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Keeping the Faith: Friday April 14, 2000

Best friends since they were kids, Rabbi Jacob Schram (Ben Stiller) and Father Brian Finn (Edward Norton) are dynamic and popular young men living and working on New York's Upper West Side. When Anna Reilly (Jenna Elfman), once their childhood friend and now grown into a beautiful corporate executive, suddenly returns to the city, she reenters Jake and Brian's lives and hearts with a vengeance. Sparks fly and an unusual and complicated love triangle ensues. 2000 Touchstone Pictures



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66.25 - Worth Seeing

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Not Worth Seeing
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85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

Edward Norton 


Stuart Blumberg




Edward Norton as Father Brian Finn
Ben Stiller  as Rabbi Jacob Schram
Jenna Elfman as Anna Reilly

Running Time

2hr 7min 


Rated PG-13 for some sexuality and language.  


Touchstone Pictures


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 The People's Review of Keeping the Faith

score = 100
Keeping the Faith is a great movie.  It will make you laugh, cry, and go home feeling happy.  You get to see Ben Stiller's real acting ability, which is different then most of his movies, Edward Norton is brilliant like usual, and Jenna Elfman is as beautiful and as talented as ever.  This creative, and well written movie is definately worth seeing!

score = 100
this film was great... if you like romantic comedies this is well worth seeing... i dont get the film credics???>.. why do they rate films so low???... they have no idea what they are talking aobut... they feel this need to be so judgemental... they thinik they know all about movies... but never beeing in one themselves... take it form me and go see this...

score = 90 
What an amazing and unusual movie! How many contemporary movies deal with religious concerns in modern life? And in such a nice, upbeat way? It was a traditional feel-good romance at the end. I hope there are more movies like this coming out! Good job Edward Norton!

score = 100 
It was the cutest movie I have seen this year that is a comedy! I enjoyed it throughly. Ben Stiller is bound to get good ratings on this film.

score = 80 
Great movie, need to see it twice to catch all that is going on. This is a very well thought out film. Good research brings forward accurately a number of significant spiritual issues.  Those interested in movie making should find many examples of good craftmanship.    This is strong showing by an Oscar winning Actor who also directs and produces.    Well worth the time for anyone interested in spiritual matters or good romantic comedies

score = 90 
I just saw it yesterday, it's the best, basically, 3 friends grew up together and were split apart at 13. the two boys remained friends, when the girl(Jenna Elfman) comes back the boy that grew up to be a rabii got with her (you know what i mean) and the other guy who has a crush got left out, at the eng the rabi gets the girl and the priest gets good advise from the bishop, full of comedy worth seeing

score = 100 
THIS adorable film was PURE and UPLIFTING entertainment, mixed with highly endearing cultural/religious aspects....there is something in it for everyone which will bring home sweet and sometimes bittersweet memories from childhood, family and community. The acting in all aspects was phenominal- and the authentic New York inner and outer boro locations were PERFECT- New York is the ideal microcosm for the oft-quoted question asked by Rodney King ..."can't we all just get along?"...This movie answers the question with a resounding YES, and ends with a heartwarming multicultural finale that is so typical of New York, and should still be seen even more.  THANKS ALL for making this husband and I loved it! Susan (jewish princess) Wilfredo (lapsed catholic) living in harmony!

score = 100 
I think this movie is really good. I am 11, and I thought it was sad and funny. i dont think this would be good for lilke a 8 yr old should see, but let me say again THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD IT ROCKED!

score = 90 
LOVED  every second of the film and litteraly draged my friends along to see it...We need more movies that we can identfy with as well as laugh with

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