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Mystery Alaska: Friday October 1, 1999

A publicity stunt turns into the ultimate lopsided competition when the world-famous New York Rangers face off against the team from Mystery, Alaska, a hockey-loving town of only 633 people. Team Mystery is a rag tag collection of eccentric locals, including the town's sheriff, its grocer, a deliveryman, and a high school senior who play for the love of the game, not fame or big money. Jay Roach, the director of "Austin Powers" 1 & 2 and David E. Kelley, the creator of "Ally McBeal" and "The Practice," introduce us to Mystery, Alaska, a small town that risks everything in the challenge of a lifetime. Hollywood Pictures

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  41.63 - Go See At Matinee


Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing

40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

Jay Roach


David E. Kelley
Sean O'Byrne






A  amateurs hockey team get to play against the New York Rangers


Russel Crowe as John Biebe
Hank Azaria as Charles Danner
Burt Reynolds  as Judge burns  


Running Time

1 hr. 58 mins.


R  for sexuality and language


Buena Vista




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 The People's Review of Mystery Alaska

score = 100 
I think this was a great movie. It portrayed how far team work and a will to succeed can take you. And that a small town such as the imaginary Mystery still has a lot to give.

score = 90 
I really enjoyed this movie. It had a combination of everything...comedy, romance, drama, action. I thought that it was very well done. I'd see it again and again. And the ending was different from your A-typical sports movies. It's a must-see!

score = 90 
This was a great movie to watch.It is not too boring and the lines said on it or really good and some parts of the movie i really enjoyed.Hope you guys make another great film like this soon!!!!!!!

Joani Dameron
score = 90
A real feel good movie.  Combines comedy, romance, small town spirit, and reminds us that even when we lose, sometimes we win. Best movie showing this weekend.

Louis Mathis
score = 80
This movie will become the next "Slap Shot".  A hockey clasic.

score = 80
This was a nice little movie to kill a couple hours with and I and the rest of the audience thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had great acting and action. It won't be a blockbuster, but it's not trying to be one either.  It was just good.

score = 90
Loveable characters, and an underdog look at a world dominated by the notion that "pro" sports are the only real athletes. Refreshing, and leaves you with a warm feeling in your heart, especially if you grew up in a small "nobody" town.

score = 90
I took my gorlfriend to see this movie last night.  She is normally very picky about her movies and she thought it was a really good movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed it too.   It has a great story and even some sub stories, some really good acting (Even Burt Reynolds if you can beleive it).  I am a really big hockey fan too so this made the movie even more enjoyable.  I recoomend you see it and see it on the big screen.   If you don't like it, I refund your money for you.

Wesley Pinkham
score = 70
Excellent ending...I hope to see Mystery sometime down the road in the NHL!

score = 70
I give 60%  because i like it not murder or bad is very sweet film and a nice story line

score = 90 
Well done film that features comedy, some drama, and a excellent charecters that seem believeable.

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