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The Omega Code: Friday October 15, 1999

A prophetic code hidden within the Torah. A sinister plot sealed until the end of the Age. Two men caught up in an ancient supernatural struggle to determine the fate of the next millennium...
For thousands of years, mystics and scholars alike have searched for a key to unlock the mysteries of our future. The key has been found. The end is here.
Never before has our distant past so collided with our coming future. Never before has modern technology uncovered such profound mathematical complexities as revealed within the Bible Code. Never before has the world seen so many ancient prophesies falling into place. 1999 Code Productions Inc

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Robert Marcarelli


Hollis Barton
Stephan Blinn




Casper Van Dien as Dr. Gillen Lane
Michael York as Stone Alexander
Catherine Oxenberg as Cassandra Barris


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 The People's Review of The Omega Code


score = 30
I am a Christian, and I was expecting a great movie based on the last days that kept me on the edge of my seat, but the only thing keeping me on the edge of my seat, was waiting on something exciting to happen. Some events from this movie were taken from revelation, but some of the most important things were taken out, like the mark of the beast, things like that. I kept waiting and waiting for the movie to get good, and then the end came and i was left with my jaw hanging open. The movie left out so much, and it wasn't really thrilling at all! It is really based on Stone and Lane, not the world itself. I am sorry, but this is ONE borrring movie.

LaDell Beamon
score = 90
The Omega Code was a great break-through for the Christian world.  It allowed us to feel a since of hope in the industry that Satan has used to feel the hearts and minds of people with so much deception.  It is a fresh start for the dawning of a new era in Hollywood.

score = None
comments = DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!  Can someone please let me give a minus score for this time thief they call a movie??  My advice: wait for Left Behind.  Or better yet, buy it from John Hagee's ministries before it hits theaters.  I just saw it at my church tonight and all I can say it: Wow!  The Omega Code doesn't even compare to this moive...the acting, special effects, and storyline were all much more plausible.  The main villain, Carpathia, could have used a better actor -- but otherwise Left Behind is sure to be a smash hit.  Recommend it to all your friends.  Pay for your unsaved friends to see it.  But -- above all -- don't waste any money on Omega Code.  It's the worst of the worst for 1999.

score = None
My husband and I rented it.  He's still downstairs watching it, but I had it after a very painful 1/2 hour.  I thought I'd log on to the net and see how others felt about it.  I'm glad to see I'm in good company.  The acting sucks, the dialogue sucks, there is nothing about this movie to keep my interest.  The scene with the killer klown was hardly original.  All they needed was a good Apple laptop, not that room of computers that vaguely reminded me of where my father worked in the late 70's.  Ugh!


score = 10
This movie saddened me not only because I wasted a couple hours of my life and a $1.50 but because I was hoping it would show Hollywood that a "good" movie can be made without sex, violence, bad language, and pertain to Christ. Instead, I think it did the total opposite which is sad since I think a decent movie like that can be made.  I mean this was the worst movie I've ever seen, for most bad movies I can say at least the special effects were good, etc but not this one.  For those of you who say it's good because at least it gets people to think about Christ, etc, you must understand that people (especially non-Christians) are not going to take a movie this awful seriously and it will just give them another reason to stay an unbeliever...


score = 30 
 This movie was a great movie it shows how the devil could trick you in life and I don't think they had lap top computers on bombs back then!!! I rate this movie 30 points



score = 90

The Omega Code is one to watch, if for no other reason than to see that the Bible offers Thrills, Chills, Action and Adventure. And. . . you just might learn something!!! 



score  =  40 

To start, this film looked like a bad CBS special.  I think that TBN needs to read the bible and not these bible codes.  I know they had a low budget, but they could of at least had a better plot.  This movie showed the end times of the bible like ABC showed the Noah store.  Next time TBN need to have a good plot before they even try to make a movie.



score = 100

A must see movie for all Christians and especially the non-religious world.  Fictional based on Biblical facts move with thrills for everyone Keeps you on the edge of your seats to what happens next.


C Courseault

score = 70 

The special effects and script were great as were the main actors. Unfortunately the discrepancy between the main actors and the others was great and the action could have been more consistent. It is an intriguing movie that will cause you to ask questions about the Bible and the Book of Revelation



score = 100 

More films must be made of and from the Bible.  People must be show what is in the Bible since so many people fear reading it.


Cheryl Gowdy 

score = 80 

I go to the movies to see a flick only if I'm convinced the entire package warrants the effort over waiting on the video. The Omega Code had a uniqueness of plot and surprises that are seldom seen. I found it riveting, not wanting to even go out for additional snacks. And the amazing thing is neither did anyone else in the theatre I was in.



This was worst movie I have ever seen.  I should have left before it wasted even more of my time.  The dialogue was contrived, the lines delivered horribly, and the story completely crappy.  The futile attempts at special effects only served to make the movie seem even more imbecilic than it already was.  If I knew how horrible it was I would not have gone to see it unless they paid me twice my regular salary to sit through it.


Kim Prater
score = 100
Definatly the greatest and most informative movie about the times we are living in today.


score = 10
One of the worst movies I have sceen in a long time. Cool story that could have been great, but the movie was horrible. It was filled with cheese and poor movie rip offs, such as indiana jones.


score = 60
I thought it got off to a good start (though the scene on Oxenburg's TV show was a bit cheesy), but the plot became rather nebulous toward the end. I left the theater thinking, "Uh, what happened exactly?" For the most part, I thought the acting fit the film. Unfortunatly, as is often the case these days, logical character & story development was lost to keeping the film fast paced enough keep the interest of modern Americans. The viewer must fill in a lot of blanks. I enjoyed this film, and liked the landscapes - it was apparently shot on location in Rome and Israel? However, the story might stand a bit of fine tuning.


score = 90
This is a great movie!  The filming, the effects, the sound are all excellent quality.  It takes a controversial subject and presents it in a believable context.   No profanity, no nudity, no extreme gore and still a powerful impact.   Hollywood, take notice!


score = 30
E for effort, but a disappointment. I thought the movie to be very fragmented and had I not had any Bibical knowledge, I would have been completely lost. If nothing else, perhaps it "might" feed a persons curiosity enough to open the Bible and search for the link between "Daniel and the Revelation."  At least we can hope!


score = None
Oh My God.  This is easily in the competition for the *worst* film I have ever seen.   I laughed. I cried.  I cried out in pain.  Awful.  I can't even begin.  The bit with the clowns.  I was in tears at the absolute horror of actually filming that scene.  The car chase scenes where they crash cars from the 70's,  the supercomputer room where they're still using reel-to-reel tape computers.   If I didn't know they were serious, I'd think the movie was a parody. Horrid.   Absolutely horrid.  The scene where he asks Jesus to save him is almost as ingenuine as the scene in one of the Rocky movies where the Russians start cheering for him. This is the book of revalations for stupid people.  A disgusting amalgam of the movie "Pi", A mid-80's B-movie, and Logan's Run.  The degree to which this two hour monstrosity drags on is astounding.  After half an hour, you'll think you can take it. It might even be humorous.  After an hour, the horror starts sinking in.   After an hour and a half, you'll be begging for mercy. It's really sad.  They seem to have built pauses into the movie so that they can easily chop it up into a half-hour miniseries format.


score = 100
Our theaters were sold out Friday night, we went back Saturday and evidently so did many others we saw there.  We are very pleased to see a movie with a message like this and would hope for a sequel.  The only ones offended, seem to be those not READY FOR THE END!


score = 40
I liked the movie theme but the problem with the film was that it lacked clarity and proper interpretation of the gospel. To me, it felt somewhat out of context(biblically) and it lacked detail to the movie, and quality of acting(except for Stone Alexander character).


score = 70
I only watch movies for story, and I found this story to be intriquing, with lots of plot twists.  The first three and a half years of the Tribulation were good.  The problem I had was with the second three and a half years of the Trib, or should I say, the lack of it.  Perhaps they should have ended it in the middle of the Tribualtion without tacking on that contrived, Hollywood ending.  Hal Lindsey, why didn't you stop them????


Wasn't the Stone Alexander character played by second actor at a critical place in the plot? I wished I could have rerun the film and checked. Wierd!


A believer
score = 10 
I wanted to like this movie but I was sadly disappointed.  The script was AWFUL!   Too many of the symbolic references were completely over the heads of the mostly teenage audience.  I was relieved to know my Sunday School class had not gone to see it.  I suspect the people who created this monster have no idea what they were trying to achieve.  It seemed to be put together by committee. The result was not a meeting of minds!


Stuert Crundy
score = 60
The movie started out a little slow and it wasnt the best acting for some characters but overall it is worth seeing twice.... the message is put across nicely.


Adam Jackson
score = 10
Even more pathetic than this wretched excuse for a "film" are the idiotic examples of drivel posted here in its defense.  If Paul and Jan Crouch really had some kind of connection to the Almighty Creator, do you really think they'd be producing such absolutely dreadful garbage?  This movie is an abomination in the eyes of God, and everyone involved should be burned at the stake.  I'm serious.


J. Reiswig
score = 50
It's not the worst movie I've seen, however, the dialogue, at times, seems forced. The script takes major leaps to the point that one wonders "did I miss something?" If you know the bible, don't go. If you are into mythology with a little truth mixed in, you "may" enjoy it. All in all, a wasted opportunity, TBN. One fact this film does establish: Michael York deserves more acting jobs!


score = 100
This is a must see for anyone who is wondering if their Christianity has led them into dishonesty.  My honest opinion is that this was a terrible movie.  I love the Bible, I love the message in the Bible, but this movie wasn't a good vehicle for that message.  Still, if TBN wants to try again and do better, I'll support them and go see the product, but I won't be dishonest about what I think.


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