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 Peoples Reviews For The Perfect Storm

Buck & Michele Venditti 
score = 100 
This movie is a true "white-knuckle" ride into the deadliest storm at sea you can imagine. The special effects of this film is so intense, it may as well make you believe YOU are one of the struggling crew member on the "Andrea Gail" fighting to keep her afloat in one of Mother Nature's deadliest wrath.    Easily, this flick is the "Movie of the Year." Go see it!

score = None 
Underdeveloped plot and characters, melodramatic acting.  Too much Hollywood.  Glad I only paid matinee price.

score = 20 
Effects galore, I was even getting a little woozy.. however, effects alone cannot save this juggernaut. What a waste of talent! And with that ending, I would be surprised to see this film break even with the over-inflated budget. What a downer!

score = 90 
I really enjoyed this movie.  From the moment the crew set sail the exciting action kept me on the edge of my seat.  The effects were superb. I may see it again.  Great acting, great story.

score = None 
I read the book, and been looking at it since I saw the movie today. The actors done a great job portraying these individuals, of a tragic time in history. But I thought the ending was terrible. There were to many things missing from the movie, that I think should have been there. All in all it was a good movie but needed much more. It did not end the way you showed it.

score = 10 
The Perfect Snore, er, I mean Storm, was pefect was a perfect bore. It would have been perfect if I could have muted that William Tell Overture music, then I could have slept. One positive point on the very loud and annoying musical score: it drowned out all but some of the lousy dialogue and those terrible fake accents. I heard every cliche and old joke I've ever heard since childhood. And how many times do we have to have close-ups of dirty fingernails to prove these simple folks from Gloucester are hard workin' middle class. Even Bobby's mother and girlfriend had a scene where they held hands. Close up on the fingernails. BAM! We got to compare hard workingness. Did anyone ever notice that George Clooney had a snaggle tooth in his lower jaw? Suppose that was implanted? I never saw it on ER. And who was the fat broad with the two kids? She blew off Michael one night in the Crow's Nest, and immediately won a place of honor, front row center, at the funeral, complete with kids. Will this movie get a nomination for best Costume Design? Let's hope not. Otherwise, every costume designer will be visiting the local Army Navy Store and John Deere outlet for ideas. Do not waste your money on this movie.

score = 100 
oh my god this was the best movie about huge storms i have ever seen!whatever someone tells you about it and they say it is bad, well screw them! this is the best movie i have seen since "The Abyss" Stop listening to me jabber and go see it!

score = 30 
I agree with Mark it was a perfect piece of crap! Wait and see it on video, you will be so upset if you spend a lot of money seeing movie. "Why can't anyone make good movies anymore"!! 
score = 10 
Born and raised in Massachusetts, I think there's nothing more disappointing then watching mediocre actors struggling to fake a New England accent. Diane Lane must have watched "Dolores Claiborne" as her inspiration because she sounds like a bad imitation of Kathy Bates. I nodded off a few times in the beginning as this story spent way too much time on land forcing us to wait nearly an hour before the fishermen set sail on their fateful voyage. I found the rescue scenes extremely confusing as everyone is wearing either a red or yellow slicker which made it impossible to keep track of who was who. I didn't read the book, but if the corny dialoge in this film was pulled from the book, Sebastian Junger should be embarrassed or extremely upset that the screenwriter mangled his words. And speaking of Junger, I actually saw him wince as one reporter asked him if the film did justice to his book - he quickly praised it as if there was an executive from Warner Brothers standing behind the camera with a gun pointing at him. The film is populated with Hollywood's version of New England townies who spend most of their time drinking and playing pool at "The Crows Nest" -there's even a wise old, bearded fisherman named "Quint" who sits at the bar and spouts cliched words of wisdom to the worried family and friends of the Andrea Gale's crew.  I don't have much to say about Clooney and Whalburg except that they do nothing with their characters that any other capable actor could have done. I think this film would have served better as a made-for-TV movie or as a documentary on the Discovery Channel. One final note, I learned this morning from my local meteorologist that the scenario in the film involving the three storms colliding didn't happen and could NEVER happen. So there.

score = 40 
The perfect storm is a perfect piece of crap. What part of the fisherman's story was "based on a true story"? It was a bunch of men floating on a bunch of waves talking about (with surly voice in tow) "what it means to be a fisherman". Give me a break. What? Did some journal float to shore? Once the radio was dead, how does anyone know what happened? The answer: No one. We have no idea what happened to the screw or their boat. This movie stunk.

score = None 
It's not a perfect movie:  the score is really annoying, the editing can be strange, the script could have used an edit, and there's one shockingly maudling moment at the end that's quite jarring.  But overall it really works. The actors are uniformly strong, and for all the special effects, the heart of the film is with its characters.  This makes the action matter, and makes this not only a very exciting film, but a very moving one as well.

score = 60 
This was a decent movie.  At times the special effects were cheesy. The end of the movie couldv'e been done better. I don't want to give anything away so I won't go into detail, but the ending lacked drama.  I would give this movie more of a 65. Also I have a bone to pick with the writer.  What significance did that family on that other boat have? Still Clooney and Wahlberg were good. This film is alot like White Squale.

score = 60 
The sheer energy of the storm really draws you into the movie, but there's not too much else going for it.  The director tries too hard to make the great American epic -- complete with all the tangled symbols of the hunt (or the fish), the family, the hardships of nature, the rugged individual, the military, and religion thrown in for good measure.  Like getting 60,000 pounds of swordfish, this movie is overkill, but it is pretty entertaining if you turn off your critical sense, which is not hard to do when the storm rears its ugly head.

score = 100 
This night will be forewer in my heart  as night when somebody finaly dare to make down to the ground , honest, and real life fisherman moovie. I have read all this rewives of different "know's all " which probably have never been on board one fishing vessel. Which only conection with fishing is tuna salad and sea food restaurants.
I have only thnis to say: God bless the man who wrote the storry and the man who have guts to make moovie as is. What ewer somebody said , this is closest thing to reality of fisherman life . I have been there and done that.        For all people which wnna be critics one advice : get your yelow skins, rubber boots and  behind on to the fishing boat for a couple of trips. Live the life of beauty, nature,original types, down to the ground people which do what they do the best. Do not try to spit on something what you did not live through and do not know how's is it.
Once again if it is 1000 points for this  picture , I will ask for more. Once again : thank You  director, actors and computer techs . for a effort to show the life. This is first time to my wife and daughter  left theatar silent. I am fisherman. For the Andrea Gail crew and family : rest in peace  and god bless You all. My heart is with You. Fisherman from Guam

score = 90 
I read this book and overall, I thought the movie was pretty good. The special effects of course, were amazing.  The only fault I label it with; the movie did not portray enough substance for the characters.  I do have to say though, Peterson di a superb job of turning a real-life epic into a movie.  On a grading scale, i would give it a B+.

score = 100 
An awesome blend of characters you really care about,  sincere and memorable performances,  unbelievable special effects and sound, terror, suspense, tragedy, courage. You will not be able to breathe during the last hour. Afterwards, you will probably sell your boat.   One of the best movies I've ever seen.


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