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Dates Movie Title

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OCTOBER 6, 2000

Digimon: The Movie

Get Carter

Meet the Parents

        OCTOBER 13, 2000

The Contender

Dr. T and the Women

The Ladies Man

Lost Souls

 OCTOBER 20, 2000


Pay it Forward

OCTOBER 27, 2000

Blair Witch Project 2

The Little Vampire

Lucky Numbers


      NOVEMBER 3, 2000 Charlie's Angels
The Legend of Bagger Vance
NOVEMBER 10, 2000

Little Nicky

Men of Honor

The Red Planet

NOVEMBER 17, 2000


How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Rugrats In Paris

The Sixth Day

NOVEMBER 22, 2000

102 Dalmatians



DECEMBER 8, 2000

Dungeons & Dragons

Proof of Life

The Vertical Limit

DECEMBER 15, 2000

Dude, Where's My Car?

Emperor's New Groove

What Women Want

DECEMBER 22, 2000

Cast Away

Family Man

Miss Congeniality

O' Brother, Where Art Thou

Dracula 2000

DECEMBER 25, 2000

All the Pretty Horse

Thirteen Days (Limited)

DECEMBER 31, 2000


A Space Odyssey ( Re- Release)

Shadow of the Vampire



*Ring of Fire


*Save the Last Dance

*Texas Rangers

*Daddy and Them

*Birthday Girl

* Soul Survivors

*Along Came a Spider

*Fifteen Minutes


January-March  | April - June | July -September |October-December 


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