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The Perfect Storm: June 30, 2000

Wolfgang Petersen directs The Perfect Storm, an epic drama starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. The film is a true account of the courageous men and women who risk their lives every working day, pitting their fishing boats and rescue vessels against the capricious forces of nature. Their worst fears were realized one autumn in 1991 when they were confronted by the greatest storm in modern history.
2000 Warner Bros.


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65.63 - Worth Seeing

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Wolfgang Petersen 


Bo Goldman,

Willian D Wittliffl






George Clooney as Captain Billy Tyne
Mark Wahlberg as Bobby Shatford
Mary Elizabeth as Linda Greenlaw
John C. Reilly as Dale (Murphi)

Running Time

2hr 9min


PG-13: for language and scenes of peril


Warner Bros


All Types


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 The People's Review of The Perfect Storm

score = 100
My name is Courtney and I'm 12 years old and i just really loved your movie! I love movies that has to deal with the waters.Very soon,I might start scbua diving lessons.
What really sucked though is that they wroked really hard to get that fish and they were getting a lot of it but then they lost it.
My heart is with the ocean,I just love it.I can't wait to actully go to one of the oceans someday.But I really loved that movie and you guys did such a great job at it!
I think you should make a second movie because that be really neat.You could use that little boy as though he's grown up and has become a fisherman and gets stuck like in the same storm and beats the wave,that be really neat!!!!
Well I'm giving you guys a 100 and i think you know why ha.
Your Little fan,
Courtney Stape

score = 90
I read the book - the movie varies slightly to add excitement.  No one knows the true story, including the author of the book.
This was an adaptation of a true story where the ending is unknown and it was a very good one.  I felt the characters matched those in the book very well.


score = 80
yeah i have seen this movie,and i am very delight about it.the film is good and i think in the title which is "THE PERFECT STORM"indicate a perfect film.

Robin C 
score = 90 
I have seen this movie twice and was moved each time.  People will now be aware of the true dangers of the fishing industry.  I also thought it made a profound statement on the condition of society's dependence on money - how we literally risk our lives to achieve even a little bit.  Cast did an outstanding job - John Hawkes gave a particularily wonderful performance.

score = 30 
I also thought this was a very boring movie and if all of them died then how do we know what happened. The true story may have been that they died as soon as a storm hit them.  I don't recommend paying money for this one. Maybe rent it.

score = 40 
I fell asleep during this movie, so don't blame me if I get the actors' names mixed up.  The first 30 minutes of this movie was more like a tragedy than a drama. The tragedy is, it starts out so slow.  The drama is, it actually has some thrilling scenes. Mark Wahlberg played a sad role.  In the ending (I don't want to give it away, if you could say that,} I just want to tell you that this movie went downhill, and on the way, George Clooney hit a bump.

score = 50 
It was good that should have wentr in more depth with the charaters. If they would have I probably would have cried at the end but i didn't. It was okay.

score = 90 
I really liked this movie.  I read the book before I went to see it, and I think they did an excellent job in portraying the last few days of these men.  George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Mary Elizabeth did a very convincing job.  The effects were, of course, amazing, and I felt like I was there in the ocean with them.  I would reccomend this movie.

dave vb 
score = 80 
A very good bordering on great movie experience. The movie tells a good story without the usual hollywood addons.  The storm sequences are great and the actors don't let their acting overshadow the real star of the movie, the storm.

score = 100 
I have so much respect for everyone who devoted their time to making The Perfect Storm. I saw it last night, on Wed. July 12. My heart was pounding from the beginning of the movie, and it didn't stop. There were so many awesome parts. By the end of the movie, I was so shaken up that I came so close to bursting out into tears, which says a lot about the power of the movie, because I never cry at movies like that. For example, Titanic. At the time, I thought it was a really cool movie, although I already knew the plot, but I didn't cry when Leonardo DiCaprio died. All the girls around me did because they think he's so hot... but anyway, back to the movie. I don't know what was left out that they had in the book, but I did notice that at the end, they didn't find the empty fuel barrel marked AG. I read the book, as well, which was extremely well written. Junger's interpretation of what happens when a person drowns was incredibly vivid. I thought both the movie and the book were extremely well done. Anyone who says that the movie or book was boring can go screw themselves. I know that I will definitely see this movie again. No doubt about it. I can't say enough good things about this movie. If 100 is the best score, then I give it a 500.

score = 50 
Clooney plays the most inept Skipper ever documented on film.  For some excitement Wahlberg should have played his part in the nude. Basically it's a Woman's Lib flick!

score = 50 
First, let me say that I have not read the book,and thus all of my opinions reflect the film alone. If all of the men died on the boat, how can this be a 'true' story? No one knows that there was a shark attack or that there was initially a conflict between two men on the boat. I think it was just thrown in to keep the audience from falling asleep, due to the minutely thin plot line. The part before the men went to sea was boring, boring, boring. Was of no interest, was too drawn out and did not add much to the plot.  The U.S. Coast Guard plot line added some insight, but that again, was too drawn out. I know that the movie was about the powerful forces of nature (the age-old man vs. nature conflict) but quite frankly, I was sick of seeing endless wind, waves, and water for an hour straight. And what is with the testosterone-driven shipmates? Again and again, they face an obstacle. They have a decision to make, and their outlook is 'Heh Heh. YEAH! We can do it! Nothing will get in our way (because we're strong burly men and aren't afraid of anything).'  And then when they overcome the obstacle, again, scenes of men chuckling and slapping each other on the back for their manliness and prowess. COME ON, I MEAN, COULD WE GET ANY MORE MALE EGO THAN THAT? The film did have it's moments, a few nail-biting scenes which did leave one's heart pounding. However, overall as a film, it was a disappointing flop.

score = 80
Shows the event and leaves the viewer to wonder about the characters. For a change it is a movie that lets the viewer make an opion about the people involved, regardles of the outcome.  Good movie.

David Hanson <
score = 10 
If I could go below 10 I would-- This is far and away the worst film I have ever seen.  The effects were good. Anyways, now that I've spoken about the good parts of the movie, let's look at the bad. For starters none of the characters are likable, save the dude with the little son.  But that's the only part of him you like.  Next, the entire movie is fictitious though they claim it's a true story.  Well, since they all DIED there is no possible way to know what happened.  For all we know after their last transmission they all started burning candles and formed an Elvis-worshiping cult then commited mass suicide.  Why not, no one lived to tell the tale. The only dude I liked was the undeniably Capt. Ahab'ish old man sitting in the bar.  They should have made the movie about him. What the movie finally teaches us is that they all died because they were stupid and greedy.  Quite a tribute to their lives, eh? Maybe what's best is the funeral scene where we get to look at all their Drivers License photos while the random woman in the movie repeats exactly what George Clooney said earlier.  With good directing and acting, that could have had a profound dramatic emphasis.  Unfortunately, it just served as buffer time for people to start walking out of the movie before the crowd. Don't spend money on this.  Tell your friends the same.  Tell you enemies it was good.  I have honestly seen shows on the Discovery Channel about the same topic that were far more entertaining. You want a story about man versus the elements, go rent Apollo 13 or that bear movie (don't remeber the name...Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins).  Those were good. This one does Mr. Peterson's good name a discredit--but it was his own fault.

score = 80 
it was a pretty good movie and pretty good effects, but three main things made it worse, the first being the ending, that was not a good ending second, what about the storm surge, the main reason i was watching, if the storms were like they said, the surge would have been enormous, large enough to completely obliderate the crows nest and everything near it for about a mile, and also i dont think those other boats should have been shown they confused me too much

Frank Kaestner 
score = 70 
When I saw the preview of Perfect Storm I thought it was going to be a good movie. But I was wrong this movie is so boring that it will make you go to sleep. Also if no one survive how do they know what happen? I know the story is real about the storm. But the movie is fake.

score = 80 
In the opening scene, there is a casino boat.  In 1991, there were no casino boats in Gloucester.  How much did Leisure Casino Cruises pay to have their boat in the opening scene?

Fred Bacque 
score = 100 
I saw this movie after having read the book. I am loathe to watch movies made of books I've read: they're usually hackneyed betrayals of the authors original intent. This was not only untrue in this case, but I was moved deeply by the overall film. When people leave the theatre nauseous from the rolling of the ship and the incessant flashing of lightning....then the special effects people deserve a tip of the hat. I have sailed, and I have weathered storms so intense the lightning in the movie seems abbreviated. I find no exaggeration in any of it. The character portrayals were as good as anyone could hope for; the love lines in the movie seem harsh and perhaps truncated in the eyes of some critics.....well consider the end and you might find it difficult to encounter a present tense when the future was the overarching reality that immersed all the people Junger gleaned the story from for his book. I can only relate that when the credits rolled and the music played I began to leave the theatre and stopped, face in my hands and rolling tears left me in a doorway as others passed by.

score = 100 
this is a really good movie for people who love intense scenes. you know how up there it says, "rated pg 13 for scenes of peril"? Try practically the whole movie is in peril! this is a definete must see and although the acting isn't superb the special effects completely make up for it. for the last hour you are holding your breath! i literally bit my nails to stubs! go see the movie!!

score = 90 
Out of all of the movies I've seen this summer, THE PERFECT STORM is definitely one of the best and most orginal movies.  I was so glad to see something that wasn't the usual bang-bang-shoot-'em-up "guy movie", or a long drawn out overly emotional "female flick".  This was a definitly a film I got into, especially at the end where I felt my own breath still.  Wolfgang Peterson did a wonderful protraying what these six fisherman experienced and how it affected their community as a whole and their sweethearts.

Jennifer Mora 
score = 100 
The movie was great! I sat on the edge of my seat through out the whole movie. I didn't want it to end. Before I saw the movie, I never knew about this, evenmore, it ended up ending completely different then how I thought it was going to end. It was a very sad but educational movie. I give THE PERFECT STORM 100 points. It's a definit must see!!!

score = None 
I thought the acting in this, what could have been a captivating story was the poorest i've seen in quite some time. i expected such terrible acting from the likes of mr. walberg, but george clooney was the real disappointment. 4 million dollars for what exactly? when i think about it, he wasn't much in ER...the storylines of ER are what keeps the show alive. the special effects were well done. in conclusion, i had a real problem with the quality of acting in this interesting life story

score = 90 
I thought it was great, the special effects were mesmorizing.  The fact that it is a true story was fascinating.  I also may see it again.

score = 40 
I haven't read the book and thought the movie was wonderful until the last 15 minutes.  Once I learned everyone on the ship died, I couldn't figure out how this could be based on a true story.  What, if anything, does anyone know about whether they caught alot of fish, how everyone acted when the storm came, whether or not the one man (don't even remember his name now) was caught and swept over the boat by the fishing line, or even if one man made it to out of the boat to be later drowned or eaten by a shark or what?  Also, who's to say they all didn't die right after their last contact with someone from shore or another boat?  I was very disappointed in the ending and can't believe they made a movie based on the "true story" of a boat leaving to fish and possibly a family of three being rescued from their own personal boat.

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