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The Hurricane: Friday January 14, 1999

In June 1966, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (Denzel Washington) was a strong contender for the middleweight boxing title. When three people were murdered in a New Jersey bar, Carter's dreams were destroyed. Driving home from a nearby club, Carter was erroneously arrested for the murders and sentenced to serve three life terms in prison.

Several years later, Carter's published memoir, The 16th Round, inspired a Brooklyn teenager (Vicellous Shannon) and three Canadian activists (Deborah Unger, John Hannah, Liev Schreiber), who believed in the truth, to join forces with Carter to prove his innocence. Their extraordinary efforts, commitment and love ultimately secured his release, leaving "Hurricane" to sum up his 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit by simply stating, "Hate got me into this place, love got me out." -- 1999 Universal Pictures 

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Norman Jewison  


Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter (novel) 
Sam Chaiton 




Denzel Washington as Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter
Liev Schreiber as Sam
Vicellous Reon Shannon as Lesra Martin 
John Hannah as Terry 

Running Time

2 hours - 5 minutes


Rated R for language and some violence.  


Universal Pictures 


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 The People's Review of The Hurricane 

score = 90
95 Where was the promotion for this movie.  I never gave it a chance from the beggining when one day my roommate rented it and it turned out to be one of the best proformances i have ever seen.  Denzel plays the best character, through the whole move you never second quess that Denzel is the accutal character.  I strongly recommend this movie to anybody

Lady T
score = 100
Denzel was astounding, as usual.  I had never heard the story of "The Hurricane" before, but I did learn a great deal from the film.

Linda 1851
score = 100
comments = Is it possible to send an e-mail to the real Rubin Carter?  I was so impressed by his life.  I would like the opportunity to tell him so.  The movie was very touching and reminds us of our obligations to all mankind.  My 14 year old son said "mom, we should study this in our history class at school."  I am a kindergarten teacher of multi-cultural students and hope that I an able to make a difference in their lives so they do not suffer as this man did.  Well, thankyou for your time and a job well done.

score = 100 
I am a law student who has just graduated and taken the bar and I am extremely overwhelmed with the fact that this man went to prison for this long and his freedom taken away because of our corrupt society. I feel that it is good that such movies as this can bring to life the true nature of how society works. What happened to this man is a true disgrace.

Charles L. Cox 
score = 100 
I thought that this movie was one of the best films of my life that I have ever seen. I was able to watch the movie on DVD and the extras that are offered for viewing really cleared any dought that this was a true storry and justice was given to him inthe end.

score = 100 
This movie is definitely worth seeing.  Denzel Washington performance as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter deserves an Oscar nomination.  The movie is great. An inspiring movie!!!!!

len hubbard 
score = 100 
A clear representation of life for many disadvantaged youth. Carter had the priviledge of telling his story because he was famous. This movie is among the best ever.  It's powerful presentation, stong performances and excellent emotional development of the characters add up to Oscar-level accolades.  Two thumbs UP! Incidentally, the audience stood up and applauded at the end of the movie! Something I've not seen in many years (not for Titanic nor English Patient or others the Academy recognized as great works of art.)

score = 100 
An inspiring, well-acted, well-written, powerful film.  Denzel Washington has reached new heights with his portrayal of Rubin Carter. Entertaining, emotional, wonderful!

score = None 
if you've seen the preview, then you've seen the movie.  a boring movie with a terrible script, and nothing more than denzel's acting.  made by a bob dylan fan who listened to the song and realized that it would be incredibly easy, simply and mindless to make a movie about it.  see the preview, or listen to the song.  and FOR GODSAKES, SEE MAGNOLIA!!!

s. faraher-amidon 
score = 90 
comments = for a movie to be seen and digested as a power house it must have some emotional connection the viewer feels in his or her gut. one must come away from the screen feeling some emotive element of electric power has hit. that is the way i left the theatre after the hurricane. even though i knew the basic story; even though i knew how it ended up. even though i knew that the jury has convicted and had the case overturned in court. to me that is the essence of power in movie making. to have the audience leave the theatre with the feeling of electricity; of having seen something special. it is a shame the hurricane was overlooked by the hollywood oscar nominating process. in spite of perceived inaccuracies in the story, the movie is a movie.......and one with a power house performance by denzel washington. it is a movie which should not be missed, nor the message forgotten.......justice ain't justice till the innocent are let go, whatever color, race or creed.

b.m. green 
score = 80 
Poweful story, powerfully acted by Denzel Washington.  Perhaps because of the long imprisonment scenes, which made the film so powerful, little was shown about Artis and his ordeal.  Film had a  somewhat mystical quality. The young canadian black boy, so sensitively portrayed,  and his finding of Carter's book in a used book store reenforces the concept that all that happens, happens by divine order.  Have seen many of the great films from the 1930's. But few "rocked" one's senses as did many of the scenes in "The Hurricane." Hopefully, a future film will be produced with additional scenes that could not be shot because the film would have much exceeded two hours. Though he has well earned an oscar, because of the controversy regarding the  veracity of the story, I doubt that Denzel Washington will get an Oscar this go-round.  However, as he took a salary cut for this film, surely the fine reviews of his work, the Golden Globe and other awards, and even the controversy will result in a healthy monetary reward for this film artist.  But it would be wonderful if The Academy ignores politics and alleged problems with the story line and judges primarly on the basis of the art of acting. If so, Denzel Washington will be the male who wins the y2k Oscar.

score = None 
Saw the actual Giardello vs. Carter-it was a good fight Giardello outboxed him.There was nothing in the fight that resembled the last round-how can one beleive the story-if there is a clear VISUAL manipulation of the facts---Review the web site -Hrricane "the other side''doesn't appear he was so totally innocent.

score = None 
Well I guess my critique of this pack of lies that glorifies a twice-convicted triple-murderer wasn't politically correct, so you didn't feel like posting it to your site.  That's fine; but now, at least, I know that you obviously screen out any reviews that don't tow the line with your personal philosophy. You'd rather not ruffle any feathers, I suppose, and since it's your site, that is, of course, your option.  But it does show that the "people's reviews" are only representative of those people whom you agree with. So much for this site...  two thumbs down.

score = 100 
Hi.. Im from Mexico, I saw this excellent movie, what can I say :         See it and youll love it and be not racist (bob dylan made a good job with the music) Rubin!!: The movie says that you could be the champion of the world...I think, you always was... bye 

score = 100 
hi,well i actualy think that it's a great movie that every one should see!!!denzel plays a very nice role and a nice performance.GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Butler 
score = 100 
The Hurricane was the best film I have ever seen. This gripping film had it all from the first punch till the last. The Performance of Denzel Washington should have been Oscar winning and was truly brillant. This inspiring film had it all and showed the way America was and still is. Being Black in that time would have been hard and this movie potraits it perfectly. Great story of one boy following his heart to do what he believes is right. Greatest film ever made and I recommend it to you all. Insperational!!!

score = 90 
An inspiring movie. If it did not touch you, you do not have a heart. I was surprised that it was not nominated for best picture. That was the true crime.

score = 90 
A great movie based on a true story and a great actor. The best combination and not to be missed

Herman Louise Williams

score = 90  

I was blown away after this movie.  The film did not receive the rating for an Oscar however, it has touched many hearts of the injustice that still breaths in the United States.  I would like to know if charges were placed against the crooked cop  and others. Did Mr. Carter and the other man receive any monies for the time spent in prison?  What are they doing today?  What became of Mr Carter's family?


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