Bad Boys For Life Blu-ray Review

SYNOPSIS: The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life.


Detective Mike Lowrey: I've never trusted anybody but you. I'm asking you, man. Bad Boys, one last time?
Detective Marcus Burnett: One last time.

Well yeah, the Bad Boys are back again, one last time perhaps, and they still got it. They can still pull it off. Just when you thought things were winding down in their lives and it was safe to get back in the water, BAM!, the past comes back to haunt and hunt. So the dynamic duo will have to pull out all the stops to fight crime again as only they know how. Speaking of water, ohhh Miami never looked so good. It is my hometown, dontcha know, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it on the big screen. Even Priscilla was impressed commenting that the cinematography alone of the sights and sounds of Miami made this movie a pleasure to watch. In the words of the 1997 World Series Most Valuable Player, Livan Hernandez of the then Florida Marlins, “I love you Miami!” But now back to the movie. I will admit that I was not all enthused about this film after seeing the trailer. I did enjoy the first two Bad Boy movies and this one seemed a little forced or like ‘let’s squeeze one in before it’s too late’ kinda thing. So I went into it with a low expectation mindset and guess what, I was pleasantly surprised in many ways. The film has several WOW moments and several LOL moments (like it always does). As you would also expect, it has amazing gun play and it is action packed. However, it is unexpectedly emotional and has fairly good twists. Believe it or not, my eyes got a little more moist than usual at certain moments. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m getting more emotional as I advance in years of life, who knows? Nonetheless, those moments were touching. It is also more modern in its police work methodologies which was pretty cool too.

Just as you might think, ‘how are they going to top that?’, they do; well almost. This movie is a lot better than I initially thought, but I think Bad Boys II was better overall. They do come up with an interesting storyline for this one though, I must say. A little far fetched but interesting. Martin and Will are at it again and doing just fine along with the Captain hilariously played by Joe Pantoliano. This time around we get a bunch of new faces that really add to the film such as Kate del Castillo, Paola Nuñez, and Jacob Scipio. Priscilla was also very excited to finally figure out who a certain character was being played by (Alexander Ludwig) and where she recognized him from (History Channel’s Vikings) but I won’t tell. Overall the cast was well formed. We very surprisingly even get a certain cameo from a certain Mr. Bay . . . yeap. No he didn’t direct this one, but you could hardly tell cause directors Adil and Bilall do a fine job of keeping the Bad Boys mystique intact. I really believe that this latest episode of Bad Boys will not disappoint.

 Review By  Cine Marcos  

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