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Peoples Reviews For The Omega Code

score = 70
Ok listen up; agnostics, athiests,bible bashers,God-haters, ect..ect.ect...God in is extreme soverighnty is opening the door of the "secular" avenue of the entertainment world to the Christians. I'm very pleased that TBN has produced a film in such a needful time has this. Timing couldnt be any better, the world is on a downward spiral to destruction. But i do admit i do have to offer a little  criticism and a little praise regarding this movie. I do admit that my anticipation of the film was a lot higher than what my final opinion of the film was.There were some empty spaces in the story line and a couple non essential scenes that didnt contribute to the storyline (but hey a lot of movies have these) This was TBN's first shot at the big screen so i give em a high five for great production with so little experiance. The special effects were quite impressive. The 2 witnesses  (REV 11) blew my mind and sent goosebumbs up and down my spine when they Spoke the word of God. But i think the real moivation behind this movie besides entertainment was to open up the eyes of this hell-bound generation to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and tio warn of the wrath to come. I beleive the film lacked in the wittnessing aspect of it, i beleive it could have been much bolder as far as pointing lost souls to the cross. But hey hopefully next time TBN can make a movie that does that. But hey i saw it twice so effidently i really cant complain i did enjoy the movie, but i do beleive the message could have been clearer and more direct and to the point about  a relationship with Jesus Christ.   Hey TBN good job , maybe next time huh?


score = 100


Loren Schultz
score = None
Unfortunately rating this movie quickly divides between the skeptics and the "true believers". The idea of a biblical code has been thoroughly discredited in scientific circles.... but to say that in this forum is only bound to incite the ire of our "true believers". As the biblical tomes were hand copied, only one misplaced letter would throw the whole "code" off. Second as written Hebrew contains no vowels, scholarly interruption has always been loose. I had a more exciting and profound religious experience viewing "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".


K. Cornwell
score = 90
Good acting by M. York and M.Ironside, fast-paced, suspenseful - could be confusing to those not familiar with Biblical endtimes events - it bit off a little more than it could deal with clearly, but special effects and gorgeous on-site filming rival anything I've seen Hollywood produce!  Why I scored it so high, is in its educational value to people who have never cracked open a Bible, or even believe that there's a spiritual war between forces of Light and darkness, that guides human history ...and to openly proclaim that Christ will defeat evil and He alone will bring in the univeral peace the world is waiting for!  I agree the ending was a bit weak - it could have been more definitive as to Who ushered in the millenium.  Also, in moments of peril and extremity, they may be prompted to call upon the only One who can save them, like Gillan did:   Jesus!!  It's about time the movie cinemas hear more about the compelling faith of millions in this country, not only as! expletives and the butt of jokes and mockery that fills the screen so often!! Also, I think it'll be clear that people want wholesome movies that confirm their faith and offer hope,...Hollywood take note:   dollars earned don't lie!!


score = 100
Fantastic movie ,great effects just great a must see for all


Carolyn Purvis

score = 100
I really enjoyed this CLEAN action movie.This movie has proven you don't need a bunch of sex and foul langage to make a good movie. Hopefully other movie writers will get the hint that Christians would like to go to the movies.We will go if they make movies worth watching.


score = 90
A good movie for a Christian as well as a non-Christian.  This movie tells of the coming prophecy, also gives non-christians the idea to call on the Lord for saving grace, and the fact is that satan will not rule, The Lord will! For a non-christian this movie may be hard to understand, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS.....the time for salvation is NOW!


linda arnold

score = 100
my daughter loved it and want to see it again. keep up the wonderful work. in jesus.


score = 60

I hope there is no truth in this movie.  There's a token acknowledgement of some details found in Revelation, but the total effect of the movie was to make me endure two hours of nothing more than evil conceived in the intellect of man--no one was saved--all were doomed when God shows up. This is true to Revelations which states that those who witness the anti-chirist are those whose names are no written in  the book of life.  Have we been left behind? It seemed to me that C. Oxenberg seemed lost in the movie.  In this way she protrays mankinds present condition--Don't have a clue. M. Crouch keeps saying their is a salvation message in the movie.  Looks to me like he plagerized the Book of Revelations and came up short. That his characters have no soul and is more a reflection of the person who would take the Book of Revelation and add to it, without insight. Oh sure, there was a special effects scene were the main character is tormented by "something" and then calls out to Jesus.  Instantly there is peace.   But the scene was over before I knew what had taken place; then it was back to evil, evil, evil.  That seemed to be portrayed without any difficulty at all. I gave it 10 points--the scenery is absolutely fantastic, the lighting, cutting, acting of Michael York and and that of Michael Ironside is absolutely convincing. They seemed genuinely relaxed in the opulance of the exclusive palatial locations.  And the movie displays a mastery over technology that leaves all other movies looking like props of an antique Flash Gordon movie reel.  But whoever conceived the plot which would throw in the Bible Code phenomena and the onscene murder of a Jewish rabbi ought to reconsider his/their own relationship with God. Really, it makes me angry that so many little Christian grandmas were asked to support this movie with their dollars.  They got had. It's a dark movie.  I regret having subjected myself to it.  I'll keep MY hope alive, thank you. When God shows up it may be too late for everybody but we're not there yet, so there is hope--even if this movie didn't think so. [The Day of the Lord is not going to be a happy day--read the Bible, skip the movie.]


score = 80
A good end-times movie, but not heavy enough in suspense for most viewers.  If you know the ending from the Bible, it is very interestingly done and can leave you with a wonderful feeling that all is not lost.  We (9 of us) all enjoyed it.


score = 100
This movie is AMAZING! One of the best movies ever made, no joke at all. I went expecting to see something like "Deep Impact" meets "The X-Files", what I saw was completely different. I love how this movie keeps it's decency, no profanity, no sexual immorality, that's something you don't see much of these days. I loved this movie, and I plan to tell all my friends about it, do yourself a favor and see this amazing movie!


score = 90


Maud &Nicole
score = 100
We were thrilled to see that informative and inspirational movie. We hope that everyone will grasp God's messages. We have found many: Never give up in the search of the truth- God will always rescue the child of light even in the worst ordeal- The truth endeed will set you free and most of all will empower you- Beware of the devil plot- The devil has many facets and many schemes- Be watchful and seek good judgement and wisdom in prayer. So much for the depth of the movie.  Actualizing Bible facts using modern technology is putting truth teaching at a reachable touch for the materialistic we have become. We hope that many more attempts will succeed. The sound and the images, the special effects were of great quality so was the play of the actors.


Brady Rice
score = 60
Basically, the Omega Code is a better than average "B" movie. Obviously, the apocolyse is an emotional storyline.  Unfortunately, the dialogue is often contrived;much of the acting is substandard; and the story is hard to follow for non-christians and christians not familiar with Revelations and the Book of Daniel. Positive aspects of the movie include suspense, action-packed scenes, and Michael York's performance as Stone Alexander. The movie is a noble attempt at presenting a modern interpretation of the end of times.  I definitely am interested in taking a closer look at Revelations and the book of Daniel after watching "The Omega Code".   Yet, I am afraid that the non-believer or those not familiar with Revelations and Daniel will walk away confused. Hopefully, "The Omega Code" will reopen the doors of Hollywood for new bible-based movies.  The public is starving for christian movies of true quality and substance the likes of Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, and Sampson and Delilah.  Unfortunately, "The Omega Code" falls somewhat short in the quality department.


Very Grateful

score = 100
Okay.  Here it is.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! This is absolutely the best movie made by today's professionals.  Despite their low, $7,000,000 budget they did awesome!   Man!  What graphics!  I can't believe it!  It's a mystery, a religion, an adventure and a thriller all in one story!  I mean, talk about success!   This movie was better than anything Hollywood could ever make!  Until Hollywood starts to take a peak at this company and at the Bible, they aren't heading to my home.  I can't believe that they didn't back this movie up.  They're all traitors!  This is true!  They want only money, and they don't give a care whether people are saved or not!  I personally believe that they could take a few SUnday School lessons.  And by the way, I want to thank Siter Regina Hughes and her husband, Evangelist Isiah Hughes, who don't know me but I read their report!  You guys are great!  I also want to thank Concerned, who also wrote a review for the Omega Code.  You stuck up for God like barely anyone I've ever seen before.  You go, Concerned!  And I want to thank Sheila Miller for sticking up for God, like COncerned and Siter Regina Hughes and husband did, and thanx for putting in that comment about critical noses!  I love it!  And ! Gabriel, I love your review.   Yes!!!  I love the way you wrote, "Clueless People!"  Thanx!   And Autumn, I have your answers.  God said that one who can will unlock the code.  No one knows when the end of Earth will be, and that is the way he intended it.  The Code doesn't tell people when the destruction is, but to be prepared, for he is coming for you.  He loves you, Autumn.  And so do I.  You are his child.   And he isn't going to hide in a code.  He is going to stand by your side all of your life, but you have to take off your earthly glasses and put those earthly earphones down to see and hear him.  And Mr. B, the word of God is free.  He put the idea in the people's heads, but they need to survive, also.  They paid a lot to make this film, and they made it so people like you could ask questions, get answers, and be saved.  Here are your answers. See that dusty shelf somewhere in your house?   On there, there is a dusty Bible, hopefully.  Turn to the last book, Revelations,! and read.  Here are your answers.  I love you.  I truly do.   I love everyone. And all of you who praised the movie, you don't know how much I appreciate that. And those of you who dissed it, God still loves you.  Your asking questions. That's a start.


Angela Olige

score = 30

This movie does not live up to the hype. The acting was remedial, the plot lacked depth, and reference to   biblical events were woefully inadequate. I went with an expectantant heart believing that christians would truly tell it like it is and it would be compelling, thought-provoking,and believable. I left very disappointed. It is a shame when Hollywood, can paint a picture of a biblical event and have it be more believable than those who believe. I gave it a 30 for the effort it took to do the film.


Michael Smith
score = 100
This movie was absolutely wonderful.  My wife and I enjoyed it very much.  It was definitly a big change from all the trash hollywood been putting out.  I hope there will be more movies coming out just like the omega code.


score = 100

score = 90
Our family went to see it and was impressed by the special effects...though the plot was fictional, the movie did have Biblical overtones about the Anti-Christ and the 2 prophets who preach in the streets trying to get more people saved after the Rapture.  We were impressed by Michael York.  He has always held his own all these years in movie-making.. and I respect his wish to do this movie for TBN.  It gave a deeper appreciation for him and the others who  saw the need to show such a powerful drama on the big screen.  May TBN be blessed by more movie-making projects like China Cry and Omega Code and that the Hollywood stars won't hesitate in getting involved. Hats off to you all!

score = 70
I'm not a fundamentalist Christian or a Bible beater and I really enjoye dthis film. It was not "preachy" or very prejudice, some of it may have been a little unclear in whether the makers were trying to make people believe this was really going to happen or if it was just a fictional account, but over all it was highly enjoyable.

Frank Girdwain
score = 100
It's about time! Superb action movie especially considering the limited budget. A movie with originality, not a remake of a pre-1970 movie or one where excess violence or sex is required to cover up bad acting, a poorly written script, or the present day lack of directing. This movie stimulates the mind, is not perdictable or ridiculous. My whole family enjoyed the movie and hope that more such creative movies will be forthcoming. This undoubtably is one of the best movies of 1999 and possibly for the last several years. One can't help but wonder what quality movies will result, maybe another to rival "Gone With The Wind", "Laurence of Arabia", "Ben Hur", and other classics.

Sharron Moody
score = 100
very believable - action packed with good story line - gripping - liked the way Bible prophecy integrated with modern technology.  Powerful way just a simple prayer can dispel demons - shows the power we have in Jesus Christ!!

An interesting concept.  A little over the top in performance.  If you don't know what biblical code is or know notHal Lindsey ["Apocalypse Code"]it may appear to be choppy in the editing.  The film actually presents quite a bit of information. York is solid while Dien is less so.  Special effects get a B-.   Plot is plausible and starts credibly with  a charity fund-raising "event".  The film resolves with a weak "A-Bomb" [Viet Nam] ending -- "it blow'd up good" with a Frank Bunker Gilbreth [Cheaper by the dozen] ending -- a real twist. Aside from getting the end of the millenium date wrong [like most of the world] the millenium actually ends at the end of the year 2000 [except that with inaccuracies in calendars Julian, Gregorian Christ was actually born in 3 BC making all this speculation moot since we are already in the next millenium biblically speaking] and not a mention of the lunar basis of dating by the Hebraic magi leads to a film flawed but timely and out of the mainstream -- fun. Give it a composite score of C+/B-.

robert blackburn
score = 40
It was real sloww starting off.Around the last 30-40 minutes it started getting good.Too deep for kids.

Richard Monterosso
score = 70
Unlike some movies I've I actually enjoyed. It portrays the last days of the planets existence striped from the pages revelation in the bible.  i was impressed by the plot which was streight to the point. It also had a good bit of action.  And I would see it again.

R "BK" C
score = 50
I watched Omega Code about three weeks ago at a theater is Terre Haute, Indiana.  I would just like to say, at the beginning of this, that I am a believer in Christianity.   However, I do not identify with any particular sect of the religion, and don't always agree with the opinions of other followers. I am also a professional stage actor, and I feel that this movie deserves to be judged seriously in the arena of entertainment and not given unfair credit (by overzealous church-goers) or unfair critizism (from people who hate christianity).  I have a BA in Radio, Television, and film from Indiana State University and I'm going to give this movie a FAIR and UNBIAS review. I gave Omega Code a 50 on your ratings scale because that is the score it earned.  The movie had various good and bad points from an entertainment aspect. However, it was neither the blockbuster that TBN claims, nor is it the total flop that others claim. I would call it a good effort. I would make a note for the makers of Omega Code:  If you were looking to experiment with the possibilities of christian-based filmmaking in today's society, then you did a wonderful job.  If you were trying to "shake the foundations of Hollywood" with this film, then I'm afraid you failed and need to try again. GOOD THINGS: Dispite what some reviewers have claimed, the storyline of the movie was very consistant.  I can't speak to the Biblical accuracy of the script because I haven't studied the Book of Revelations that extensively.  But, I know a good story, and I could definately follow this one. The best actor of the film, by far, was Micheal Ironside.  He made his hitman/lieutentant of the devil role very believeable.  I feel he should have been given the role of the Anti-christ himself, but the role he was given stole the show for, not only the antagonists, but for the whole film. BAD THINGS: I understand that the makers of Omega Code wanted to make a film that had no "foul lauguage".  But, from my experience you just cannot make an action movie without strong and descriptive language.  Especially one that is rated PG-13 and is supposed to be intended for serious viewing by people over the age of twelve. Cursing, like it or not, is a necessary part of our dialect.  Remove it in a film like this, and you get a bland, whitewashed world where people are allowed to kill one another, but don't have the mental capacity to express their anger and frustration vocally.  Next time, TBN, please make the language of the film REAL!!!! I tend to agree with the critics that said the ending of the film was rushed. Very rushed!  I feel that there were a lot of other ways to characterized the Second Coming (in entertainment terms, at least) than to just engulf the world in an explosion of light.  Please, explain this for the sequel if there is one. Here are my ratings for Omega Code: Story:  A Acting: (Micheal Ironside) A  (All others) C- Special FX:  B-

M. Faye Samuel
score = 100
The movie was great.  I have not gone to a movie since I saw the Exorcist in 1973 (I was not saved then) until I saw The Omega Code in Rockford, Illinois about three weeks ago. I am encouraging everyone I know to see it.

lisa and mom
score = 100
The Omega Code is a outstanding mom and i  have been watching the previews that were shown on tbn...we finally got to see it...i thought you could have made the anti-christ  a little more devious and not so nice..because i believe before the christians get raptured out it might be alot worse...i also think the plot was excellent and incorperates revelations and daniel well....but i want to thank you for the movie....the action was pretty good...the effects are excellent...we will be seeing it again..praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the weekened

score = 90
I know it's not as smooth and jazzy as a big Hollywood picture, but it offers something that no other movie has--a good strong message!! The special affects had purpose and illustrated long debated Biblical issues.

score = 90
I give it this score, because it is in the " A must see" percentage. I think everyone should see it, and hopefully discuss it.  Of course it can't go exactly according to the bible, because we don't know exactly how it will all unfold.  The important message that comes through here is:  GOD IS EXALTED, SATAN IS DEFEATED! When I went, no one in the theater spoke a word (Other than a few wispered "Amens") No one left for popcorn. Everyone walked out very somber and serious. It made us all think! Great!  And "which side will we be on"? Now,and/or at the end? Very good suspense film, LETS ALL GO READ THE BOOD OF REVELATION FROM THE BIBLE!!!!!!!

score = 80
This movie made me feel really good. As a Christian, I like the message it sends. The low rating doesn't surprise me. It saddens me that this country is so far removed from GOD. In my opinion, if you do not believe in GOD, chances are you won't like this movie. But I say, open your mind and open your heart. Regarding the acting: I thought Michael York and Michael Ironside did an excellent job. This movie should not be treated like some low-budget flick. I recommend it!

score = 100
I went, at first just to get out of the house .I went thinking, "....Bible movie....this will be boring....!".....I went with some friends and they were thinking the same thing....we saw it and it was great!....full of action....and lots of twists and never knew whose side you were on until the very end-because the characters kept changing!at first it started out slow but it quickly picked up the pace (pun intended)!I recomend this movie to makes one want to read (or reread) the book of Revalation.....Plus,just between you and me, that Gillen guy was really cute!!!!!=)

score = None
The WORST!!! film since Blair Witch.  Lame acting, no character development,impossible to follow plot, no Christian gospel message, Bibically inaccurate, no ending (fellow moviegoers in theatre all looked at each other with shrugged shoulders at end).  TBN should be ashamed to call this a gospel film.  No one would ever get saved watching it.  It would cause greater confusion toward the Bible message.   What were you people thinking?  I now have my confirmation that Paul and Jan Crouch smoke funny cigarettes. Peace.  Scooter


Orange Hamlet 
score = 90 
Okay.  here i go.  i am a Christian teenager, and i love this movie for the simple fact that it is talking about Jesus.  The bigger actors (especially Micheal York) did great in my opinion.  but they didn't have support from the smaller parts(i know, i know, there are no small parts, only small actors--i should know, i am an actor!)  i have read through some of these negative review, and it is obvious they a lot of lost people saw this movie and they don't have a clue.  but the lost world does need to hear the message that Jesus is coming back for His people!!!  Amen.  anyways, i don't want to start preaching.  i am prone to do that.  anyways, back to the movie.  Yeah, ok, there were some cheesy parts in it.  i'll admit it.  and it wasn't the best made movie in the world(obviously), but TBN had a low budget.  i congratulate them on their effort.  but, imagine if they had the money to make a greater movie. i think the movie was great, personally.  but i can see why others don't feel the same way as i do.  well, guess i've written/typed enough.  God bless you.  bu-bye.


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