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Highlander:Endgame : Friday September 1, 2000

A powerful immortal from Conner McCloud's past returns to take over the world. It looks like the motto for the other movies in the Highlander series were false: "There's can be only one" Since two immortal Conner and Duncan must join forces to stop this evil foe. 

    This one sounds like a real stinker.  The word on the streets says that they should have release this one on view master reels. What a way to start the fall, first school and now this.

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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz TVguide Average
Points     14 50  


Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

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Douglas Aarniokoski


Gillian Horvath 
Joel Soisson 




Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod 
Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod 
Bruce Payne as Kell
Ian Paul Cassidy as Cracker Bob
Adam Copeland as Highwayman
Donnie Yen as Jin
Lisa Barbuscia as Faith 

Running Time



Rated R  (for violence and some strong sexuality)


Dimension Films




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 The People's Review of Highlander:Endgame 

"I really regret that they released this version. I recently got hold of the original Work Print version and I have to say it is ""INCALCULABLY"" better then what we all saw first. The characters and story were both rich and full, given life and allowed time to grow. It was a lot longer then the pitiful 85 min. It answered all the questions we all have. It slowed the pace down to allow the drama to build. What we saw as an action movie became a tension filled dramatic force that raised all the inportant questions without sounding like a lecture. Most importantly, we get to see the relationships between each charcter more emotionally, we find out WHY Faith comes back to Duncan, what Kell's real plans are, there is too much to name (to wet your appetite, Jin Ke cuts off his own Head!!). In the end, the fight scenes are SPECTACULAR, you can actually SEE THEM. Overall, this is the REDEMPTION that Highlander needed, and instead they decided to put out that mess. They had the MATRIX in hand, and released BARB WIRE. I hope they put this version on DVD for everyone to see. This is a prime example of how you can write a good movie, film a good movie, act a good movie, edit a good movie, and the producers release crap."

"Samrat Sengupta"
Score = "50"
"Only a blinded Adrian Paul or Duncan Macleod fan can like this movie.I still can't believe the way the character of Connor Macleod was potrayed in the movie.It was so bad, usually Connor Macleod is a fighter here he gives up without even trying.I still can't get over the fact that Connor Macleod dies in the movie.Scenes shown in the trailer wasn't shown in the movie.I like Duncun Macleod better than Connor Macleod but still Connor shouldn't have died.How could Adrian Paul do such a movie.I'm highly dissapointed.And rightly so the movie has boombed at the box officee.I expected a movie which will put Adrian on top of the list of hollywod actors(he should be there because he is that talented) but now he needs a miracle to get to the top.A request to Adrian return in the series & to the makers please come back with a movie that is so good that we can forgive you for making this crap.Correct your mistakes & see if you can bring back Conor Macleod.It's fiction , anything can happen in fiction, right.If you are a highlander fan , have the time & you are not paying to see this movie (somebody else is) then go ahead see it. "

"Jim B."
Score "50"
 "Too bad. Trite dialogue. Tired plot - uh oh, it's that gosh darn ""Ultimate Evil"" thing again - ""Ultimate Evil"" just keeps coming back - how about ""Moderately Evil"" - we need equal time here! Poor choreography (sword fights, etc.) While the fourth installment was far better than the atrocious Highlander 2 & 3, it was far worse than the television series which had both more style and panache. I expected more."

"Ty Cassady" 
Score "80"
"Was Duncan Macleod ever married in the series? I don't think he was, the closest he ever got was with Tessa. Did they think that no one would know that? Didn't the series state that something extremely bad was supposed to happen if an imortal kills another immortal on holy ground? That is the main reason why no imortal would dare to fight on holy ground, more than a reason than a rule. But no consequences at all happened in the movie. With these 2 points made, how could Adrian Paul say that careful consideration for 2 years had been made to make a good transition from the series to this new movie? The last fight scence was awesome up to point of Duncan finally winning. Throughout the entire scene Duncan was clearly outmatched, which was cool by the way since he is usually the better man. Duncan was way losing and he comes back in this Rocky/Hulk Hogan sort of way and wins. That's pretty stupid. I also didn't like Connor speaking and imaging himself through Duncan, pretty corny. The movie was only 1hr 40 min, it should've been longer. It just seemed like the last fight scene was really rushed and that Duncan had to win at that precise moment. I also don't see how the asian immortal died in that room when he expected what was happening, scene also rushed. I also remember seeing scenes from the preview that was not in the movie. Why is that? There are a lot of great scenes: the Connor and Duncan fight and the plot is really good. It could have been so much better, even though it did get to me when Duncan had to kill Connor. Just that last fight scene will continue to bother me for some time! Also obviously another highlander movie can be made since Methos and Duncan are still around...maybe even more. don't lose your head... ty" 

"Todd Nilson"
Score = "70"
"Forget about word on the street. Highlander: Endgame is a fun time for anyone who enjoyed the movies or television show. Scratch that, those who liked the second and third movies are in for a treat. If anything has a chance of resurrecting the ailing Highlander franschise this is it. I'm not saying that the movie is without its flaws. The first twenty minutes or so are fairly painful. Christopher Lambert lurches through what can only be described as a series of painfully cliched lines to establish backstory. Things don't really pick up until his mother is burnt at the stake. Once the exposition is over (I really feel for the writers who were obviously at once trying to please the fans and bring new people into the fold), the story really picks up. One of the things that the film does particularly well is tell a complicated story about a diverse cast of characters. Unlike some other recent franchise movies (like Batman) and remakes of TV series (Wild, Wild West), the writers don't give a rat's tail about establishing character for every single person there. The baddies all appear to have complex and interesting backgrounds, but to the screenwriters' credit, they don't bog the film down with giving us more than bare bones. TV Guide's review notes that after 18 years the Highlander mythos is complicated, but it is that complication that gives strength to the story. Having followed most of the incarnations of the Highlander through movies and television, it was great to see Duncan and Conner in action again. The characters were well drawn and their sacrifice real. But what about the action, you say? The most exciting fight scenes occur between Duncan and members of Kell's gang. The final fight scene, of course, has its merits, but I've seen Duncan in worse scrapes. If you're looking for witty one-liners, go to a Jackie Chan movie. For great sword-fighting moves, this is the film to see. Overall, while it could have been better, the film is far more satisfying that other summer adventure films, most notably X-Men."

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