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Gun Shy: Friday February 4, 2000

Legendary undercover DEA agent Charlie Mayough (LIAM NEESON) has suddenly lost his nerves of steel. Although he's been involved in more drug busts than he cares to remember, his instinct for danger, his cool composure, and his iron guts -- especially his guts -- have finally failed him. The post-traumatic stress of his latest well-planned sting operation that went awry has shaken him to the core and he is now begging for retirement from his clandestine business. However, Charlie is in too deep and has to fulfill one final complex covert obligation. On the verge of a career-induced mental breakdown, and in complete fear of trigger-happy Mafia leader Fulvio Nesstra (OLIVER PLATT), Charlie seeks psychiatric help and finds himself relying on the support of an unstable therapy group and nurse Judy (SANDRA BULLOCK) just to get through his work  Hollywood Pictures 


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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Eric Blakeney


Eric Brakeney




Sandra Bullock as  
Liam Neeson as Charlie Mayo
Glenn Philips (I) as Central Park Thug


Running Time

1hr 42min


Rated R for violence, language and some brief nudity.


Buena Vista.




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 The People's Review of Gun Shy

score = 80
I enjoyed this film because it was quirky, daring, funny and refreshing.  Fine acting by all.
It doesn't surpise me to discover a lot of critics dissed it.  Any time it's a Sandra Bullock movie they love to find everything worng they can.  They don't really review as much as get mean spirited and attack on a personal level.
This film's flaws are outweighed by it's attributes.
I give Bullock a lot of credit for taking chances.
Critics are hard to please because most of them are intellectual snobs who seem to think they can judge for the rest of us what's good and what's not.  They don't give a hang what the viewing public thinks. Most critics couldn't make a half way decent movie if they tried.

score = 60 
Odd little flick, but engaging after you watch it for a bit. Funniest part involves members of a support group, but also the most bogus. Too many holes in the ending left me unsatisfied. It is worth watching for the relationship between Charlie and Fulvio and between Charlie and his support group. What Sandra Bullock's character is even doing in the plot is a mystery. Wait for the video.