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In Too Deep marks the second time this summer we've seen LL cool J in a movie. It seems that he wants to be the next Will Smith. We saw him this summer in Deep Blue Sea where he was the hero killing two giant sharks. Lets see how he will do in this drama/thriller based on a true story. Unfortunate for him, this movie will be wiped out by the The 13th Warrior. But, who knows The Blair Witch Project made $120 million. So, anything is possible.

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55.63 - Go See At Matinee

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Michael Rymer


Paul Aaron
Michael Henry Brown


Drama/ thriller


Base on a true story is the story of a young cop trying to infiltre in to a gang.


Ivonne Coll as Mrs. Batista
Jermaine Dupri    
LL Cool J    


Running Time

1 hr 46 min


Rated R for strong sensuality and language, and for some violence






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