Ready To Rumble

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Ready to Rumble: Friday April 7, 2000

Wrestling champion Jimmy King (OLIVER PLATT) is everything die-hard wrestling fans Gordie Boggs (DAVID ARQUETTE) and Sean Dawkins (SCOTT CAAN) would love to be. A dreamer, an athlete, a true champion — with his crown, cape and scepter, he is a giant in his profession. Other wrestlers can only tremble in fear of his deadly finishing move, "The Crown" — a two-handed flying slap.

Gordie and Sean live at home, have dead end jobs and no girlfriends, but none of that matters on Friday night when they at last get to see their idol live and in person at WCW Monday Nitro.

But as the lights swirl and the Nitro girls dance, something goes horribly wrong for the King. He is ambushed by a ring-full of hostile turn-coats. At the match’s shocking end, Jimmy King takes a mighty, career-ending fall. After his humiliating defeat, the King disappears into obscurity, a casualty to the high drama of the wrestling profession.

Heartbroken and in shock, Gordie and Sean nonetheless decide to embark on an odyssey of discovery to hunt down their fallen hero.

In space fourteen of the St. Francis Motor Court, they come face to face with a drunken, bitter Jimmy King — a phony with a made-up past whose inspirational phrases were all scripted. But Gordie and Sean will not be discouraged. Beneath the beer gut and grizzle, they still see glimpses of their hero and vow to do whatever it takes to restore their King to his throne, no matter how many rules — or bones — get broken in the process. -- © 2000  Warner Bros

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Brian Robb (I) 


Steven Brill




David Arquette as Gordie Boggs
Oliver Platt as Jimmy King
Scott Caan as Sean Dawkins
Bill Goldberg(II) as Himself
Rose McGowan as Sasha
Joe Pantoliano as Titus Sinclair
Rose McGowan as Sasha

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Rated PG-13 for language, crude humor, sexual content including brief nudity, and wrestling violence.


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 The People's Review of Ready To Rumble

score = 70 
I liked it because it was pretty funny to me. I know that some people or... most people wouldn't really find it funny but I guess teens who like wrestling would like this movie, because I'm a teen and I like wrestling, I also like the kind of humour in it. I haven't seen any reviews on it but I can guess that the reviews wouldn't be that great. But this isn't what the reviews say, this is what I say and I say its a good pretty good movie.