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Mision Impossible 2: May 24, 2000

Tom Cruise and John Woo, two of the most compelling figures in the world of film, have teamed up for M:I-2, a romantic action thriller that plunges special agent Ethan Hunt into an international crisis of terrifying magnitude. With computer genius Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) at his side and a beautiful thief (Thandie Newton) on his mind, Hunt races across Australia and Spain on what seems like an impossible mission -- to stop a villain before he can fulfill his own destructive mission. 2000  Paramount Pictures


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Points 60 75 74 62.5 67.88



67.88 - Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"



John Woo 


Robert Towne




 $125 Million


Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Dougray Scott as Sean Ambrose 
Thandie Newton as Nyah Nordoff-Hall 
Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Willian R. Mapother as Wallis
Anthony Hopkins as Swanbeck

Running Time

2hour - 7 mins


Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action and some sensuality.


Paramount Pictures




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 The People's Review of Mission Impossible

score = 90
This is a supurb action adventure movie by John Woo. It has brilliant locations, stunts, style and characters. Being a John Woo fan it has everything a John Woo film has plus more, although it could have been a bit less prdictable.

Chris Morgan
score = 90
I thought it was brilliant although critics thought it was just a blatant abuse of special effects it was worth every nickle.
I enjoyed it for its over the top action scenes and the plain truth of the matter is that  is exactly what people pay to see no matter what they might say ...well done!


score = None
It was totally different as the first one and Tom Cruise was hardly the same Ethan Hunt but I find that, just like the first one, the more times I see it, the more I like it.

score = 100 
I enjoy watching M:I2 The M:I2 real strengths are the actors especially Dougray Scott and Richard Roxburgh. They played the bad guys role very well.When Newton was approaching Sean Ambrose at the Australia lair,the setting was spectacle. Great actors like Dougray and Richard have an ability to reveal themselves to the audience;you can see who they are under the surface. M:I2 still had its charm and I was taken by it.

score = 80 
Mission Impossible 2 is the best excuse to have a Mission Impossible 3 which would include a real role for Thandie Newton as a part of the IMF team. You really need to suspend logic when watching the movie but, hey, it is titled Mission Impossible.  The action sequences were good.  The romance didn't make sense at all since the characters knew each other less than 48 hours before Nyah was sent back to her old boyfriend.  Tom Cruise was o.k.; Dougray Scott was great as the bad guy; Thandie Newton did the best she could with the role.  It's a decent summer movie.

score = 70 
If you've never seen a John Woo movie before then I highly recommend you rent "Face/Off" - that's probably Woo's finest flick to date.This one isn't bad, it's just that it's lacking in action. The storyline is laughable & the dialogue instantly forgettable but who cares really - we're here for the stunts.Unfortunately though,it disappoints in this sense. The amazingly stunning yet hilariously over the top ending is the only reason worth paying the price of the movie ticket.The rest of the movie deals less than adequately with intrigue,espionage and a sad excuse for a romance.Even the sports-car "tango" between Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton is a bit disappointing. Check it out just for the brilliantly choreographed ending.

score = 70 
In my opinion, MI2 was a discrace compared to the first. The whole movie was action, stunts and shooting. The first at least offered a plot, made you think about what was happening and had a twist. The second was pure shooting and action, nothing stimulating. It is worth seeing just to see some of the stunts and if you enjoy shoot 'em ups. Not worth seeing for a plot or anything along those lines.

score = 90 
MI2 was just as good as the first one.  I am not an avid Tom Cruise fan, but both these movies are great entertainment, perhaps because of the stunts as opposed to a whole movie of computerised sequences. It is nice to see the human factor, I would recommend this film to anyone. Sonia, Watford, England

score = 30 
One thing is mission impossible and anthother one is what i've seen. When I was seeing the las 20 minuntes of the film, I was thinking that somebody was treating of laughing at me, the motos scene is absolutly ridiculous and what can I say about the end scene when Tom catch the gun. Simply ridiculous.

Christopher Lee 
score = 30 
Only the first 15 minutes of this movie is worth seeing, and that's on video, after that the movie turns into complete trash.   For one thing, the contrived love triangle is a complete rip-off of Hitchcock's "Notorious" plot. Down to the Horserace scene! I can't believe none of the so-called experts did not see how such a crappy movie ripped off a classic. However, even without that classless act, the movie still would suck. The action is ridiculous.  I've seen more believable action sequences in "A-Team" episodes. It's as if John Woo and Tom Cruise thought that because the movie is titled Mission Impossible, they could do anything.  Hello, welcome to reality, we are not part of the Matrix! I'm not going to waste any more of my breath on this killer tomato.

score = 90
I think the soundtrack to MI2 is excellent and definitly worth going to the cinema just to listen to the music as well as watching the film.

score = 80 
I think those people who gave this movie below 50 must be out of their minds!!! Although its being action-packed might disappoint those who expect a complicated plot, this movie is much better than the first one and all the James Bond movies (those 20 points are taken off for being too similar to a James Bond movie). At least the relationship between Ethan Hunt and the theif played by Thandie is not all physical, like those in the James Bond movies. I really enjoyed the use of the slow movements and the face-lifts in this movie.

score = 100 
this wa a great film i love it i saw it 2 times! un the same night! Thandie and tom are a great team i definatly sense another film coming in those two. i mean they've worked together before (Interview with the vamp. she played the slave girl) It's like a Richard gere and Julia Roberts kind of thing.  I loved it! GO SEE IT NOW!

score = 100 
The Movie Was Great. I Loved It. It Had Good Special Effects, It will Deffinetly be my favorite summer movie. I Loved the first one, but I like this one even better. Tom Cruise was great. Him and Thandie Newton made a good couple in the movie. I Was reading over the reviews, and I couldn't help noticing pauls. Did You Even Pay Attention To The Movie? There was all kinds of great action in the movie. And I will have to go with REV-Sean, you obviously havn't been in love. I Could Go On and On About You. But Thats Beside that point. The movie was great, It's a diffenint MUST SEE! Go Out and See It!

score = 80 
Joh Woo did not disappoint me at all with this movie.  I have seen it 4 times and it will definitely be included in my collection of my favorite movies.  I enjoyed the special effects and loved the slow motion scenes that were in place at just the right moment.  Was not the greatest story line  which was easy to figure out but I enjoyed the movie simply for the fun of it and it is always good just to look at Tom Cruise and see him act. The romantic interest was superb.  Tom Cruise and Thandie Newton  made a beautiful couple and it did not have anything to do with him being white and her being black.....somehow you really did'nt notice that.  They just looked good together which made the love interest seem more real.  I actually thought Tom Cruise blushed a couple of times while in the bathtub.  I would love to see them together in another movie with another romantic theme.  How about making the "Color of Love" by Sandra Kitt.....

score = 90 
I thought the film was pretty well made. The action was great, the acting was great and it had some good music to go with it. The storyline was GOOD -- people, it's a movie (i.e. entertainment), not biology class. I usually don't like seeing movies twice but I'd watch it again.

score = 90 
Unfortunately for most people who liked the series, no mission team this time! The stunts are incredible with special effects to boot! Tom Cruise gives his most action packed role with a punch like no other! Ving Rhames is the back up and always makes a good supporting actor. If you hate big time action and great stunts, don't see this movie!

score = 50 
I saw this movie an hour ago, and already it fades from memory. The plot was simple and its 'twists' were predictable. I don't think there ever was a time I felt Etham would have trouble getting out of a situation. If I ever take up organised crime, my goons will be better at shooting! I will not question the realism of the film as it was not expected. If the cars didn't blow up every time they hit a pot hole or something, I guess the movie would have been quiet. Sydney was too sanitised- as if it were a tourism promo. There is more to Sydney than a bridge, opera house and Centrepoint tower. More action happens down at The Block in Redfern, but I suppose a piece of the Bronx in Sydney would be bad for the city's image what with the Olympics. Most marks for the movie came from Thandie Newton. What a stunner!

sedhu madhavan 
score = 80 
one of the best jhon woo movies ive ever certainly is a great action entertainer and but it is less hi fi than the  MI1 and moreover the direction is vot makes the film take an elite place among todays movies

Ethan Hunt 
score = 80 
Great movie! It's pack with high flying action and much much more... The only bad thing was at time it got confusing with all the "face lifts," some which were impossible to happen. Other than that it was great. Not as good as the first, but still a must see.

score = 60 
I was very keen to see this film, even though I had not seen the original. To me it was ok. Although I did expect more action sequences. But the thing that makes me give this film a lower score would be the fact that they had Britans playing aussies very badly. That wasn't half obvious. The other thing that really got up my nose was the fact they had to show the sydney opera house, Bridge and centre point tower that many times it was anoying. Apart from that the movie showed a lot more promise at the end. The only other thing that brought the film down was the aussie stereotypes turning up in it... I am Australian myself and very rarely do I use the term G'day, nor do I call everyone a "Mate". Apart from those facts it was an intersting film. that mainly gives the audience the end they want.. predictable at times but typicle vewing.

score = 50 
M:I-2's marketing campaign was one of those you just couldn't ignore. I salute the marketing team on this movie....but thats all. The film itself was a dud. John Woo was obviously overruled by an actor/producer on a big-time power trip. How Woo got himself involved in this movie after reading the script is beyond me. This is not a John Woo film....this is a Tom Cruise film, which proves yet again, actors like Cruise are no good when it comes to behind the camera work. Leave the filmmaking to the filmmakers. Despite some awesome shots of Sydney, this is a film that also despite its huge box office takings...doesn't deserve such revenue. On par with Godzilla.

score = None 
So, when i see this movie something cross my mind, is this "the famous great movie" of mission Impossible or just one man show with a mission: to Smack Down James Bond????. it's really sucks, you now, when i see a US political wave brought in to a movie. well the special FX here(MI)is enough to make the kids say "waw". sory if my words are bad, but it'sall i can say about this movie.

score = 70 
Tell me Tom Cruise didn't have some constipated look on his face during every action sequence!!  Good action movie but nothing like the first MI. No code names, way to many face lifts, and Ving Rhames is plain annoying.

score = 100 
This is ABSOLUTELY a must-see movie.  You don't know what you're missing if you don't!  The action sequences and stunts are just soooooo good. John Woo is really one creative guy!  2 thumbs up for him.  Yup, it was indeed a better movie compared to the first one... more alive and action-packed!  One word of advice... DO GO AND WATCH IT!

score = 90 
Good movie. The plot is kinda boring at the beginning, but gets dramatic at the end. The best part of this movie is the action scenes. John Woo still knows how to make a good stunt work. For a guy who likes action, go see this movie. If you want drama, maybe see somethin' else. (Of course, I'm the guy who can correctly identify the cars at the beginning of the movie)

Adam U 
score = 80 
The Mission Impossible is a cool summer flick. It keeps you at the edge of the seat.  However, this movie lack of its orginality from the first movie. Over all, you have to go to see that movie.

Robert Keith 
score = 100 
This was definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen!  It was WAY better than the 1st which I also enjoyed.  I loved the action and the romance was nice.  The only flaw was Anthony Hopkins role was too short!  A MUST SEE!

score = 100 
I thought this was the best romance action movie ever!! If you give this movie less than 100 you are out of your mind!! This movie is a must see!! It's two thumbs way up!! The reason i liked it was because it wasn't kill kill kill, it had a romantic twist in it... and that's something different that i've never seen! I also liked how Tom Cruise performed his OWN stunts!!! So everyone should see this movie!!

Gary K 
score = 60 
This movie lacks a good intriguing storline like the first one.  I'm tired of John Woo's slow motion sequences, they are done way to often.  I prefer Brian Depalma's cleaner look to the film and directing style.  Although, the action was great (only in the 2nd half, 1st hour boring.)the acting suffers due to the focus on action.  Plus, one scene in the movie is a total rip off from a scene in The Last of the Mohicans.  "Stay alive, I will find you". Cruise jumps from building, Daniel Day Lewis Jumps from Waterfall,  girl goes with bad guys, gets rescued by good guy.  1st Mission was way better.

score = 100 

score = 100 
I absolutly loved this movie. I went to see it two nights ago, and after the first MI I was rocked outta my seat. In the first one it was too hard to understand for mostly everyone, and there wan't enough action. In MI:2 the action was outstanding and had a pretty good plot. All the nifty gadgets were pretty cool, and all I could say after it is "I've gotta see it again"

score = 70 
why a 70?? ..the action was awsome.. I love those slow motion movements... like the matrix.. there was something missing in this movie... something that doesn't make you feel like "oh my god it was awsome"!..I think the plot was too easy... and too to the first one. but I think the movie was good.. entertaining....go see it. I love action so I like this movie.. alot of action..remember you are going to watch a movie directed by JOHN WOO.. meaning.. there is going to be alot of cars blowing up and cool stunds and camera trick...

score = None 
0..0 it gets.  This movie is a disgrace.  It gets a ZERO.  Anyone with a higher than room temperature IQ could think of a better plot in a matter of minutes.  Tom Cruise slides off the edge in this one.   it would be nice if John Woo stopped bombarding people with mind numbing action sequences and developed a story that isnt completely predictable in every single way.  I would rather see the blair witch project with sock puppets than this again.

score = 70 
Ok so the movie wasnt as good as it could of been, but it wasnt bad enough to get a 10---paul. Your review didnt make any sense at all. Did you even go see the movie? a. it had way more action than the first (which was good) b. "how could tom fall in love with a woman he knows nothing about?" are you new to love? Never heard of love at first site I see. Well yes it does exsist. Get your facts straight before you make a review.

score = 80 
Great movie!! I'm usually very picky about action movies that set out to be blockbusters, but I couldn't resist Tom Cruise or another Mission Impossible.  Although it was indeed very different from the original movie, it was awesome in its own right.  I loved the chemistry between Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise and I loved the action sequences - John Woo can make action sequences more than just explosions and fighting (although those are cool in M:I-2); he makes them more dramatic.  Dougray Scott was great as the villain.  All-around good summer movie - suspend disbelief, kick back and have some eye-candy!

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