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Pitch Black: February 18, 2000


Don't be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of what's in the dark.

On this planet, the first thing you notice is the temperature: the heat is brutal. You'll pray for night. But, once night falls, the worst is yet to come: creatures who emerge after dark to hunt for prey. You.

From the mind of writer/director David Twohy ("The Arrival" and "Disaster in Time") comes a new science-fiction thriller, Pitch Black.

In the not-too-distant future, docking pilot Fry (Radha Mitchell) makes a forced crash-landing of her spacecraft on a distant planet. Fry's crew is killed, even as some of the passengers escape. Lawman Johns (Cole Rauser) is unharmed, but so is his prisoner, the murderous Riddick (Vin Diesel). As the survivors explore the uncomfortably hot planet, they must band together in order to survive.

The planet is eerie, arid, and lifeless. But as the sun sets and the planet plunges into total darkness, its other inhabitants emerge...   2000 USA Films

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57.13 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


David N. Twohy 


Jim Wheat 
Ken Wheat


Drama / Sci-Fi 


A group of marooned space travelers struggle for survival on a seemingly lifeless sun-scorched world




Vin Diesel as Riddick
Radha Mitchell as Fry 
Cole Hauser as Johns

Running Time

1hr 47min


Rated R for sci-fi violence and gore, and for language. 


USA Films


OuickTime 2.9 Mbytes


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 The People's Review of Pitch Black

core = 80
 This is a great flick for "space" movie fans & fans of Vin.  I enjoyed this movie, and in fact was surprised about how often I've told other people to see it.

score = 100
I absolutly loved this movie. it was full of action, suspense, and i love sci fi movies. this was one of my favorite movies i saw this year! i thought it deserved a higher score like the score i gave it, 100. thanx for the chance to tell how i feel...
thanx a buch lianne

score = 100
I loved the movie!  Plot was great-- it keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.  The end is surprising.I've seen it three times already, now, and I'd see it again.

score = 80
comments = i have to admit that i watched this movie a second time almost straight after watching it the first time. part of its pulling power for me was the beautiful lighting at the beginning of the film (among other filming techniques like the aliens vision), a farely good story and one good looking vin diesal. something that did bug me throughout was the inconsistency of the aliens and riddicks sensitivity to light, other than that i loved it.

score = 80
I think Pitch Black was very cool.  Vin Diesal was awsome. He's now one of my favorite actors.  I would love to meet him.  I think the movie was well made.  They cood have showed the aliens a little clearer.  But I still loved it.  The ending was the best.  B/c I thought Vin Diesal killed the women but he didn't.


score = 80
comments = Excellent camera work. Refreshing actors were absolutely believable and had a great chemistry together. Vin Diesal smiles at me in my dreams now and says "Exactly" all the time. Great to rent and watch with the lights off. And I guarantee you'll kill the person who makes you pause it to go to the john. GIVE ME MY SEQUEL!!!!

score = 80
As far as some of you guys that rag about the plotlessness of this movie, I think you have to look a bit deeper. Given it is a run or be eaten by nasty aliens movie so how deep should you be expected to look, but the conditions on the planet alone hint at the deeper nature of man. The contrast of the sun bleached planet with the darkness that follows during the eclipse mirrors the two sides of human nature, a lighter and a darker side. The characters themselves also embodied different aspects of human nature and their development in the film gives you something to think about. Fry and Riddick, seemingly good and evil, aren't really so different. Fry had just as little respect for her passengers in the beginning of the film as Riddick did, and they both went through similar character development throughout the film. If you are a thinking person, you are lead to think about the fine line between good and evil, a theme supported by the other characters as well. These characters and their development was actually the main plot of the film, fleshed out with some neat effects some new ideas on an old old theme and some good old @$ kicking action of course. It was basically a great popcorn munching alien film that sent you home with something to think about as well, the age old fascination with our own darker side. Something that I didn't expect when I entered the theater, but have greatly enjoyed in the last two weeks since seeing this film...

score = 80 
This was a great movie.  Started out slow, but it had a plot line at least.

score = 70 
A perfect "multiplex & popcorn" movie. Keeps its speed from the beginning to the end. Pitch Black really tests our eyes and adrenalin level. 107 minutes of high quality horror. I enjoyed it sincerely.

score = 50 
When I first entered this review page I expected a bunch of 40's and 50's for points, instead I find 90's and 100's. I found this movie not too bad but it isn't really a movie I'd buy when it comes out on video. It is worth seeing once but I fojnd it to be a bit un-original. I normally like SCI-FI's but for some reason I didn't really enjoy this one, it seemed a bit childish too.

Michael Baumhover 
score = 100 
I say it was the best video ever.It was real cool how the alians look.I like the way how they made the system with the 3 stars and 2 planets.I hope they make a pitch black 2. 
score = 100 
Van Diesel was awesome.  Plot was very good, not traditional. I thought some scenes didn't have a smooth transition into the next, but was always fairly easy to catch up. Overall, job well done!

score = 100 
This movie was great and filled with suspense.  It had no sex, which is a first for Hollywood and it had an unpredictable plot, also a first for Hollywood. Diesal did a great acting job- better than veteran Bruce Willis- and this kid has little acting experience. It is definitely worth seeing and it doesn't even have your typical huge stars, also a first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Frosty 
score = 100 

lLori sattler 
score = 90 
Perfect choice to use vin diesal as the bad guy.  It was suspense all the way through with physical and sexual conflicts.  Awesome graphics through vins eyes, an interesting way at looking through someone elses eyes.  Vin is sexy and erotic

score = 100 
I thought that this was an awsom movei! i was wondering though if there was any place to find out about Riddick's eyes, couldyou post something please? thanks.

score = 100 
This movie rocks!!!!!!!! it has everything. great action, special effects, alien monsters, and great characters. and vin diesel well he was just the coolest thing since wonder bread in this movie.

score = 100 
This was THE absolute best movie that I have ever seen.  I saw it on its debute night and I'm going to go see it over and over and over.  So all of you stupid film critics, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!

kirsten deming 
score = 90 
What...are the critics CRAZY or something?  This movie was GREAT! Maybe they should learn how to read between the lines a little better.  They would enjoy themselves more often!

score = 60 
Pitch Black seems to be more of an action/adventure movie with humans pitted against nasty aliens rather than a really scary thriller. This movie has some cool special effects, a very macho bad/good guy rolled into one, but it lacks the character development to take it to the next level --the level of Terminator.

score = 100 
I thought the movie was very cool. I like how sex never came into play. Most really good movies are ruined by needless sexual activity. This is one movie that'll be on my shelf very soon!

score = 90 
Those critics must be half-dead if this movie didn't get their pulses racing. Wow! I'm getting this on DVD as soon as it comes out. 
score = 100 
I thought this movie was excellent. It had a good amount of action in it and really shows off Vin Diesel as a good actor. Fantastic. Vin is totally sexy. If anyone knows how to to contact him, can they send me the info?:)

score = 100 
I thought this movie was excellent. It had a good amount of action in it and really shows off Vin Diesel as a good actor. Fantastic

Vin Fan 
score = 100 
I think this movie was excellent and Vin was sooooo gooooooood!!!! I dunno what the hell those critics were thinking!!!

score = 100 
I believe this movie was terrific!  It was orignal, and the main bad-guy, Riddick (Vin Diesel), did a good job at playing a bad guy, trying to help.  I believe that Vin Diesel did a wonderful job with this movie, as well as David Twohy with writing it.  The storyline was really original, and the storyline was terrific.  Riddick's eyes were way cool, I liked the effects.

score = 90 
Based on the anti hero status of Riddick (Vin Diesel) alone I would strongly reccommend this film. However there is alot more ot it than that. Its a story about redemption, but its not preachy. Riddick is someone who has fell out of the human race, a cold blooded predator. Which is the reason he is awake during cryo sleep. On his way back to prison, in the company of a bounty hunter, played by Cole Hauser. 
The ship wanders the the tail of a rogue comet, apparently most people where still getting popcorn and didn't notice the huge glowing ball of rock and ice in the very beginning (see the omvie again, look to the left). The tail of the comet is composed of chunks of rock and ice traveling at a few thousand miles per hour. These little chunk punch through the ship like bullets and kill a number of people including the captain. 
The docking pilot and navigator fall out of cryo first, in the crash landing procedure Fry (the docking pilot) has to purge weight to bring the nose of the ship down. She prepares to dump everything, including the 40 passengers in the hold. The navigator stops her. 
After the crash the few survivors are confronted with the terror of having a serial killer on the lose among them, with only Johns (Cole Hauser) between him and them. But they soon discover that Riddick is not the only thing to fear here. 
The question arises, how on a world with nearly eternal sunlight, could a species that needs darkness evolve. Well there are two possibilites, first they are a sub surface dwelling species, possible but not likely since they can fly. Or secondly, they are not from here. Perhaps, as in Alien, these things are from somewhere else, it would explain how the world at onetime had an ecology and now doesn't. These things arrived and during a few successive eclipses picked it clean. 
But this is not really that important to the plot. There is a point wher Riddick spares Fry, after hearing about her wanting to purge the cargo hold. Why? Maybe he recognizes it as something he would do, maybe it strikes some chord inside him. When they discover the creatures underground, the decide they need Riddick's muscle to help them get an escape ship ready. While prepping the ship, they discover the planet gets plunged into darkness by a full eclipse every 22 years.
 Riddick begins playing mind games with Fry, and he foreshadows the conflict ahead. Having being in prison most of his life, he is most likely more than a little familiar with tense difficult situations. The theme of redemption comes up again when Fry asks Riddick if thre isn't some part of him that wants to rejoin the human race, Riddick's reply "To be honest I wouldn't know how." The movie progresses and as happens in very tense times, when people are dying. Some fold and some don't. Johns shows that he is every bit the survive at all costs person that Riddick is. And Fry is given a choice. Two are left behind, Fry can escape with Riddick, who true to his nature is perfectly willing to leave everyone behind. Fry cannot leave them behind, her selflessness finally seems to hit home with Riddick, maybe it just shows him the way back to being human. In the end Fry sacrifices herself, redeeming her earlier failruer under stress when she would have purged the cargo bay, and by doing so she shows Riddick what it really means to be human. Cole Hauser turns in a very good performance as Johns, and Rahda Mitchell does an excellent job as Fry. Turn by her desire to live and her need to do the right thing, tormented by the memories of her navigator and crew mate who died to save the passengers. But the show stealer is Vin Diesel, who takes a character who could have easily been a piece of terminator meets hannibal the cannibal cardboard. And fleshes it out, aside from one AWFUL one liner that seemed to get a laugh from the pre teen set. 
This film will never impress the "Driving Miss Daisy" critics, and won't win any oscars. But as far as being worth the seven fifty admission, its one of the best I have seen in the last couple of years.

Russell Masterson 
score = 90 
I feel this is the next alein mabye better   and to think no million dollar names in this one   no wearver no arnold no sly no willis and still this movie rocks   can't wait to own it.  I think that in some ways this is better than star wars at least this kept my attention all the way through  and it did it with No nudity proving you can make a great movie without it.

score = 100
I have seen this movie twice now, and I love it! Vin Diesel is a very talented actor and I loved his movie, Strays. He is so hot and I think that we all need to see him in some more movies!

score = 80 
I loved the movie it definetely had me wondering what was going to happen next. Very good movie

score = 90 
I think this movie was thoroughly thought out and exciting. I feel the casting was appropriate, and Vin Diesel was the highlight! I was scared, but not too scared to watch. It made me think, but it wasnt full of bizarre plot twists that made me say, "huh?" Overall my friends and I loved this movie. Good one liners, but not full of them. Definately some tough@$$ scenes.  Refreshing and wonderful!!

score = 50 
I have just started writing at this site and i plan to make an entry after every new movie i see.  this movie was not good, but then again not horrible.  when the movie first started it was like blair witch project all over again.  the camera shooting was awful (and unlike blair witch, it wasn't intended), and oh my god, how about the terrible color during the first 30 min. I do have to give credit to a new type of plot and creature desing though.  It's creativity deserves at least a viewing despite some of the flaws.  Watch it, but definately only on video.  Stay away from paying theater price or you will be dissapointed

score = 10 
The script was undeveloped and underdramatized.  It lacked little at all any plot development.  The best scene in the movie was the one promoted on the commericals. Usually, movies with unknown, yet GOOD actors are pretty impressive.  Ha!! Not in the case of this movie.  I could have done a better job, and I've only been on stage crew.  This movie is not worth paying for.  If you can see it for 4 dollars or less...then have a ball.

score = 30
"But as far as being worth the seven fifty admission, its one of the best I have seen in the last couple of years" - This one is my favorite excuse for bad films. Sometimes even a latrine is being worth the seven fifty admission. Film is not all bad, but only in comparision to the films of the last decade. Beside that it is just another "show me the money" flick. Good entertaitment, but then again, most of the American movie going public does not deserve or even understand anything more complicated then Pitch Black. Most of them have probably never in tehir lifes seen a good movie, so they have to be content with what they are being served as "ghood movies".

score = 90 
A good flick that I saw twice... much better then the competition sci-fi in the theater's Mission to YAWN... A good watch and worth the admission

score = 100
Pitch Black is the best movie of the year in my opinion. It was extremely good. I loved the action and sci-fi. My favorite character was Riddick. I love the whole concept of Riddick. I love the fact that he's extremely good looking and very bad. I got a soft spot for the bad guys that are cool. Plus I love Vin Diesel. I think he's a very good actor. I've seen him in Saving Private Ryan and I want to see Boiler Room. I love how Vin can meld into his character. I also love how he's making something of himself in the hollywood world. I say keep up the good work Vin and cant wait to see you in Knockaround Guys, Doormen, and Thing of Beauty, ect.

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