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Me Myself and Irene: Friday June 23, 2000

An outrageous comedy from the Farrelly Brothers, the film centers around a mild-mannered Rhode Island cop (Carrey) with split-personality disorder who escorts a woman (Zellweger) back to her home town. The cop and his hyper-aggressive alter-ego both fall in love with the confused lady, and he wages war - with himself - for her affections. © 2000 20 Century Fox



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49.13 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Bobby Farrelly,

Bobby Farrelly 


Peter Farrelly






Jim Carrey as Charlie/Hank
Chris Cooper as Joe Sarrasin
Renee Zellweger as Irene
Michael Bowman as Whitey

Running Time

1hr 57min


R for sexual content, crude humor, strong language and some violence


20th Century Fox




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 The People's Review of Me Myself and Irene

score = None
I would like to give this movie a score of 10 but that would be way too high. Warning: Do not waste your time or money on this piece of garbage! I can handle crude humor and expected it with this movie but the laughs never came. I couldn't even force or fake a laugh. This movie was so bad that I will be scared to ever see a Jim Carrey movie again.

score = 10 
This has to be the worst movies I have ever seen.  Started to walk out several times, but I thought it had to get better, unfortunately it only got worse.  Not only was the humor crude, the the scenes were so unrealalistic. However I can imagine some young teenagers enjoying the movie.

score = 90 
This movie is hilarious!  I was laughing my head off! Some people I spoke to said it was crude.  I admit it isn't the Titanic but it was supposed to be a Comedy damn it!  If you know the Farrelly brothers remember a hit about hmmm a person named Mary" then you know what to expect!  Jim Carrey is a comic genius especially his physical comedy. If a superb actress like Renee Zellweger can have fun with it,  and you so called "critics" respect her then maybe you should just RELAX and just have fun with it too.

score = None 
This movie was definetely very funny. Sure the jokes were crude, some even tasteless, but the fact is that it made me laugh, harder than i have in a long time. This is the whole idea. All you people out there who discredit this movie, especially loverboys Francis and Vic, should stay home and curl up to Mad about you!

score = 30 
This movie was below-average at best.  I was wholeheartedly disappointed in the lack of laughs.  I took the advice of many of the on-line critics and saw it in the early afternoon.  The movie was not quite worth the price of a matinee admission.  Not since The Cable Guy have I been so disappointed in a Jim Carrey movie.  I hope the next one is better.

score = None 
I usually enjoy a good comedy, but I didn't get most of this one.  I only laughed at a few scenes. The extensive swearing didn't offend me, however, I did not find it funny.  I am a Jim Carrey fan, and love 'The Mask', 'Liar Liar' and 'The Cable Guy'.  'Me, Myself and Irene' seems a cheap combination of all these films.  The movie even seemed half-finished. I would like to also note that my dissatisfaction with the film is not due to the 'dirty humour'.  I liked Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me'.

score = 50 
it was so good. Slightly crude, but for those that can appreciate crude humour this is the perfect movie.

score = 100
This is one of the  best comedies ever!!  I was laughing practically the entire time I was sitting in my seat.  It has a great story!  This ranks up there with Deuce Bigalow which is also one of my favorites!  Definitely go see it right away.  It was great!!!!

score = None 
Full of chuckles if you see the lighter side of life. We enjoyed!  I would not, however suggest taking a 12-year-old child to see it! I think most kids, fortunately-- do not have the maturity to interpret and assess the sexual comedy puns. Exposure to materials which are not age appropriate surfaces during the school day and I think parents would be appauled at some of the attitudes which are formed---partially as a result of too early exposure.

score = 60 
This was one of the funniest movies of the summer, so far. Jim Carrey is a riot, I've enjoyed everything he has done to this point. This was the first I had seen of Renee Zellweger but I hope to see more, she was great. Solid story. A crack up. Go see it, you'll enjoy it.

score = 80 
Don't go expecting to see a normal Jim Carrey movie.  This one goes beyond gross. But it was funny.  Harsh language and sexual content (parents: don't let your young ones see this movie) but I think it even beats There's Something About Mary".  Carrey returns to some of his old gags of Ace Ventura. Best comedy out right now but don't see it if you are upset by cruel humor.

score = 100 
Shakespear? No. Did you expect it to be a intelligent comedy? Certainly not.  If you expected that you need to have your brain checked for something called "Common Sense".  When has a comedy made me laugh so hard?  Not since Liar Liar.  And yes, there was bathroom humor in that too.  Remember, he beat himself up in that one too, and it was in the bathroom.  If you are easily offended then maybe you should skip over about 80% of the movies made these days.  The directors won't miss your money because there are thousands upon thousands that can and do take it for what it is, COMEDY.  If you can not laugh at yourself do not leave your house ever again. Even African Americans should be able to handle this movie, that is if they can laugh at themselves. Lighten up, life is too short to spend it offended by comedy.

score = 100 
It was the funniest movie I've seen for years. Jim Carrey is the funnist comedic actor. Anyone who didn't think this was good is stuck up, stupid, or take movies way too seriosly. Many people on this list have completly no taste such as Francis and Vic which are to of the gayest names I've ever    heard.                                   -Thank You

score = None 
Disgustingly filthy.  I was very disappointed.  Jim Carrey is a brilliant comedic actor and he did not need the filthy mouth language, or all the sexual inuendos.  It would have been funny without that. I lost some respect for him in this movie. If this is what the American people think is funny, then it is scary.  The lack of morals is killing us as a nation. I was embarassed being seen walking out of that movie.  There was hardly any laughter from the people sitting in the movie.

score = 80 
I took my 12 year old son to see it last night. I have to admit that a few scenes made me a little uncomfortable, being there with my son. But, as a whole, I enjoyed it! Uptight people should avoid it though. It felt good to sit back and laugh at Jim Carrey's ridiculous behavior ;-)

score = 20 
This movie was terrible! I was so surprised, because I love every other Jim Carrey movie! I laughed a total of two times throughout the whole movie! I'm glad i saw it as a matinee. Definitly a movie that can be rented!

score = 90 
Best Carrey movie in a long time. Laughed from beggining to end. wasn't mindless like adam sandler. Please how manyt imes cna he act like a grown up kid. Carrey does his comedy on the fly which makes it that much funnier. anyone who didn't like it was looking for something else thi isn't the oscars. and for those offended becuase it makes fun of crazy people do you reall think a movie is their biggest issue.  fight club was the same thing. "a guy bveating the piss out of himself yet everyone glorifies it as satire. 
score = 30 
The direction of this film is uncertain.  Jokes were thrown in sporadically and were usually predictable.  Most of the humor was sophomoric...high school level stuff.  I wanted it to end...

score = 80 
I read some vehement dislikes of this new Farrlley brother comedy. The key word is COMEDY. I mean just what did you think you would get here, did not you see: Dumb & Dumber, Kingpin, Something About Marry? These guys concentrate on making people laugh by means that have been making people laugh since time began. Let's just leave out the comments about people who like this flick are brain dead. Please spare me the high brow attitude. I do like Carrey’s performance, in so far as he sticks to the basics and uses his talent as a truly gifted physical comic. Carrey can pull off certain devices of humor that few have ever come close to. The movie goes a little far sometimes, perhaps off the page completely concerning Charlie’s family life, but I don’t see the Farrlley’s as trying to make political points, just laugh points.  The film is worth seeing, not only for Jim Carrey fans, but for fans of jocose cinema. Score: 80 which would rate a Worth Seeing>

score = None 
disappointed in movie there was no need for the filthy dirty language and suggestive sexual content. very disappointed in jim carrey.  will probadly never see another of his movies without checking out reviews first.

score = 100 
What a work of art? Laughed from beginning to end.  Haven't laughed that hard in a movie theater since "There's something about Mary."  You gotta see it.  For all you bland, humorless people out there who gave negative reviews about it, you guys really need to loosen up or just lock yourself in your house because it's people like you who infect our planet with grumpy, sour, unpleasant people. To all the rest that loved the movie, ROCK ON!!!!!

Alicia Sloan 
score = 10 
It was so terrible, my friend and I walked out!  And we loved the clever comedy "There's Something About Mary."  It's like the Farrelly Brothers went stupid or something (how disappointing from whom I thought were quality independent filmmakers!) I would rate this as one of the worst movies of the year. I was disappointed in Jim Carrey's choice to do the film. The script sucked...bad stereotypes and Cheap shots!I felt offended by the dipiction of all the stereotypes. Bad taste.  What happened to the Farrelly Brothers, are they desperate for money or something? Have they sold out to Hollywood crap? Also, they didn't do their research on schizophrenia...schizophrenia is not the same thing as a split personality. Jim Carrey's character would probably be diagnosed with a disassociative disorder.  Nothing like encouraging myths in mental illness.  Come on, Hollywood, get your act together!At least they could have gotten the diagnosis correct.  Comedy at it's worst. It's a shame. I love Jim Carrey and we know he's capabe of quality comedy.

score = None 
Never have I wanted to walk out of a movie and go down the line of those waiting to tell them "Don't waste your money."  Even being a Jim Carrey fan, there was too much content that had nothing to do with anything.  As an acress, Renee Zellweger deserves more.  She was the only decent thing about the whole movie.

score = 100 
Anyone that did not enjoy this movie, you are an uptight square.  Let yourself go for this movie.  It is a very, very funny movie, even if they are cheap laughs.  It is just creative and take it for what its worth, a good laugh!

score = 100 
The greatest actor and the greatest comedian in the world has just made another super great movie that will be enjoyed over and over and over again by Jim's fans---and he has zillions!!!!

score = 100 
Carrey is back, and he's bigger and badder than he's ever been!  Way way way over the top!  If you  are a Jim Carrey fan, you've got to add this new one to your list.  Bruising (OUCH!) physical comedy, a disgustingly great use of a chicken (the original "dirty bird"), and a marvelous supporting cast including the vertically challenged limo driver Shante and Jim's three adorable sons (I laughed so hard over those guys that tears rolled down my face).  Whitey (Milky) is also a trip, not to mention the cow and the blown-off thumb. Carrey is the greatest proponent of physical comedy living today---NO ONE can do what he does physically.  And he is a versatile and talented actor. Some people will belly-ache about this flick,  but die-hard Carrey fans are raving about "Irene." Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austin Burbank 
score = 10 
I hated the movie and thought that it was trash with a capital T.  I would like to write the production company and ask for my money back.  If you have the address, please send it to me.  the movie was not funny and it was very rude.  It was very sad that Rhode Island State Police let themselves be protrayed in this movie and it is also sad that it also took place in Vermont (my home state).

score = 20 
My opinion is split on this one.  I laughed so hard that I cried when the character turned into Hank and got back all of the smartallecks who'd crossed his path that day.  I was offended by the racial humor and stereotypical behavior that was chosen for the African American characters.  And what was that shooting the cow about?  I have enjoyed Jim Carrey's other movies, this one was an incomplete idea...or something.

score = None 
score(really)= -90 I'll save the minus 100 score for something even worse - given the trend in 'entertainment' I know we'll get there soon. How did I hate this?  Let me count the ways:
1. It makes even Jerry Lewis seem intelligent. 
2. It was predictable and just plain stupid. 
3. I've heard better humor in the school locker room. 
4. It reminds me I live in a world full of brain-dead, useless air-wasters who will enjoy it.

score = 90 
I loved it, Non-stop laughs...It is Definitely worth seeing...If you love comedy movies you'll love this one!

score = 90 
This is an overthetop laughfest.  I haven't laughed this hard (me and everyone else in the theater)in a movie since the early Mel Brooks & Woody Allen movies.  Some people are going to react negatively to it like the few reviews at the top of this section...and they should discuss it with their therapists. This movie is going to make a lot of people laugh hysterically and make stuiod accountants hysterically happy.

score = 80 
This is a typical Jim Carrey movie that must be appreciated for his wacky acting style.  The movie is absolutely hilarious.  The trailers showed it to be humorous but there are so many more scenes that will get you rolling. Lots of F this and F that so you might want to leave the kids at home for this one.

score = 90
I just saw this movie last night, sneak preview, and it was hilarious. You can't tell by the trailer how funny this movie is! The whole audience was laughing throughout it. It is definately a MUST SEE. I can't wait to see it again. But the movie IS full of raw humor, swearing etc., so it is for adults only. Go see it!

score = None 
How bad can a movie get?  Try this one and find out.  Stupid.  Dumb. Idiotic.  This describes me for paying full price for this celebration of bathroom and locker room humor - and even that doesn't quite do this justice. Justice would demand that the writers be banned from producing anything ever again.  I just can't believe how awful this was.  Take the worst of Jim Carrey, multiply it by a couple of thousand, and you're beginning to get the idea.  Now, if you're a Carrey fan, I suppose you must go, and I suppose you must give your obligatory rave salute to his comic genius...  yeah right. This is but one more indication as to the depths we've sunk.  I could go on, but the two hours was waste enough of my time to spend on it.  I'm simply warning you here - doing my civic duty as much as if there were a toxic landfill in your backyard you didn't know about.  Now you know. By the way, the 'score' of 'none' isn't low enough.  You should allow negative points that the writers, producers, directors, and so-called actors should have to work to remove by doing that much better on their next effort.

Paul Bleier 
score = 10 
Saw this last night at a screening - ironically, it was the first time in quite a while my wife and I paid full price for a movie.  What an awful movie.  If you're one of those who have no brain and laugh at sophmoric humor, then you're probably one of the idiots laughing at the stupidity we witnessed. I can't say enough bad things about this film...  I'm embarassed we paid full price and didn't walk out.  I wouldn't even recommend this as a rental.  It wasn't just dumb it was offensively dumb.  And no, it's not that we just didn't 'understand' the humor of Jim Carrey, it's that he wasn't really humorous throught most of this trash.  Where he was funny, I was too stunned by the other crap to laugh very much(and those places were few and far between).  For those of you who are here going to write rave reviews of this film and say I don't have a clue: Would you please move out of my neighborhood?  You're the type of person that typifies what's gone wrong with our society.  Heck, if you like this film please leave the planet, and take the writers of this garbage with you.

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