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Teaching Mrs Tigle



100% got to see it!!!!!!!!!1


The BlairWitch Project



I agree with Milton on the movie BWP. This movie was blow out of porportion to a whole other limit that I've never seen before. This movie is so bad. I wasted the eight dollars I payed to go see this movie. I was really anxious to see this movie and when I saw it the whole time I thought okay something is going to happen now, but nothing happened. I was so upset at the movie, I just couldn't believe it.

I've never been so upset, and disappointed at a movie. How are people saying its so scary? I mean I got scared at movies that were jokes because I scare real easily, but this movie made me start to doze off into a sleep. I'm speaking seriously. My friend had to tap me to get my attention. Never has that happened to me in a theater!




Thanks for having the guts to admit this movie sucks! I was drawn in by the
web site and the sci-fi channel special and all the glorious reviews
assuring me I'd be scared witless by this flick. But, it was strictly
boresville. If you wanna read my review of this flick, it's at, reviewer cybersyd.

You're not the only man alive. While I myself am a woman, my husband was
also not scared or impressed by this movie.

Thanks for renewing my faith in mankind!



I saw the blair witch last week and all I can say is it was the biggest waste of $7.00. That movie was not scary, suspenseful or even ineresting. It was horrible.  People save your money!!! submit = Away We Go!


El Papi

Hey Milton why java didn't wrote something about the BWP he was a affraid of the movie. Probably he did The good movies for him are like South Park



I think this movie was the best movie of the summer so far. Hollywood should see this kids an learn to create something new.



ok heres my review on The Blair Witch Project. That was the scariest and most intense movie ive ever seen !! so if you hated it you did but i loved it and my little  sister did loose sleep over the movie ok. I LOVE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT!!!!!!!

The Haunting:


        Hi my name is Bobby and I just went and saw The Haunting just the other day.   The movie was scary in some parts, but the plot was kinda obvious.  First of all the girl goes to this huge House, that looks like a castle and top that its like 10 miles from the city, in other words, in the middle of nowhere.  She pulls up to the house gates, and this old fart(man) comes out,  he unlockes the "chains" on the gates to let her in.  When she enters the eerie building the sound of a bouchers knife grabs her attention. She then goes into the room, where she thought the sound was coming from, finds an old later ready to defend herself with a huge bloody knife in her hand.  This old lady looked evil, I mean dark circles around her eyes,  she looked like she hadnt gone to sleep in weeks, I mean the girl looks like she went to hell or something and now shes back.     

        Then finally the old lady takes "Eleanor" to her room.  She says this stuff that kinda tells u what is going to happen in the rest of the movie.   She's like,  "I dont stay after dark, not when it gets cold, we leave.  You wont be able to get help if u need it,  the nearest person is many miles from here."    I mean come on!!!   Helloooo   kinda obvious, dont u think?

Darth Maul Jr.

Last night my girlfriend and I went to see The Haunting. My girlfriend said the movie was scary, but I wasn't scared at all. Must be because I'm too much of a man!!!...Anyways. the movie sucks....the only good thing about it are the special effects and seeing Catherine Zeta Jones in her skimpy night gown. You are right Milton; Catherine Zeta Jones, is the only reason to see this movie.


Little Jason.

Hey, my name is little Jason. Wanna tell you a little about the haunting. It's about The Family!!!...what a joke....did anyone else notice that the character Elanor is always trying to explain the plot to if there was a plot....what a yip!!!



Lake Placid:

I think the movie was a total disaster. It was too short of a movie. I don't know how I spend $7 in that. Java how come you gave this movie 4 stars what kind of idiot are you? Last year it was a snake and this year it's a freaking alligator.  Oh by the way, thanks to my friend Andy for making me watch this sorry movie.

Mr. Genius
I think this movie was one of the best movies. Thank god I don't live in Florida. The alligator looks so real! it made me jump out of my sit. Java, I think your review is right on the money! I don't want to think too much when I'm watching a movie. By the way, I'm only eight years old.

American Pie:



i think american pie was one of the best movies i have ever seen


Oh my! The funniest movie of the year! Better than Something About Marry. I couldn't stop laughing! The cast was fantastic!

If you haven't seen it you should go to the theater now. You are going to enjoy it   Take my word for it.


Eyes Wide Shut:


Hey, Milton, I just saw Eyes Wide Shut. It's a pretty complicated movie. I thought overall it was ok. When are you going to write your review. Every week you write the same crap, "After 5:00pm EST", but I never see  anything.


Neil R.

Saw Eyes Wide Shut on Saturday, what a turd! This thing is boring as hell. Stanley Kubrick is out of touch with todays society! 

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