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Hollow Man: Friday August 4, 2000

At a top secret military lab, a group of brilliant young scientists have just unlocked the secret of invisibility. In THE HOLLOW MAN, the provocative new suspense thriller from the mind of controversial director Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct), the team's arrogant leader, Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon), ignores the risks and decides to test the dangerous procedure on himself-only to discover his fellow scientists (Oscar̉ nominee Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin) are unable to reverse the effect.
Working around the clock, Caine's colleagues struggle to devise an antidote. But Sebastian's intoxication with his new-found power is growing, and he's come to believe his colleagues may be a threat to his very existence. © 2000  Columbia Tristar Interactive


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55.5 - Go See At Matinee

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"



Paul Verhoeven 


Andrew W. Marlowe,

Gary Scott Thompson


Suspense/Thriller/Sci Fi 




Steve Altes as Dad
Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Caine
Josh Brolin as Matt Kensington
Kim Dickens as Sarah

Running Time

1hr 45min


Rated R: Restricted


Columbia Pictures




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 The People's Review of Hollow Man

score = 30
I somewhat expected more from the movie then what I saw.  I mean the story was clever and the special FX were none like I had seen in any previous movie but I just expected more.  Towards the end of the movie, all impact is just lost.  Going out looking for an invisible man in long dark corridors is kind of stupid don't you think?  In the last few minutes Sebastian should have died several times.  If a nail to the head with a crowbar doesn't kill him, then he'd be unconscious for a while, rather then two minutes.  I think Verhoeven got confused with being invisible and possessing superhuman strength.  So I gave this movie a 50

score = 10
comments = If you don't have something to do. Don't watch this movie. You can abuse your time watching as te world turns or something! Worser than this film can't be!
Only the Special-FX ARE GREAT! But nothing else. The film will be great when they only show the part in which he is going to be invisible. and cut the rest!

score = 80
comments = I wasn't going to write a review, but after reading some of the reviews below, I had to.
Straight from the start I will say the special effects are perfect, very imaginative.  Yet after all the special effects you don't come away from the cinema thinking about them.  Which is a great achievement (remember Jurassic Park).
Being a fan of Kevin Bacon I was looking forward to this.  All in all the thing I was most disapointed with was that there wasn't much of Paul Verhovan's usual Social commentary  which I love, (Starship Troopers).
Kevin Bacon excells as the 'mad' scientist (At the start), but in the end half of the movie he looses a bit of the impact.
The film starts of great, up untill he can't be changed back you are enthralled.  From then on it is an action & special effect estraviganza (which isn't a bad thing under Paul Verhovans direction.  You are excited & interested all the time.
Yet I have to say about the end.  Below they say he jest wouldn't die & it was unbelievable.  I would have to disagree, by this point you don't see him as a scientist but a killer.  Even though when he attacks her in the lift is a bit superhuman, it didn't bother me as the event itself kept me on the egde of my seat.
Saying this the bit I thourght was unbelievable was Elizabeths lover, he had the hook end of a crow bar in his side & 5 minutes later climed an elivator shaft.
The voyeaur asspects were very original, I had never seen this before & it was a great change to the usual invisible man story.  You come away from the film thinking about these seans.  Many people were discusted by these scenes but have to expect a frank dipiction by Paul Verhovan.
Not a classic, but a very ejoyable film. Go see it! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krazy 4 Kevin
score = 100
comments = You people are crazy if you thought this movie was bad.  Do you realize that it was #1 for several weeks?  I for one loved it and it was not just the special effects that were good.  If you thought that it had no plot than you really must have been sleeping!  DEFINETLY A MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

score = 50 
This movie wasn't that great, but it wasn't totally bad either.  It was worth a matinee ticket.  Don't take small children, and think about older children.  In the infrared, Kevin Bacon is obviously nude.  Special effects were great, but the dialog could have used a lot of work.

score = 10 
I went to see this movie realizing that it wasn't going to be a "classic" fil;m, but simply a special-effects movie. You know, a cool-looking movie. However I still expect some thinking when it comes to the flow of the movie. So he gets invisible and molests people. That's sick! Then he kills people, which might make you think "action!", but it actually ends up just being boring and disgusting. The elevator sequence is just stupid. Why didn't they just escape there in the first place? Don't go see this movie unless you're bent on special effects, because that's the only thing I liked about it.

score = 100 
Some people seem to just want to be critic and not enjoy a movie. I thought this movie was excellent from start to finish and there was a good enough story for me, sorry there was. Some of you just like to bash movies for the sake of bashing movies, grow up!

score = 80 
Hollow Man was a great scary movie! The effects were out of this world.  The gorilla and Sebastian transformations were state of the art! This movie is a must see!  Go see it! You won't be disappointed!

score = 30 
This movie was horrible. Although the casting was kind of weak and annoying (Elizabeth Shue does NOT make a good genious/scientist), the movie started off mildly interesting. As the movie progressed it turned into a mindless cheapo horror flick that was not only cliche, but nonsensically stupid. The only saving element was the special effects, which were of course marvelous. But that's almost to be expected nowadays.  In summary, this movie could have been MUCH better if it were thought out a helluva lot more. Wait till it gets to cable to see it, it sucks.

score = 50 
I can't believe I really wanted to see this movie!  Great and very intriguing special effects, but there's hardly any plot.  There's also a lot of obvious mistakes in this movie.  I won't spoil it, but pay attention to the fingerprint ID system.  This movie has a lot of potential...too bad they didn't take advantage of what they had.

Joe Theroux 
score = 10 
Frankly, if I had to go into everything that was bad about "Hollow Man", I'd have carpal tunnel syndrome by the end of the review.  Between the terrible acting, lazy direction, and unintentionally hilarious dialogue, I have no idea where to begin.  Easily the worst film I've seen in years.

score = 10 
This movie stinks!!!  A total waste of money.  If your planning on seeing this movie then bring a pillow because it'll make you fall asleep.

The Hollow One

score = None 

The effects were great but the ending destroyed the whole illusion - he was an invisible man who has more lives than Morris the Cat. He should have died at least four times in the last five minutes of the film. Being set on fire, electrocuted, smashed in the head with a crow bar, a monster explosion of his own device and yet he lives ... what were they thinking?



score = 50 

This movie advertised very aggresively as you may remember.  The previews showed solid clips of non-stip special effects and action sequences. Despite the great trailors to this movie, the movie as a whole was a dissappointment.  Although there was some suspenceful sequences, such as when a scientist is throwing bags of blood around her perimeter to make sure kevin bacon's character can't pursue her, which he does anyways, there was a lot of drag in this movie with many holes in the script.  The plot was nice, but this movie ran into the problem that many movies do these days.  A good build up, only to equal a bad ending.  The last 10 minutes were rediculous when the villian was burned, electrocuted, as well as other things and still didn't die. Audiences could be confused if he was human or another Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th.  Kevin Bacon did a legitamate job as always, but this movie relied heavily on special effects, which did not enable him to display his acting talents as well as he does in other films.  See this during a matinee when there is little else to do.


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