good story and emotional.


score = 90 
One of the best movies I have seen.  First hour was a little slow, but the rest of the movie completely captivated me.  Overall- excellent movie.


score = 80 
I think this Movie was Great. It had some Humor and some really serious Parts. It is definatly worth seein even though it is 3hours and 8 minutes,,, It shows Tom Hanks at his best ! Go Out and Rent It today !


score = 100 


score = 100 
This movie was great! I wish I could have seen it in the theater. I rented the tapes and watched it on the VCR. It still blew me away! Micheal and Tom are VERY different in appearence, but they were a FABULOUS on screen duo! Not to forget everyone else in the film it wouldn't have been anything without that TERRIFIC CAST. I was dissapointed to find out Tom didn't get nominated, he deserved it. Well to sum it all up I loved it. I still regret not seeing it in the theater. Oh well, i t was an EXCELLENT movie!!!


kelli & tracey 
score = 100 
We sat in stunned silence, and watched the best movie we had ever seen in our lives.  Our children ages 6 and 9 wanted to see it again and again. We laughed, we cried, and we rejoiced.  The only thing we hated, was that it had to end.  Please treat yourself and your family to this movie,  you will not regret it or forget it.


The screening of this movie was so wonderful that I cried and cried and felt so many emotions. My favorite actor was Doug Hutchison. I remember him from "The X-Files" and he was so good in that, but in this movie, he is excellent. I think the whole cast did a great job and Doug Hutchison and Michael Clarke-Duncan should get nominated for the Academy Awards. When I saw their picture on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, it made me want to see the movie again. I plan to go again with a lot of my friends.


billy powell
score = 100
This is the best movie I have ever seen. This has to be, if not the greatest one of the greatest movies Tom Hanks has ever done. I had the pleasure of going to the Nashville premier on Thursday. My dad was an extra in the movie and he said this is Oscar material. I agree, this film should be nominated for best picture, best actor, best supporting actor, and many more.


Sarah Cowan
score = 100
This movie was definitely the most beautiful and poignant films I have ever seen.  It will touch anyone's heart, no matter how much they resist it.



score = 100
Everyone, please go see this movie.  If you want to feel spirituality during the Holiday season, then experience this masterpiece.  It will reach you deep down in your soul and set your spirit free.  This movie provides so many elements to ponder, but above all, it will allow you to see the power of human emotion.  It will make you appreciate the live's of everyone around you- even total stangers.  Above all, you will begin to believe in miracles again (just the sort of thing we need during the Holidays).  This film merits numerous Oscars, particularly one for "Best Supporting Actor."


kristine keppel
score = 100
I loved the movie!  "I think his cheese sled off his cracker." "...every man has his own green mile to walk."  "every man owes a death." Wonderful life stuff!  thank you...


score = 100
This is by far one of the best movies ever made.  I sat in the theater in awe!   It made me laugh; it made me cry.  It is such a universal theme--I can't think of anyone that the movie wouldn't touch in some way. I want to read the book now and also want to see the movie again.


score = 100
This movie packs one emotional whallop!!! It was very long, but I didn't mind. The three hour running time gives the characters plenty of time to develop and grow on the audience. I was deeply affected by this movie. Rare is the Hollywood movie which deals with the spiritual and the miraculous in such a genuine and deeply-affecting way! I can't say enough good things about this amazing movie. Everyone, I am pleading with you, go see it!!!!


score = 50
Overlong schmaltz with sentiment too spare. Other than the actor playing "Percy," I found this to be quite indigestible. Only a few powerful moments save it.  This movie easily could have been a more comfortable, concise 2hr. film. Am I the only one who sees this?


score = 100
This was a great movie! I really, really loved it. With my short (and I mean *really* short) attention span, I couldn't read the books. But this movie, being a...very long movie, kept my attention. I actually felt like I was living it, I didn't want the film to end. I laughed, I cried, I ate all my popcorn. I also like these kinda films where it centers around a few people (Paul,John,Brutal,Del,Dean, Harry, Whorton, and Percy.) Well, a few people compared to other movies. Even though Dean wasn't a main-ish character, I liked him. I just needed to say that.


score = 100
Mr. Showbiz and others who were not thrilled had other things on their minds or just will never get it.  The film (notice I didn't say movie) was a brilliant rendition of Stephen Kings masterpiece.  This is the first King-to-film transition that worked extraordinarily well. I wish him and Tabitha all the best and hope there is a new wellspring of this kind of literature in him.  Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


score = 100


score = 100
If you loved the book you will love the movie.  If you've never read the book, you will still love the movie.  "The Green Mile" is the best movie adaptation of a book that I have ever seen. Nothing was overlooked, cut or changed around to make a "better" movie, and I respect Darabont more than ever after seeing this. The story in itself is one of a kind, but the cast is phenominal and the movie is 3 hours of quality film making.  My legs were shaking when I left the movie theater- that's the kind of effect this film has on it's audience.  You will go through every emotion. If this film doesn't win an academy award for best picture, I don't know what will.  I urge everyone to go see this movie and not to let the length of it frighten you away.   It's worth the time.


score = 100
I also think this was the best movie that I have ever seen. The acting was fantastic. It really took over your emotions. It also left no unawnsered questions. GREAT MOVIE!!!!. I am taking my daughter to it today.


Sherrida Harris
score = 100
Although this is a fairly long movie (3 hrs) the time flies past you. Every minute, scene, line is crucial to the story and the overall emotional impact.  Everything is significant.  My every emotion is evoked.  This is a must see film!  During a time of such scepticism with the approach of the new millenium and Y2k, the movie stresses that in life there should be love and in death there should be no fear.



The Green mile is a movie that is a great example of a book to screenplay success. The cast have such presence, in reminisce of the movie 'Misery',where everything played out on a set that relies wholly on the actors,director,camera and soundtechs to bring us into their world.This is true theatre brought to the big screen.It is a surprise to me that this incredible movie going experience has an overall rating of under 85.   


score = 100
This movie was incredible.  There is no other way to describe it.  I went in having read only the first book of the series, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.   But after seeing the way it was executed (no pun intended), I can only say "watch out, oscars!".  Tom Hanks was brilliant as Paul Edgecombe. His performance was very real, not trying to make you like the character. The story itself was another surprise from Stephen King.  I went to the movie expecting to be terrorized (it's Stephen King, you know), and was shocked to find myself hysterically sobbing an hour into the movie.  King's writing (at least as far as this story goes) has taken a completely different turn.  Instead of scaring us into seeing the wonder of the world around us, King has spiritualized us.  Through an exceedingly unusual medium, King has shown us the magic that the world can posess. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!


score = 80
This movie was one of the best I'v ever seen.It showed the horror of the real world around us, but at the same time demonstated the good, miraculous acts that people are capable of. Although this film was long, every minute of it was a worth while learning expiernce.


score = 100
The book was wonderful, but it is certainly not out done by the movie! I strongly recommend that you bring tissues if you are faint of heart, and even if you aren't, be prepared to have your emotions swell. This movie tugs at both your heart and soul.


score = 90
We went to see this because it happened to be playing at the right time.  I hadn't seen previews and wasn't all that excited about it but were we ever pleasantly surprised!   This is a GREAT movie!!


score = 80
"I think that Tom Hanks and a very excellent ensemble cast has presented a wonderful adaptation to a book by an author I usually don't read.  I truly enjoyed the movie. It was absolutely brilliant."  Tom Hanks and the young man who so brilliantly played the Coffey character should win Oscars."


score = 100
To call this movie amazing or incredible or any word in the entire English language would be an understatement.  Maybe in another language you could find a word that could exactly say how moving and beautiful this movie is. I have never cried in a theatre like that but that movie is a BIG exception. My recomendation is to go see it, it is the must see film of the year, I may venture into saying ever. Oscar is written all over that movie, best picture, best actor, supporting actor... believe me I could go on.  This preformance by Tom Hanks is his best ever!  Oh yeah, if you do see this movie, bring tissues, you'll need 'em.


score = 80
Just back from first viewing of the GM.  Definitely a kind of movie I would twice, as the ending catches you up on some loose ends in your mind. Didn't realize this was a s. King story, so pleasantly surprised when I came to this website, found that out, and realized there had been no gross macabre overly frightening stuff in the movie.  Tom Hanks ?  Too wide-eyed for me in this one.  Always got that dumbfounded look, almost like Forrest Gump.  But very much liked the cinematography and the various jumps back and forth from decade back and forward !


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