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The Matrix

Yes, I know this movie is fairly new, so how can it be held to the standard of excellence that Movie of The Month strives for. If you've seen this movie you would know better. Forget, Star Wars, Tarzan, and Austin Powers. The Matrix is the best movie released thus far this year. If you haven't seen this, surely to become a science-fiction classic, go out and see it now! You won't be sorry.

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Ebert UsaToday Mrshowbiz EW Average
Points 75 62.5 78 75 72.63

72.63 - Worth Seeing 



0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing

40 - 65 points 

Go See At Matinee

65- 85 points

Worth Seeing

85-100 points

Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


The People's Review of The Matrix




score = 80
Keenu reeves, fishburne and moss are extremely visually perfect for their parts. Moss and fishburne are like something out of a powerful dream. The slow motion fight scenes are epic to the extreme. It is really something, the special effects. But the story has little if any tension in it at all. And reeves is not acting even remotely as well as his excellent perfomance in say point break. Moss and fishburne and chong are fantastic, better than you'd know unless you saw the film. But the others are like a graduate student movie. You take away the tense mythic level special effects and this movie is nothing. Blade runner was a lot more than that without the special effects. You see how good harrison ford is as a scifi anti hero when you do the comparision.

Roshan Abbas

score - 70

In a genre which is plagued by stories unimaginable. The matrix scores a straight A. Some brilliant special effects makes this a must watch. A story that seems highly probable and makes you look twice at every blonde in a red dress, man in  a black suit(there not from the FBI as we all thought). Even the character names are well selected. Morpheus, Trintiy and Neo. These are bound to be rages in colleges and geek workshops. Superb performances and some great use of martial arts. This is an all time classic and except for some yucky visuals of human embryo's being used as energy sources. Good for all ages. 



Repeat: It's the best film of the millennium!!!! It's a film with more actions, more combat, more philosophy, more special effects then all the other films I have ever seen!! If somebody know a better film then this please tell me what's, but I think no other films are better then this! e-mail: name: 



score -100 

the best film I have ever seen!!!!!



score -100
This is the best movie ever made  



score = 90
Definately one of the year's best films!  Great special effects, and an original plot.  Much better that Star Wars.



score = 100
After Star Wars the Matrix is on the second place for me . This film's are the best what i ever seen.



score = 100
Best film ever!!



score = 100
This movie and Braveheart are the best that i have ever seen in my hole life..!



score = 100
The best movie in the world , this movie must be premied



score = 90
Music ,special effects are perfect but film has a blunder. It's ,why they used a tracer ,all the fugutives in the matrix anyway. 



Best film of the year !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



score = 100 
cool the best film what I have ever seen



score = 100
The Matrix is the best film, I have ever seen!



score = 100
The most powerful film on the earth.. :))



score = 100
Es la pelicula mas invcreible que he visto. Espero que la saga sea mejor porque a comenzado una nueva serie de culto



score = 90
It's definitely much better than Star Wars I 



score = 100
The Best Movie of the Year.



score = 100
This is the best moie ive ever saw! if it becoms a trilogy like theyr planning,then ill bet that the matrix is going to bee bigger and more entertaining than star wars! instead of "the force" people is going to say "ill show you how deep the rabbithole goes"



score = 90
The MATRIX best movie of the 1999 year. realy special effects and best music. I see 4 time...



intersecting line of powers are organised in the form of network, called matrix. the resistance of human beings against this networked power is however  in the form of a vangard.the only way to deal with the power such as is the network of resistance.



score = 90
Apart from ending so abruply,  it's the  most magnificent film that i've ever seen....



score = 100
Its the system which is going to destroy humanity the only way to fight it is by human feeling ,which the strongest power in universe. " naphakheznaser "  is the surviving ship from the system ,also the leader of assyarians whom he captured the enemy from jursalim to babel from 3000 years ago



score = 100 
One of the slickest and most well thought out movies ever.  It's not often that you come out of the cinema feeling that blown away!!!



score = 100
If you do not watch this movie at some point in your pathetic existance, you cretins,ahm, sorry, then you are missing out.  It definately deserved at least 90 points.   What is wrong with you people!?



score = 100
The main idea of the film is great. It's fantastic !!! What can I say more ? It's definetly worth seeing. I wonder how does other people prefer 'The Mummy' instead of this fantastic film... THIS IS THE BEST FILM EVER MADE BY HUMAN RACE !!! ALex



score = 100
It's the best film I 've never seen!!! I like the music and the effects. I want the cassette.



score = 100
best film, with a great storie to think about what is real and what is unreal...maybe we live in the matrix?!?!



score = 90 co I usually don't enjoy movies like the Matrix..or so I thought.  The Matrix is nothing like you would expect.  It is probably the best movie I have ever seen which is very suprising because when my boyfriend brought it home from the video store all I did was whine because he got another "action flick". Needless to say, it is awesome!!


score = 100
Definantly my favorite movie of all time!!! This flick mixes a little bit of everything into its plot, and if you love a good action flick, this is definantly a must see. Keanu Reeves puts in a good performance as the main character neo, and all of his co stars did a great job adding to the suspense and humor of this futuristic flick. If you love some good techno music also, you definantly want to get the soundtrack to this movie. With everything from Marilyn Manson to Prodigy, the mixed beats of rock and techno will keep you moving


Kate R
score = 100 comments = I was shocked by this movie, the effects were spectacular, a whole new doorway for effects in Science Fiction films, likewise whe Blade Runner made a turn in the film industry,  defintly a top film, and should most defintly be noted down as a 'best film of the year'contender!!!



score = 100
This is one of the best films of the millennium. The special effects are amazing and keep you entertained until the credits begin rolling. For any science fiction fans this is a must see, and for those who like Keanu Reeves you are in for a real treat.



score = 90
I thought it was absolutely suberb. Not just a must see film but a must see twice film



score = 90 
The Matrix was a film I felt deserved all the respect it got.  The writing and directors were great.  The movie kept you watching the entire time. The computer graphics and effects were fantastic.  All the explosions were great for the men and the romantic part when Trinity confusses her for Neo for the ladies.  This is a movie for everyone to see.  The Kung-fu fighting was great.(Jackie Chan eat your heart out)  The actors in the film did an awesome job in their rolls and all the hard work they put in to this movie really showed on screen.  I really looking to seeing another Matrix.  If you haven't seen the Matrix then get off you ass and go go buy. I guarentee you will not be dissappointed.



these reviewers obviously have no idea as they are no0 doubt so wrapped up in dusty old black and white studio era films that they would not recognise true modern cinema quality if it walked up and punched them in the nose. The matrix is truly great. Fantastic action, cinematography and above all storyline. Dont listen to the crusty old reviers, this film ROCKS!


score = 90 
I think that the Matrix was probably the action movie of the decade. Extremely good special effects and action sequences. Although the matrix is a good movie, i think people are taking the idea too far. I mean, its only an action movie, nothing more.



score = 100 comments = A haven't see such a movie before! A big praise to the author of this movie.And I think the actors are just great!                                                                 by Maze


score = 50 
This is truly an innovative idea.  There is even a pseudo-warbly fourth dimension that is attempted with special effects and movie mumbo-jumbo. Unfortunately, this film falls short, much the way its central character, Neo does when attempting to leap from buildings in single bounds.  The problem is, this movie fooled us.  Every one of us.  Is it original?  As stated before, the building hopping is straight out of Superman, (Neo even stops bullets in a Superman like fashion.  He simply halts them with his hand, like Christopher Reeve did).  Also, the ideology of the state of being for followers of Morpheous, a flaccid attempt at neo-Buddhist kvetching (a superficial Star Wars philosophy, mixed with empty-ended diatribes, reminiscent of "it is good to be wise, but it is wise to be good" mentalities), and Terminator 2 style effects. In fact, there are actual scenes that are lifted right out of the film just mentioned.  Most notably, the one near the end of the movie, when a helicopter is being piloted by a "human," who is soon replaced graphically by an "agent." This happened during the terminator movie, as well, when the liquid metal robot broke into the cockpit of a helicopter and "poured" himself inside, like metallic molasses.  Then, he "sculpts" himself into the pilot, whilst still silver-colored.  This being roughly 10 years ago, the effect is strikingly more plausible and less choppy than the oddly jerky body manipulation expressed by the Matrix morphing.  Also, the "spinning" environment effects (when Neo is being shot at and when Trinity kicks the police officer in the face at the film's start) are knock offs of the semi-recent GAP ads, in which kids in khakis swing dance and stop in mid-air, spinning around.    So, where is the “originality?”  True, the storyline is brilliant.  But the way it is told is inept.  For instance, as stated by the New Yorker Review of this film, “never is it demonstrated why the actualization of living in the “real world” would b! e preferable to that living in “the Matrix.”  The ship that is inhabited by the guardians of the future is fa less enticing than the notion of living in “bondage,” as Morpheous drones.  By that mindset, those in the Matrix who are wealthy and never work a day in their lives, are “slaves, like everybody else.”  Well, if that’s the case, then let me be a slave.  Also, if the only mode of transportation is via phone lines, why can’t the good guys use their readily available cell phones to jump from dimension to dimension?  Whoops.  That said, why is it that the “Oracle” lives in the Matrix?  Wouldn’t she be better suited to life in the “real world?”  Uh-oh.  And if “there is no spoon,” there would be no “Matrix,” so the agents should have been helpless in the construct of untruth.  It would not be the agents that get beat up, it would be the guardians, for the spoon never bends, right?  In all, it is a grand misstep of a movie, which is a shame, because the true star is the ingenious editing job.  Marval at that alone, if you can admire nothing else. It’s a work of art.  Well, the special effects are dandy, even if you can see the seam between actors and background (which is the reason that both characters’ outfits as well as the environments  were colored musty black/grey/green tones—it was easier to blend them together).  Watch the new Star Wars again, and you will see true character/make believe elemental integration.  The difference here, is most notable in the scene in which Neo is training in the “public environment” program, where the background is frozen while he and Morpheous are still able to move about.  This scene would have worked splendidly, had Neo physically touched something or someone that had stopped in its place.  He did not, at the scene was obviously lacking in depth and clarity.  Too bad Academy members and the public were so taken by such a facile and sil! ly effort.  The accolades this film acquired are not a tribute to the film itself, which in hindsight deserved only editing superlatives, but a tribute to the makers of the film, who pulled a fast one on all of us.  “There is no spoon?”  Wrong.  There is no point.




Andy Wachowski 
Larry Wachowski 


Andy Wachowski 
Larry Wachowski 


Action / Thriller / Sci-Fi 


$63 Million


A computer hacker discovers the enslavement of the human race but he must first believe that he has the power to do anything about it. 


Keanu Reeves as Thomas A. Anderson/Neo 
Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity 
Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith 
Gloria Foster as Oracle 
Joe Pantoliano as Cypher/Mr. Reagan 
Marcus Chong as Tank


Running Time

2-hrs 24-mins


Rated R for sci-fi violence and brief language. 


Warner Bros.


Real Player


Official Site



Original Motion Picture Score


Collector's Edition 


Standard Edition