Lake Placid

Lake Placid: Friday, July 16, 1999


Since the budget was tight, $25 million, and most of the good actors were taken like Adam Sandler, Ester Rolles, and Keanu Reeves, Lake Placid contains the largest gathering of B+ actors the world has ever seen. Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, and Oliver Plat star in Lake Placid a comedy/horror story about a man-eating alligator loose in a lake.

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Review: by Java

In this season where everyone is looking for adventure, comedy and wholesome fun the whole family can enjoy. Comes this horror monster in the lake jem directed by fame director Steve Miner.  You might not  know who Steve Miner is, but I am sure that you have seen his work  in late tv (House, Friday the 13th Parts 2 and 3).The screen play for this movie was written by David E. Kelley (The Practice,Ally McBeal).

So lets talk a little about what makes this a great summer movie. First of all if you like the premise of a giant carnevourcan survive and cause mayhem in the icy waters of the Northeastern US, then this is your type of movie. Also, the one liners traded between characters and the fast pase action(movie is under 90 minutes) will leave you yearning for more. As for the acting, even though it may seem silly to some, I think the actors are playing quirky characters that Kelley is so famous for creating in his tv series. So if you enjoy a good, scary summer movie, LAKE PLACID is the movie for you!!!

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Lake Placid

July 16, 1999