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Man On The Moon: Wednesday December 22, 1999

Andy Kaufman was considered one of the most innovative, eccentric and enigmatic performers of his time.

A master at manipulating audiences, Kaufman could generate belly laughs, stony silence, tears or brawls. Whether inviting the audience out for milk and cookies or challenging women to inter-gender wrestling matches, he specialized in creating performances so real that even his close friends were never sure where the truth lay. -- © 1999 Universal Pictures


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73.88 - Worth Seeing

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Milos Forman


Scott Alexander (I),

Larry Karaszewski




Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton
Peter Bonerz as Ed  Weinberger
Bobby Boriello as Young Andy

Running Time

2 hours - 39 minutes


Rated R


Universal Pictures.


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 The People's Review of Man On The Moon

score = 100
Holoas, soy argentino, y pienso que sin duda, esta pelicula es una de las mejores actuaciones dramaticas de Mi idolo y maestro Jim Carey....
Me gusto toda la pelicula, y creo que me gusto, porque ya entendi el estilo de pelicula que hace, dramaticamente, es un humor extraño y divertido, misterioso, con mucha picardia, y creo que jim carey es uno de los mejores actores de esta epoca

Liran Zamir 
score = 100 
Jim C. delivers a wonderfull touching performance of the amazing Andy. The film is funny and sad and can be enjoyed both by people who did and did not know the work of Andy Kaufman. A story of a strange, missunderstood funny funny man, played by a great actors with a great director. If you liked the movie: The people against Larry Flint, you would love this one.


score = 90 
I have to say,I like it very much,specially because this Andy Kaufman was a very interesting and misterius caracter.


score = 90 
Seldom have I seen a movie that I liked so much; it was 'different', whatever that means, and innovative, somewhat, in its use of surprises. Funny, confusing, and, at the end, deeply moving, this is a movie that means something. What? I don't know, but I like it...


score = 100 
I saw this movie on the way back from a vacation in Florida, fantastic! Now everytime I hear REM or see clips of this movie, it brings back some good memories for me. Carrey is pure genius and deserves some LARGE recognition for his role.


score = 80 
I just watched this movie on DVD last night. It's worth seeing - but one of the best movies of all time?  Nah.  I get it, I enjoy it, I'm interested in learning more about Kaufman, but this movie isn't anywhere close to being one of the greatest of all time.  Jim Carrey does a good job as Kaufman.  I think Courtney Love did a fine job as the girlfriend (I didn't know it was Courtney Love until I reviewed the film credits).  Danny Devito seemed too saintly as Carrey's agent, although that might not be his fault; I noticed that a company called Shapiro Productions or something like that helped make the movie ... The actress who played Kaufman's mother was awful, and even though that wasn't a major part, they still should have replaced her.  As for the story, well, the only reason we are fascinated with Kaufman is that he died.  Note that his career was going downhill before he got sick; he was genuinely funny, but frankly, there's only so much Kaufman humor you can watch before you're ready to watch something else.  Again, that's not because people are stupid or have no sense of humor.  It's just that Kaufman got stale.  What's interesting is that this guy who faked so much stuff died, in an unlikely way (a non-smoker getting lung cancer in his 30s?).  In the movie, it seems that Kaufman didn't die, but in reality, Kaufman did indeed die.


jim c. lover
score = 90
I thought the movie was great! Jim Carrey did a great job of playing the role of Andy Kaufman! It was an awsome movie with a great look at Andy Kaufman's life!


score = 90
This is by far Mr. Carrey's best work.  He truly deserved further recognition for TRUMAN, and if he doesn't get it for this it is truly ashamed. He did a fabulous job with this role and proved himself to be more than the slapstick guy with a rubber face.   Those who grew up Andy will better understand him and respect his work further, those who didn't will be intrigued into watching old TAXI reruns.


damian fusca
score = 80
I am only 19 but i have loved andy kaufman as a child, even after his death his comic brilliance lived on in my heart he is by far the greatest comic there ever was, and nobody could have deserved to portray him than the great jim carrey. he is andy kaufman and deserves the oscar for this one as he did last year.


score = 100 
It was a very very very good movie and I would love to see it again I recomend that every one see it. It is a wonderful story about Andy Kaufman and His life. Every one should go out and see it!


score = 90 
A fantastic job! I don't think anyone could have played the part any better. I hope he gets an Oscar because that was definetly some excellent work!


score = 50 
I thought the movie was stale and passionless and did a horrible job in presenting the magical genius of andy kaufman.


score = 100 
I think this movies is really good and for those people who say it was stoopid your probably one of the ones who went to this movie to see jim carrey as ace ventura which is wrong this movie is a biography a life story and NO! its not suposed to be funny the whole movie its about andy kaufmans life just like selena was about selena so if yoiu go to see this movie go see it as a documentary and trust me if you think of it in that way you will notice thats its a hella good movie and has enough funny parts while still describing his life so go see it its cool> Dont! see it if you just want to see jim carrey as ace ventura> Jim carrey does a hella a job in this movie he deserves an oscar.


score = 80 
Jim Carrey was his best in this moving story about a comic I adored so much. I was Kaufman's biggest fan. Somehow the movie portrayed a more negitive spin on his carreer than I choose to admit. However, as the film points out. Not everyone got it.



score = 100 
It is an awesome movie that is both sad and funny.  Jim Carrey was definitely Andy Kaufman!  I have seen it 3 times and can't wait to see it again! I get more out of the movie every time I see it and learn more and more about Andy Kaufman each time I see it!


score = 40 
This movie was alright.  It's worth the watch to see Jim Carrie but other than that it's not great.  If there wasn't much else to see I suppose it's not that bad.


Kate Joy 
score = 90 
I saw Man on the Moon a few hours ago and am left feeling a profound sense of sadness for Andy Kaufman. Surrounded by family, friends and adoring fans, he seemed so lonely. This overwhelming craving for new and bigger thrills never satisfied his hunger for love. I grew up watching him on Taxi and Saturday Night Live, but never knew about his 'extra-curricular activities' (wrestling and  his alter ego Tony Clifton). Jim Carrey did a phenomenal cover of Andy. Side by side, it might have been hard to tell the difference. Who knows what this comic genius would have come up with had he lived, after his awakening and elevating his humor to loftier heights? I suppose he's entertaining a celestial audience these days.


score = 100 
This movie was right on target. Only people who understand Andy will know what this movie is all about. Don't go see it if you have never heard of Andy. Knowing Andy and Bob this movie is probally the total opposite of what really happened.



score = 10 
this movie has received so much hype and maybe it was me but I just didn't get it.  I chuckled twice through the whole movie and I found myself dozing off as the movie progressed.  If you are thinking about seeing this movie I recommend you wait until it hits a $.99 theatre. don't waste your $$


score = 100 
This is maybe the most amazing movie I think I've ever seen. It was just so inspiring. It still leaves me with chills. I've always been a little interested in Kaufman and had seen biographies about him. Jim Carrey deserves lots of credit for his performance-it was brilliance, pure and utter brilliance!


score = 90 


 score = 50 
Kind of sketchy.  For instance...who is Lynne?  Did he marry her? After seeing this my opinion was that Andy Kaufman was a lunatic.  Not unlike Jim Carrey.  It skipped around too much.  When the sad scenes came could you feel sad.  I am losing respect for Jim Carrey too.  He has to make a choice...Make a comedy movie and keep it comedy or make a dramatic movie and stay in a dramatic character role.


score = 80 
I went and seen man on the moon last night and Im still laughing about jim carry. It was a very good movie and I think that every one should see it. Hi mom!


forr the people who are too young to remember andy dont judge it. it wasnt meant as a comedy



score = 90 

When I saw it, there were people in the theatre sitting as the credits rolled by, hoping to see if there were any post credit surprises. This was the kind of hold Kaufman on his audience, trying to figure him out, and wonder what he's going to do next. I usually don't stay for the credits, but I did because I wanted to see more. After reading these reviews, I really don't think Carrey deserves the credit that he is given. It's ironic how most people don't understand Carrey either, just like the guy in the few comments before that gave Carrey the ultimatum about either choosing to be all funny or all dramatic. Man on the Moon is a good movie, and it captivated me. Jim Carrey is Andy Kaufman, and not just anyone can be Andy Kaufman.



score = 90 

I was blown away when I saw Man On The Moon. I didn't know that Kaufman was such a "powerful" character in the world of entertainment. He made us think and always kept us surprised by throwing curves unrepentantly. Blurred the line between fantasy and fiction, making us ponder reality. I think Kaufman knew what he was doing and his plan was always ingenuosly contrived. That is why Kaufman, even though he could of been the most self-loathing scoundrel of his era, will go down as one of the most important entertainers of all time. And this is exactly why his life story makes for an awesome film. I think that Milos Foreman and Jim Carrey, aware of the potential that Andy Kaufman's enigmatic soul and all the characters that go along with him, almost perfectly recreate Kaufman and show that by having mystery, unpredictability and even a dark side,comedy is a beautiful art form.



score = 60

Not as good as I thought it would be.  Nothing I didn't already know about Kaufman.  Forced token love interest Courtney Love wasn't acted or scripted very well


score = 100 
Jim Carrey portreyed Andy Kaufman so xcently that i think that everyone that is a Kaufnan fan should defenitely see this one! it brought me to tears.  however if you are not a big fan i don't think that you will like this movie too much.


score = 100 
I thought it was wonderful! I used to watch Andy on taxi and Jim Carey portrayed him beautifully. I would LOVE to see this movie over and over again.


sungha shin 
score = 100 
This movie carefully pieced together the person of Andy kauffman.  It told of his life but more importantly it captured his brilliance.  i literally walked away from this movie feeling a sense of awe as I knew I witnessed a genius.  A MUST SEE!!!!


amy seward 
score = 100 
I saw Man On The Moon last night with my 2 friends & I loved it!It felt like I was sitting there for anout 4 hours,but it was the best movie I saw in a long time.Not being silly or smart but I laughed,I cried,I was very..very confused. This movie should be seen even if you don't know who Andy was.I didn't,me being 14 & all...but I found out a bit about his character(s)before I went to see it,I still loved it. Thanx


Dusty Brock 
score = 90 
I'm only 18 years of age, but I have seen quite a few movies in my time.  My dad is a film fanatic so I have seen just as many old movies as new. I was introduced to Andy Kaufman at an early age, and a great fascination within me grew like a wildfire.  I have seen many documetaries on him and his trials and tribulations as he went through his career as a "performer."  I've always wanted to be a movie critic, and I think that I have the knowledge, ability, "want-to," and "know-how" in order to accomplish that goal.  As I watched this movie, it amazed me at the way Jim Carrey had prepared himself to "be" Andy Kaufman.  Some of the things that the movie showed Kaufman doing amazed the ppl around me because they had no idea.  But for me, knowing all that I do about him, I wasn't that shocked, if at all.  The movie was great from the point of view of someone wanting to watch a good movie, and for me, the ending was magnificant.  I wasn't at all expecting Tony Clifton to be anyone other than Zmuda.  That made the whole movie worth while.  To leave the audience in suspense and pondering on the thought that maybe, just maybe Kaufman did stage his death.  Or that...well the imagination is the limit on that.  I would probably give the movie an overall rating of an 85, but since you just had the scores rounded off to the nearest ten, i rounded up.  I enjoyed the movie, and you couldn't have impressed me more with how you made it.  I am simply amazed at how you could possibly come up with someone (Carrey) to portray another individual so profound and "household" as Andy Kaufman was and in many senses still is today, and make it seem "realistic" is an accomplishment in itself.  It was simply amazing.  Now that i think about it, i may have to go with an 87.  It did start to drag some in the middle, but so did Kaufman's career.  I appreciate the movie, and bravo on a job well done.


Jason Green 
score = 90 
I enjoyed this movie quite a bit and would recomend it to anyone however the ending somewhat cofused me. Did Andy fake his own death


score = 90 
It is is great movie with great acting, but there is one confusing part that I cannot figure out, even now. (at the end)When Andy dies and Tony is on stage, but the only other guy that can play Tony is in the audience. So, did Andy really die or what??? I guess someone that reads this, please, PLEASE e-mail me at and let me know, this is really bugging me, thank you.


score = 100 
The movie was realy great and i think that everybody should see it. This movies tells alot anout Andy and everyone should now how his life realy happend. Jim Carry is a great actor and always does his best


score = 90 
I didn't know much about Andy until I saw the movie, but it was so funny! I especially love the scene in the college where he just read a book. And the voices were hilarious.  Many thumbs up!!!!!!!


score = 70 
The acting in the movie was ok, but the life of Andy Kaufman made for a poor movie.  Jim Carrey did a great job of portraying Andy, but the humor in the movie wasn't my cup of tea.


score = 100 
This was absolutly the best movie that I have ever seen in my entire LIFE!!!!!! I have seen it only twice and I am always wanting to see it! It is most definatly a MUST SEE!!! I think everybody should see it, even if they dont understand it, just to be exposed to such a great movie!!! Jim Carrey was wonderful as playing Andy Kaufman. I am incredibly glad that he won an award for this movie, because he really deserved it.



score = None 
My name is Chris and I'm 16 yaers of age.  I did not now who Andy Kaufman was until I first saw the previews for the movie.  I thought well Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors so why dont I go see it.  I left the movie absolutely amazed.  It has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life.  I left the movie theater thinking how in the world could this be based on a true story, how could one man have such comic genius?  I decided to do a little research on Kaufman, so I read Bob Zmuda's book on Kaufman, and I admit that there were a few parts left out of the movie, but it was still an excellent movie.  Carrey needs serious Oscar consideration for this role.  Anybody who thinks this move is awful or even OK is an IDIOT, and they have no sense of humor what so ever, and you who think that Carrey should pick comedy or drama, may I remind you of actors and actresses such as Leslie Nielson, who was a serious actor for years and then went on to do the Naked Gun Series and other VERY comical movies, and Helen Hunt,who worked on the set of a very funny sitcom for years and went on to win an Oscar for a serious role in a movie.  So to you who think that this movie sucked or was even OK, you are unbelievably stupid and probably like movies such as The Talented Mr Ripley(Do not even get me going on that piece of garbage that made its way to the silver screen by way of some miracle!!!!!)


Cathy Gibbons 
score = 100 
I thought this movie was one of the best movie's i've seen in a while. Jim Carrey's performance was awesome and so inspiring. I wish this movie got more recognition than it did. I can't believe it didn't get an oscar nomination!! Well Jim Carey gets the Best Actor Award in my mind!!


score = 80 
i am from turkey.i really like 'man on the moon'and wan't to thank you for making it.


Thomas Nadig 

I'm from Switzerland and I just saw "Man on the Moon". The movie just opened in Switzerland this week. Unfortunately, I'm only 25, so I don't know the real Andy Kaufman (especially because I never saw anything like "Taxi" or "Saturday Night Live" in Switzerland) so it's quite difficult for me to really understand the movie. But one thing really interests me -and it is maybe the most important part in the movie- it is the story of his own death. I read your reviews and thougt, maybe you could tell me something about his death. Did he really fake his own death or who is Tony Clifton one year after his death in the movie ?? Thanks 


score = 100 
Jim Carrey is just as cool as always in this movie, i totally love his performance as Andy Kaufman. I've never thought i should see an actor as great as Jim Carrey, he is my idol now and forever... love Martin from Denmark


score = 80 
Definitely, one of the best "portrait of a strange man" I've ever seen. Jim Carrey at his very best. 
score = 80 
I just got back from seeing this film ( in London ) I have to say it was excellent but I feel the film did not go nearly enough of the way in expressing some of the more complex sides of andy kauffman instead just making it look like  he did practical joke after practical joke,, having said this making this movie is not an easy task.,,, I feel Andy would have enjoyed that 1st part but the rest was not made in the spirit of Andy,,, I also thought Jim Carrey was very very good


score = 90 
Hello, my name is Karlheinz and I'm from Munich in Germany. I've never heard anything about Andy Kaufman but we read an articel in our newspaper about "man in the moon". The movie was really great and it's very interesting to see how people live always in a "show" and believe what they see. There were some fascinating scenes within this movie. Always worth to be seen. Wonderful Jim Carrey.


score = 100 
I just saw Man On The Moon and it was GREAT!!! It's the second best movie (Fight Club is the best!)in the world! Jim should have gotten an Oscar nomination for that! It was his best movie ever!    I think that, not every person will get it but those who will won't think that it's just ok. They'll think that it's one of the best ever made! If you don't get it, don't blame the movie!!!


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