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The Little Vampire: Friday October 27, 2000

Every night, since his family moved from San Diego to Scotland, little Tony Thompson dreams the same dream. A full moon hangs in the distance, bathing a lush green cliff with beams of magical light. An enclave of vampires gather, waiting for the arrival of a comet. As the comet hurls across the sky, to align with the Moon, the head vampire raises his hand. Clutching an ancient golden amulet, he begins an incantation. Suddenly, a vampire hunter, hell-bent on capturing and destroying the creatures, rushes forward, knocking the jeweled piece from his grasp into sea below. The head vampire leaps over the cliff to retrieve the amulet, only to fall down, down, down into little Tony's bed. 
Life couldn't be tougher for the nine year old - a new country, a new school and, now, he can't sleep. What's worse then being the new kid on the block? His classmates constantly tease him. Nigel and Flint, nephews of his father's boss, Lord McAshton, routinely beat him up. His teacher thinks he's strange, obsessed with vampires. And, he can't seem to make any friends. With no one to play with, what's a kid to do? You guessed it. Emulate the only beings that visit him every night - vampires. 2000 New Line Cinema


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Score ="70" 
"I thought The Little Vampire was really cute. I liked it a lot because it didn't show vampires as all bad. It was funny and had a really good plot. The vampire cows was one of the best parts. Many people wouldn't like it because it's to kiddy, or something, but if your not scared to let you kid side take over you'll like it and tell other's about it." "


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Ulrich Edel 


Angela Sommer-Bodenburg  (Novel)
Karey Kirkpatrick 




Jonathan Lipnicki as Tony Thompson
Tony Thompson as Frederick 
Jim Carter as Rookery 
Alice Krige as Freda
Rollo Weeks as Rudolph 
John Wood as Lord McAshton 
Pamela Gidley as Dottie Thompson 
Tommy Hinkley as Bob Thompson
Anna Popplewell as Anna
Dean Cook as Gregory 

Running Time

hr 38min


Rated PG for some mild peril.


New Line Cinema




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