Peoples Reviews For Mission Impossible 2

cameron white 
score = 90 
The movie was ALOT different than the 1st movie! I personaly liked it becouse of all the action! It was a mix between a love story and a action flick. It is a good movie if your in the mood for a good time! I liked it.

score = 80 
I actually enjoyed the movie despite its boring and predictable plot. The action scenes were awesome and Tom Cruise was so magnetic, I could forgive every cheesy line he uttered.

score = 10 
I have seen a lot of movies in my day.  I have seen a lot of bad movies in my day (Viva Knieval, Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park), but MI:2 is one of the worst movies i have ever seen.  Dull slow motion seens with flamenco/new age guitar are the norm.  Why does Tom fall in love with a woman he knows nothing about?  Why are people so damn concerned about a virus that clearly is not airborn (even though they treat it like it is)?  I thought the government had competent people on the payrole, but cruise gets a couple of dunderheads to help him  The plot sucked, the action (what little there was of it) was contrived, derivative and hoakey. If you fail to heed my review you will pay the worst punishment-you will have to sit through 2 hours of dreck.

score = 80 
Loves this movie.  Tom Cruise has redefined the action genre by adding romance to the formula which should attract more women.  Thandie Newton was outstanding and she and Tom were very believable as a couple in love.  In fact, this is the first female that has shown real sexual chemistry with Tom. His wife Nicole couldn't even do that in their movie Eyes Wide Shut. The action sequences were outstanding like an action dance full of tension and beautifully done.  I was never Tom Cruise fan but I am now after this movie. Kudos to courageous Tom, in more ways than one!!!!!

Daniel Stringer 
score = 40 
As a big fan of the first Mission Impossible i was excited to see this movie especially after knowing the Jon Woo would direct and tom Cruise adn Ving Rhames would reprise thier roles and i am very very dissappointed. In order to have a successful franchise you must establish a connection between the previous movies and the upcoming movie. Scream did this through its tie back to the first murder, the murder of Sydneys mom. The godfather did this. Bat man did this in its first two and when they switched directors the whole atmosphere of the movie changed. That is what happened with MI2. It is a super action movie filled with excellent camera shots and good fight scenes, but it s not worthy of the Mission Impossible Name. I walked out of the movie very disappointed becasue i expected to see Ethan Hunt do some witty comments and cool suspensful action shots and instead i saw Keanu Reeves fighting everyone using kung fu. The sequal was not true to the charaters or atmosphere of the first mission impossible. Ethan Hunt is supposed to be an american farm boy and instead it seems as if he is not working for america but is more of a guerilla expert. There were no suspensful moments in this movie, too many explosions and un needed relationship. In a bond style moment Hunt makes love wiht a mysterious woman maybe 20 minutes into the film. This coming off the tails of the first mission impossible which established in a playful kind of secrative way that Ethan was in love with Claire and the first and only contact they have is more than halfway through the movie. Its a kiss. Brian DePalma did an excellent job on the first one wiht the mix of playfullness, action, danger, cool gadgets. Now we have a super action movie with no character development and an odd mix of violence and no dalogue. Ving Rhames is in the movie but you wouldnt know it becasue he seems more like a prop. A medicore action movie but a big big dissappointment as a Mission Impossible movie.

score = 80 
saw the movie last night as i am a huge fan of dougray scott.  it was shear popcorn and candy kinda summer fluff stuff-- just right for the opening of the summer movie season.  fun fun-- good casting--huzzah for newcomer thandie newton & thanks for letting scott be scot.

John Wheeler 
score = 50 
I actually enjoyed the first MI movie better.  I guess I like complicated plots. The original series stressed team work.  Why is the MI franchise being changed into a star vehicle for Mr. Cruise?  Right away in the first movie he killed off the team and undermined the whole concept of the old MI series.  How better to bring himself to center stage?  Now in the second MI movie he can't even bear to compete with the original theme music.  It is hardly even heard and even then not in it's original setting (or even mostly in it's original time signature: 5/4). Why would you cut one of the most compelling TV/Movie themes of all time and replace them with dumb rock guitar and extremely average "original" songs? Anyway I'm losing hope that any future movies will be in the original MI spirit. They will just be standard "action" films that make Tom Cruise alot of money. 

Go see Gladiator instead.

Carl & Emilie Flink 
score = 10 
Mission Impossible 2: Is a truly dull film.  A surprising situation considering that this film is chock full of action.  That's the problem though, Director John Woo does not know when to say no to yet another high action acrobatic chase or fight scene, and as a result one wild action scene blends into the next.  By the last 30 minutes he has no where left to go in order to raise the level of action, and the movie in our opinion completely loses its momentum. We also found that Woo's attempts to "be artistic" were corny and stale with far too many meaningful slow motion scenes and long stares between the stars. The script was sophomoric.  Quite honestly, this is the kind of summer blockbuster that leaves us feeling guilty that we ever support any movies made by Hollywood.  This is the worst kind of empty, eye candy filmmaking, made worse by Woo's pretentions at making the film artistic.

score = 50 
This is a Tom Cruise vanity project through and through.  Don't get me wrong I am a huge Tom Cruise fan (though I didn't like Eye Wide Wierd either) but this movie is full throttle action on top of a silly story that would make James Bond laugh.  I thought Cruise looked obserd in this movie he just doesn't seem to have charisma, charm yes charisma no and this film needs some charisma. Tom Cruise takes his superstardom way too seriously, I wish he would go back to doing films more like Jerry McGuire.

score = 80 
This movie is a pretty good mix of James Bond and The Matrix... If you're fan, it'll be an unforgettable movie, for the others it'll be a cool entertainment.

score = None 
I saw this movie last night and I thought it was alright, the first half had an alright storyline but there was no ation. The movie really got amazing in the last 30-45 minutes of it. lots of explosions and guns. I found the most amazing part was the fight at the end between Ethan and Ambrose, lots of stuff that would never really happen but it was cool anyway.

score = 80 
I saw Mission Impossible 2 lastnight.  Although it was a slight dissapountment for master action film director John Woo.  It still had enough impact in the last half of the film to save it from being a bad movie. Though I hate to say this about any John Woo movie, but the first hour of this movie sucked.  But the balletic violence in the other hour is almost so intense it's on a poetic level

Jim Taylor 
score = 30 
Just saw MI2 tonight. First half was a sleeper, and the second half was a poor variation on James Bond instead of the original MI. The special effects were poor to average with one good motorcycle chase. There was the usual "the bad guy is dead-opps! no he isn't" Wait until Dark rip-off and Tom didn't even crawl through an AC duct. Still, guys were getting a "face lift" everytime you turned around. How dull was the movie? My brother and I went to see Gladiator shortly after seeing MI2. When Gladiator was over, neither one of us could remember the first moive we saw just a few hours ago.


score = 10

This is film is one of the worst film of the decade , this is not a mission: impossible sequel , its a new film. The first part was very good , but this is like Face Off . its a shooting film , well , a john woo film



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