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Road Trip: Friday May 19, 2000

When you're in a committed relationship and have sex with another person it's not cheating if you're in different area codes. It's not cheating if you're too wasted to remember it, because if you can't remember  it, it never really took place. Ivan Reitman, the producer of "National Lampoon's Animal House," brings the tradition of the college road trip to the 90s in an outrageous comedy form DreamWorks Pictures and The Montecito Pictures Company. "Road Trip" is directed by Todd Phillips, whose " Frat House" won the Grand Jury Prize at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. Daniel Goldberg and Joe Medjuck produced the film  2000 DreamWorks Pictures.


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63 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Todd Phillips 


Todd Phillips 
Scot Armstrong 




Seann William Scott as E.L.
DJ Qualls as Kyle Edwards
Breckin Meyer as Josh Porter
Fred Ward as Earl Edwards
Andy Dick as Motel Clerk
Rachel Blanchard as Tiffany 
Tom Green as Barry

Running Time

1hr 37min


Rated R for strong sexual content, crude humor, language and drug use.






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 The People's Review of Road Trip

sam (stifler addict)
score = 100
a definate YES! to have the combination of tom green's sick but brilliant humour (slutmobile) mixed with sean scott's corny wise cracks is the recipe for sheer explosion. it's a must see my fave scenes are the one where tom decides to offer his own arm as a sacrifice to the snake instead of the mouse, an accident of course, where the car blows up and the sperm bank scene!
a really really funny film!
had me in fits as my laugh echoed the whole cinema!

Robert Bate
score = 100
Definately a very funnmy movie.  If you liked american pie, you'll love this, its all out loud laughs and crude jokes.  soundtrack is good too. A definately buy on DVD/VHS.
rob UK

score = 100
Better than American Pie which has been the funniest Film, I've ever seen! You should go to the film with many friends and you'll have tears in your eyes because of laughing so much!
I don't understand the critics, but I agree: It's not a film for children younger than 14 years!
Anyway, the best film this year!

score = 100 
That was the funniest movie I've ever seen in my life!!  I've seen it 7 times now!  Tom Green is the best comedy actor out there.  He can keep a strait face and act serious when all kinds of weird stuff is goin' on around him.  Go see the movie, you won't regret it!  Even my MOM liked it!

score = 100 
Has to be one of the funniest movies of the summer!  If you like Tom Green or not, this movie will take you on the laugh session you've been needing!!!

Kathy M. 
score = 90 
This was an excellent movie.  I don't know why the critics are so stingy with their rating.  Actually the fact that it "works" so well is a real testimony to the people who put it together as well as the actors.  Every piece of it "works."  That is not an accident.  It was funny and warmhearted and well acted and well directed and well photographed and well edited.

score = 100 
I thought the movie was funny and anybody who has a sense of humor should go out and see it!!

score = 100 
I thought Road Trip was one of the best movies if the year. to have sean scott and tom green in the same movie ensured non stop laughs.....Breckin meyer is the man.....Amy smart is the most beautiful girl in the world....Dj Qualls carrer is gonna blow up soon....this movie was great peace out

score = 80 
This isn't the best movie I've seen, but I suggest that anyone who is looking for a good laugh should go see it.  It's hilarious and worth more credit then it's getting.

score = 70 
All I can say is that this movie was really funny and should be enjoyed by the same crowd that liked "American Pie" Tom green added really funny stuff to the movie but i'm glad he wasn't really a main character, otherwise the movie would have been too screwed up to have a real storyline. But I think this movie is worth buying when it comes out on video or DVD.