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Pokemon The First Movie: Wednesday  November 10 

Pokèmon: The First Movie" follows Ash and Pikachu and their pals to a remote island where they are lured into a massive Pokèmon battle which will take all their courage and skill. In the ultimate showdown on New Island, the rare and legendary Pokèmon Mew must do battle with the bio-engineered Mewtwo, a master trainer and the world's most powerful Pokèmon. -- © 1999 Warner Bros.  


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36.38 - Not Worth Seeing

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Kunihiko Yuyama 


Takeshi Shudo 




Pokèmon: The First Movie" follows Ash and Pikachu and their pals to a remote island where they are lured into a massive Pokèmon battle which will take all their courage and skill.


Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum
Racheal Lillis  as Misty
Eric Stuart (III) as Brock Harrison
Ikue Ôtani as Serendipity
Linda Fiorentino as Pikachu 

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Rated PG


Warner Bros.


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 The People's Review of Pokemon The First Movie


score = None 
I think this movie is a good example of what filmmaking and youth culture is coming to. This film was utterly horrible but I guess that would make sense considering it's a movie about the dumbest cartoon on television. When I was a kid we laughed at foreign garbage like this, not to say that all foreign cartoons are bad, but this is ridiculous! DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE!


Jeff Chandler
score = 10
An awful montage of stilted characters and cheap pans across static backgrouds where the sound track doesn't even synchronize with the characters lips.


score = 100
I know I've haven't seen it but I think it will be a good movie. First of all most movie reviewers are old fogies who know diddly squat about Pokemon. You can't talk about a movie if you don't understand the charcters. Reviewers get mad because the Pokemon say their own names. Duh! I'ts made for children! Older kids (10-13) will like the movie because they fight alot.    Kids like the way the Pokemon talk. Why, my son who is in 8th grade comes home and tells me the kids in his class sing the Jigglypuff song. The way I see it is kids love Pokemon because it is their own world. Nobody except kids can understand it.


score = 100
Pokemon is increadable.They are little or big at size.Pokemon are cute and have diffrent powers.I wish Pokemon were real.


score = 80
I'm surprised that this movie has been getting such bad reviews. This movie is at least a little bit enjoyable for adults who take their children. They won't have to sit through any singing characters or a weak plot (considering). This movie is much better than any American kids' movie I've seen, and I don't see why so many reviewers have failed to see that it actually does have some depth.


score = 100
I don't know about all the rest of you, but i think you should all at least give pokemon a chance. many people are trashing pokemon because they think anything that is for a kid is trash. but how if you just give it a chance i think all of us would be able to find some special message in the movie. a definite message is "war is bad". also "love thy neighbor" and it's against racism too. we see the hazards of meddeling with nature. i believe that this is a definitely great movie and a must see movie. it's good for building up your moral or just for pure enjoyment, a change from the hero vs. villian plot.


score = 10
This movie really stinks I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with an IQ over that of a worm. Besides who can follow the 10 billion pokemon characters anyway.  This movie could have directed better by an infant.  Ditto for the sound track. A bunch of crap.


score = 90
I would of given it a 100 but i say the story just went by too fast Mewtwo created then destroys the Two buildings in like 5 minutes i mean it was a good movie but they should of made it go on a little longer.


Richard Monterosso
score = 70
Well, I myself ain't a big pokefan like some. I do collect the cards and play the game and I do enjoy the series.  But in the movies case I believe the series is much better. the only part i didn't like about the movie short film at the begining. In my opinion it was somewhat worth seeing. I found the ploright to the point it didn't drag on.  The animation wasn't too bad either. They could've done a little on the the story. I also think this movie was underrated. I think it deserved more of a pg rating instead of a g raiting. That is my opinion.


score = 90
I was forced to see it during my sister's birthday party, i thought it would be horrible. Not true! It had what disney has been lacking for years....good action. and coming from a kids movie i must say that this is a great one.


John "Figaro" Norris
score = 100
To begin with, I must confess that I had absolutely no knowledge of Pokemon whatsoever (except for the fact that I knew Pikachu) before seeing this film.  I decided to go because I love seeing animation on the big screen.  (I also had a General Cinema exchange pass, so I figured that if I didn't like the film, at least it would not have been a monetary loss.)  So, off I went to see it.  Now, having no Pokemon knowledge, I had difficulty understanding the "Pikachu's Vacation" cartoon.   While it introduced new characters, it didn't do much to acquaint me with the old ones.  So the real entertainment for the first 22 minutes or so was watching and hearing the kids react when their favorite characters appeared on screen.  When the short ended, I hoped that the movie would be more than merely a longer version of what I had just seen. When those first bubbles arose against that black background,  I had the feeling that this WAS going to be more than merely a longer version of the short cartoon.  I was right.  Best of all, I found that I really did not have to have any prior Pokemon knowledge to understand the story (the fact that the characters were identified by their names helped). Some people have said that the soundtrack isn't in sync with the characters' lips.  Of course not!  This was originally Japanese (as the names in the credits indicate), which means that the characters were animated to Japanese dialogue. So naturally the English adaptation doesn't quite fit.  But all things considered, I thought they came darn close (a feat which probably is not very easy to do).   And I loved Mewtwo's voice, not just for the fact that it had a great quality in itself but also for the neat aural effect of having every one of the rear surround speakers in the theater kick in when he communicated psychically compared to other characters' voices coming out of just the front speakers.  A nice job by the recording engineers. Music?  It is so refreshing to hear a score written for animation that doesn't sound like it was 100% synthesizer-generated.  And this film has one of the best song soundtracks I've heard in a long time.  Plus, it makes for great driving music! I used to shy away from anime because I felt that it was just a series of EXTREME close-ups, panning action shots, and skin, depending on the sexual content of what you were watching.  I did not feel this way at all here; in fact I thought the animation was very good.  Having worked at a movie theater before, I have heard many people say that if it doesn't equal Disney it isn't worth seeing.  Let me say this:  the only thing that equals Disney is Disney, and I think it's great when animation has its own look and feel to it. "The Iron Giant" is the only other animated film that I can remember which delivers an anti-violence message.  Sure there is violence here, and I could see why some would have wanted the MPAA to give the film a PG rating, but on the other hand, if animation was COMPLETELY neutered, it wouldn't be worth watching for anyone. I think that sometimes it is necessary to show the bad and its consequences in order to better drive home the point of the message.  Besides, EVERYONE in the film has learned something in the end, including the bad guys. Mewtwo has realized the error of his ways and CHANGES. I  went out and bought the soundtrack immediately after seeing the film.  The next day, I wanted more, so I went to see it again, this time paying cash.  The bottom line is this:  the "Pikachu's Vacation" cartoon took some getting used to, but I found "Pokemon:  The First Movie--Mewtwo Strikes Back" to be fantastic. John


Levi Fuller
score = 10

I have seen it, it has terrible animation and violence for no darn reason. If I made it I would of made it with 3D animation and just little battles, not alot of violence.


Chris Hildreth score = 90 comments = First off I want to remind the feeble minded reviewers of this movie that it is a DUBBED JAPANESE ANIME!!! Of course the voices wouldn't be in synch with the on screen counterparts, it is impossible!!! Besides don't start saying to make a new movie because even the show in syndication is like that. Second, Being a person who has been into Pokemon as soon as has arrived upon our shores(and some time while it was abroad) I have to say that you have to be a fan to truly appreciate this movie. Anyone who was into Pokemon as much as me would agree with me. So if you go to see this movie expecting something else, forget it, you'll only get the same that us pokefans expect. Now my opinon is that this movie followed pretty well to the shows story, but not up to par with the original script(If the original script would have been used, it wouldn't have followed the show too much and probably would have been rated PG-13!)And the soundtrack did leave something to be desired(who really needs to hear Britney Spears and BSB except for young children right?)But other than that, it still remained true to a pokemon fan. So remember, when the next movie comes out, if your not a pokemon fan, stay away and save yourself some money and less time complaing, your blood pressure will thank you.


score = 70



score = 100

Pokemon are terrific.  The critics just need to start getting out more often and actually do some studing on the subject before they say something.  (Yes, I am twelve, but that doesn't mean my opinon shouldn't be heard.)


score = 100
Okay, for all you parents out there, you aren't going to care about what I'm talking about. I feel that "Pokemon the First Movie" great.  It was just like the show only with better graphics.  But most of you don't understand that because you have to watch some parts of a couple of "Pokemon" episodes to understand the plot line. Anyway, I loved the movie, and also, the message of good over evil was clear way before the movie came out.  Just watch the show.


score = None
The movie sucks tottaly there are to many battles and like in 4 min Mewtwo destroyes 2 buildings and the voice didn´t even match with the characters lips I personally think it sucs


score = 100
I think that this is the best Pokèmon match ever! That's why I give it 100 out of 100. Keep going with the movies Pokèmon!!!!


score = 100 
What are you talking about? This movie is absolutly Brilliant!!! You7 don't understand the world of pokemon cos you're just a bunch of old fogies.


score = 100 
Now everyone'll think that because I'm 12 , my opinion shouldn't be heard . Right ? Wrong . Pokemon is my heart , my soul , my life , my everything . So why not bring out a movie about it ?? At least they didn't whack out the colouring like in the Rugrats movie . That movie was stupid . I haven't seen the movie , but I willdo for my birthday . It comes out in the UK in April , one month before my Birthday , and I think it's well worth the wait !! I don't know much about the plot , because I don't want to know until I actually see it . I know that the Pikachu's Vacation short is kinds psychotic in ways , and it doesn't even have the heavenly Brock or James in it !! Evil !! But Mewtwo's revenge .. that look kewl !! Finally , a dark and violent movie about Pokemon , rather than all the chirpy cheerfulness in the TV show . Not that I don't like the TV show , but it can be a bit TOO cheerful . Like when Brock left , Pikachu was HAPPY !!! How can he be HAPPY ?!?!?!?! The most wonderful guy in the whole of Pokemon is LEAVING , and they are HAPPY ?!?!? Ack . But Mewtwo looks good , kinda buff for a Pokemon in my opinion . And Mew looks cute , and Brock looks good ( but a little TOO close to Nurse Joy , in my opinion ..) , and James .. PROWF !! So all you old fogies who don't like Pokemon , WISE UP !! Pokemon is the biggest thing this MILLENIUM , if you can't stand it , ignore it . Leave it to the fans , who know what they are doing , and know what they want to see . If you don't like it , don't see it . Ifya can't stand the heat , get out of the Charizard's head . Okay ? Now leave us Pokefans to enjoy this movie without your blatent crap . You probebly don't like it because it beat your favorite movies off the top spot anyway , but you know what us Pokefans say ? ::Does the ol' toungue-and-eyelid thing:: BEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!



score = 100 

I think this movie rocks! I cannot wait till it comes out on tape. I am so excited!



score = 100 
I just loved it. I liked the bit when Ash said: "It may not have a nickname but I have Charizard, I choose you!" In the mini-movie 'Pikachu's vacation', if you look closely, you will find a lot of shots of Pikachu, Raichu and Pikablu, all together with other pokemon. There was Buru who was named Snubble in the mini-movie. When you see meowth trying to take a catnap, Ekans and Koffing have evolved because meowth is with Arbok and Weezing. In the Movie, the Venusaur trainer calls him 'Boot Root' and the Blastoise trainer calls him 'Shell Shocker'. I have the Pokemon album and when I saw the movie, I found the match to the song 'Brother My Brother' by Blessed Union of Souls. It's when the pokemon are fighting the superclones and are starting to cry. I also found the connection to the movie with 'Don't say you love me' by M2M. It's when all the pokemon are crying because Ash has turned to stone and with the power of love created by the crying, it brings Ash back to life.


Nick Cook 
score = 100 
Pokemon was the best! It is definently a must see. People think just because it was made in Japan or by a Japanise director it isn't worth seeing.


score = 100 
It's the greatest, full of action motion-captured movie i ever saw. definitly a recommender!


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