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Proof of Life: Friday December 15, 2000

In this romantic drama, Peter Bowman (DAVID MORSE), an American engineer in a Latin American country, is captured by anti-government forces. When the rebels learn his identity they demand $6 million for his safe return. However, his U.S. employer is on the verge of insolvency and will not provide the ransom.
Peter's wife Alice (MEG RYAN) is forced to deal with the matter on her own. She retains the services of freelance professional hostage negotiator Terry Thorne (RUSSELL CROWE). With the help of a fellow negotiator, Dino (DAVID CARUSO), and a trio of highly trained mercenaries, Terry mounts a bold operation to rescue Peter that could as easily result in disaster as in triumph. 2000 Warner Bros 


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Meg Ryan as Alice Bowman
Russell Crowe as  Terry Thorne
David Morse as Peter Bowman

Running Time

2hr 15min


Rated R:for violence, language and some drug material


Warner Bros




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 The People's Review of Proof of Life

Score = "80" 
"There were slower moments (sorry for those of you that are action-holics) but they were necessary to the story. Even action films need to have character development and I believe that this one delivers. An intelligent film. I was impressed enough to see it a second time. "

Score = "80" 
"It was a very well done movie. Very different from usual kidnapping movies. It portrayed lifestyles of people working in multinationals at these third world countries, and the risk they go through. for a change a movie people can relate to, being from a faming from a family like this i can assure you of that. The drama the movie has is also very realistic. It looks at many different aspects involved in situations like this, not just families crying over the kidnapping all day long. These are the tense moments where people contemplate about life...and the movies covers that appropriatly. Overall a very good movie...might not be something to watch to have the thrills of an action movie, but to understand these situations better." 

Score = "30" 
"I laughed, I cried, I had a bowel movement. After sitting in a vegetative state realizing that at some point Meg Ryan was going to have to hump Russel Crow I decided to pinch a loaf and boy I give the gleaming tile a score of 30, they were so twinkly and serene. In the end both me and the director of that godforsaken movie produced the same thing. Need I saw more?" 

Score = "60" "It was good the first half and second was like what the hell happen. Russel Crowe tried to be Schwarzenegger in this film, i dont think so. Meg Ryan was to much of a soft and trying to be sexy type of person in this movie after her husband got kidnapped ""?"" this film was not the worst but i really dont see the big deal about this movie, it was kind of cheesy and the action was slow. " 

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