Music Of The Heart

Music of The Heart: Friday October 29, 1999

Music of The Heart is the inspirational true story of a woman who, once she learned to believe in herself, was able to give countless children a beautiful gift; she proved to them that they could accomplish anything.Roberta Guaspari's (Meryl Streep) world crashed down around her when her husband walked out on her and her two young children. Like women before her, Roberta sacrificed her career because it was not compatible with her husband's career. He was in the Navy and they moved around so often that she was simply unable to maintain a job. Following their separation, she vowed to live by her own set of rules; she would not permit anyone to define who she was or what she was capable of accomplishing.
Roberta left the security of her small hometown and moved to one of America's toughest neighborhoods, East Harlem. She wanted to finally have the opportunity to teach the violin. She didn't have extensive experience to offer the school; she had her talent, her determination, and her violins. At first, the kids, the parents, and the principal (Angela Bassett) were skeptical. But, Roberta taught with such passion that it was infectious and soon her young violinists were manifesting incredible results- they were making beautiful, sophisticated music. The children proved to be dedicated, bright and disciplined young musicians. Each year, more children competed to win a slot in Roberta's classroom and, each year, Roberta re-discovered the brilliance and potential that lies within the souls of her young students. Despite her successes, after 10 years of teaching, the school board decided to cancel her funding. With the support of her friends and the community, she set out to do what no one else dared. Roberta fought back. 1999 Miramax Film Corp.


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Wes Craven


Pamela Gray








Meryl Streep as Roberta Guaspari 
Angela Bassett as Janet Williams 
Aidan Quinn as Brian Sinclair

Running Time

2hr 14min


PG  for language






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 The People's Review of Music of The Heart

score = 100
A wonderful movie.  Streep should get an Oscar for her performance! I'd give the movie 100 points!


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This is a great movie...I think that everyone should see is ver inspiring.  GLORIA ESTEFAN DID AN AWESOME JOB AND SHE'S THE BEST!!!!