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Rules of Engagement: Friday April 7, 2000

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT -- Directives issued by competent military authority which delineate the circumstances and limitations under which United States forces will initiate and/or continue combat engagement with other forces encountered. -- Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Term
Col. Terry Childers (Samuel L. Jackson) is a 30-year Marine veteran: a decorated officer with combat experience in Vietnam, Beirut and Desert Storm-- a patriot, a hero. But now, the country he served so well has put him on trial for a rescue mission that went terribly wrong. For his attorney, he has chosen Marine Col. Hays Hodges (Tommy Lee Jones), a comrade-in-arms who owes his life to Childers. Hodges is not the best lawyer in the service, but Childers trusts him as a brother Marine who knows what it's like to risk death under fire. Bound by duty and friendship, Hodges reluctantly takes the case, even as he begins to doubt the man who saved his life in Vietnam three decades ago.
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William Friedkin 


James Webb (III)  
Stephen Gaghan 




Tommy Lee Jones  as Colonel Hayes Hodges 
Samuel L. Jackson as Colonel Terry L. Childers 
Ben Kingsley as Ambassador

Running Time

1hr 55min 


Rated R






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 The People's Review of Rules of Engagement  

score = None 
the movie sucked.  it's plot was foolish and it gave bad credit to people who did not deserve the credit.  save that for the true terrorist.  next time someone wants to do a movie like this one, it should be better researched and not so hollywood like.

L. Wallace 
score = 90 
I think the chemistry between Jones and Jackson and the message set this movie apart from the Nickolson/Cruse film.  It brought strong feelings to mind about the risks we place our servicemen in and the extent they go to protect us.  I liked it.  It had character too few movies have these days.

score = None
This was a great movie. Was it based on a true story? Movie brought out strong emotions about how little us civilians appreciate what those in the service fought for and preserved for the rest of us.

score = 70 
This has been done in different ways, but it always brings a lump in my throat to realize what our 'boys' went through in the wars and don't get the credit they deserve.  Anyone that loves this country should appreciate the message here.

score = 10 
As a former Marine and one who served in Yemen, I'll just say, OUTSTANDING!  OOO-rah!  Ending could have been a tad better (maybe having an overhead satellite photo confirming the truth of what went down). Oh well, can't be perfect.

score = 100 
As a Marine, the movie loved the movie from the opening credit, another great Marine Movie in a long list of great Msrine movies. Semper fi

score = 70 
We enjoyed this movie. Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson are marvelous actors and to see them together in one film, is worth the price of admission. The ending was a little too pat.

score = None 
it sends the wrong message to americans, it is an anti arab, anti islamic movie tha made sick to my stomach.  it is unfortuante that hollywood once again stereotypes and labels terrorist and inhumane.  shame on them

score = 70 
Overall Plot held up. I thought that Tommy Lee Jones played out to be a better lawyer then anyone would have hoped for. Samuel L Jackson was good in his role. Court Room Drama went on for a bit to long..some intense scenes made it work but the evidence against Jackson was so strong that it made the ending kinda hokie. But I enjoyed it more for the realistic action and settings that made the film believable

score = 100
I thought it was one of the best movies that I have ever seen.  It made me so proud of our military men and women who serve our country so honorably, and never truly get the respect and recognition that they so rightly deserve.

score = 90 
As a former US Marine Officer, helicopter pilot, Vietnam Veteran, West Texan, former Air America, Inc. pilot and strong  believer in our system of government along with truth, honesty, integrity, and dedication, I admired the movie and story.  The story told of the changing responsibility of our military men and the risk and responsibilities of those individuals.  Their split second and immediate decision making capabilities and responsibilities are massive.  The pressure on these individuals is nearly unbelievable. They are being held accountable for those split second assessments of serious decision making responsibilities.  The movie showed how politicians can Sunday morning quarterback  the game after the fact and screw over individual worthy Americans to satisfy their own agendas.  The weak link in our system is the bureacrats which has been proven over and over again.  The ending was a little weak, but the guts of the story by far made up for it. The actors must be commended on a wonderful performance. WesTexan

score = 80 
in think "Rules of Engagment" is a movie that is worth seeing because it shows what really happens during combat, and the tough decisions that many people have to make in the spur of the moment,weither the decision is good or bad.

V Vinson 
score = 90 
This was all about character and conviction. I didn't see anti-arab sentiment;I suspect the person who said that is not of Arab decent. It gave a clear example of how those who have never experienced conflict are quick to condemn those who have. Great film.

score = None 
I agree with the person who wrote that this movie is racist and anti Arab. shame on paramount pictures making such a film.William Fredkin should stop making racist anti Arab movies. Shame on you William.

score = 80 
Critic’s Corner: Rules of Engagement is a great movie that employs military excitement with honor and prestige. If you are a military fan like I am, this movie really gets you pumped up. Through some of the movie, different scenes may confuse you at first, yet after certain portions of film are revealed, you get a better understanding. The movie really portrays the lack of understanding o9f the U.S. Military and what it stands for. It also shows the lying and cover-ups that disease all governments. A good movie. This is another movie that makes the American public afraid of the U.S. government and military. It shows the evil-mindedness of the NSA and what happens when a decorated officer makes a “so-called” mistake. In the end, it is revealed why the officer (Childers) made the decision. This movie is a good watch that will make you mad and happy, at the same time.

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