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Save the Last Dance: Friday January  12, 2000

Sara's life is devoted to dance - she wants nothing more than to make it into New York's famous Juilliard School. But when tragedy strikes and she loses her mom, her hopes are dashed and she buries her dreams of ever attending the country's best dance school. 2000 Paramount Pictures






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64.63 - Go See At Matinee

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65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

 The People's Review of Save the Last Dance

score = 100
This Movie was Totally killer. It was fun and full of emotion. Not only on the screen but in the hearts of the people watching. It made me wanna get up and dance right there! As a 23 year old college Student out of Duke.I resent the fact that some LOW MINDED Fool, Whom doesn't know a good movie when they see one, goes around saying that the movie is for people who like Boy Bands. Excuse me! I am totally not for that pop crap. I am a hip hop person at heart. And I also went with my boyfriend, mother, grandmother, and a few of my Boyfriend's friends. They all thought this movie was outstanding. One of my dear friends named Aaron is dating a "white" girl. He says this movie put him at ease. And that it really hit home. I,being a "white" girl myself, find it fitting...With my boyfriend also being "black" I felt I could relate. So I think this movie was VERY WELL Written. As soon as I left the movie I made my b/f take me to buy the soundtrack. And I can't WAIT for it to come out on video! GO SEE IT!

Alex E.
score = 90
I agree that this is one of the better movies I have seen in a while. Regardless of what some critics have to say about the movie having 'no depth'; you miss the point. And,to the comment made by a viewer, Somnath, I never cared for the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, but I enjoyed this movie.Good music is like a good movie; it is a matter of opinion.Don't put down other people's opinions just because you can't open your heart to the real meaning of the movie.This is not just a kiddie movie, you have to open your heart a little,and be able to relate to the storyline. Believe in someone else, change a life, and live your dream! I have seen several movies over the years and this one is not played out!

Michelle Lombardo
score = 100
I seen many previews for Save The Last Dance before it came out and it looked like a movie I would enjoy, little did I know how much I would love it. I loved the music, I loved the actors, I loved the story line. As a teenager I feel many people like to relate themselves to a character or characters in a movie. It's nice to know you are not the only one going through certain issues. Save The Last Dance protrayed the reality of how an interracial relationship can be and how it often is. Not everyone may understand or except what it is you want but in reality it's what you want and how you feel.
     Another reason why I loved Save The Last Dance is the dancing. I thought the music and Stiles final performance was beauitful. Stiles blew me out of the water.
     Save The Last Dance shows nothing is easy and you have to work hard for what you want. I recommend it for people who love to laugh, cry and smile. Maybe if we do more things for ourselves and over come what it is everyone else thinks;we would be better off!

score = 90
This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time!  An awesome, upbeat teen move that makes me want to get up and dance.  I have seen it three times already with different friends.  Hot cast and great music!  Everyone must see it at least once!

score = 100
Contrary to the popular critics, who can almost be used as a movie guide hypocrtical to that which they are used,(if they hate the film, its going to be awesome and vice versa)this movie was one of the most  energizing, thought provoking, and emotionally satisfying ever.  The casting was right on (I can't imagine any other than Julia as Sara).  Almost every aspect of the feature was perfected and thoroughly entertaining.  I thank Thomas Carter and Paramount Pictures for the opportunity to see it.


score = 70
I thought this movie was really entertaining and it definatley made me want to go clubbing right after I saw it.  I walked out of the theatre with this attitude like I wasn't going to take any shit from anyone, and felt confident beyond words.  I've never had that type of feeling or powerful effect from a movie after just watching it.  For those that argue that the plot wasn't very deep, I agree, it wasn't.  However I enjoyed watching the choreography and the idea that character achieved part of her dream in the end.  It's so hard today to be successful in the arts-- its one of the most competitive businesses.  Also, I liked seeing what I cannot do.  All the moves and steps that the dancers displayed are just so cool to look at.  Not all movies have to have deep profound meaning to be good.  Some people love movies just for their simplicity and a good laugh.  It was good and the soundtrack is great.

score = 100
I thought this was a great movie, and one of the best I have seen in a long time.  I love movies full of dancing, and if it has a good soundtrack like this one, its even better.  The soundtrack is hot, and Julia's and Sean Patrick's acting was both good and convincing, and contrary to many reviwes, I thought the plot was great.  If you don't like movies about dancing or a love story, then don't see this movie. But if you do, you should definitely see this movie, a must see!

alana rodriguez
score = 90
i think this was such a good movie!  i loved it!  i think it is so great for portraiting a interracial relationship.  i think it is good for anybody that likes to go to the movies.  it has something for everyone:  romance, adventure, drama and a little action.  i thoght it was great!!!

score = 80
This was a great movie geared towared the younger generation.  So much in our times, dreams are lost and never found again, and this movie portrays the rediscovering of a dream.  The dance scenes in this movie are more realistic than any I have seen recently.  I feel that this movie was well written, well cast, and has an awesome sountrack and message.  As to your sight for this movie, I definitely feel that this movie should rank in the high ends of "Worth Seeing."  Furthermore, your sight would seem a bit more "high class" if you actually got the right actors with the right character they portrayed.  It seems amazing to me that both Julia Stiles and Kerry Washington could be the character "Sara Johnson" and that Sean Patrick Thomas could play the role of "Chenille Reynolds."  Better check your facts on your sight before you can hold a claim to be a sight that is "Worth My Time."

hip hop girl
score = 90
this movie was great! A definite "worth seeing"! I'm kinda disappointed in the ratings, but then again, I don't think the right age group is reviewing this movie. I give it an A+!

score = 50
I find it hard to believe that people actually rated this film 100.  "Best movie I've seen in a long time?"  Please.
Though this movie did some positive highlights, namely a few intelligent one-liners, and sections of inspiring choreography by Fatima, it wasn't really that good, to put it mildly.  The plot was "played out" and sometimes even "bootleg."  The acting was fair, lacking any real depth.  The fact that the main actors relied on body doubles for many of their dance moves took away from the movie as well.
I liked the concept of interracial romance, though it was presented at levels far below that of "Jungle Fever."
In conclusion, if you rate NSYNC and/or Backstreet Boys as your favorite music group, you probably will truly enjoy this movie.  If not, wait until it airs on MTV (god knows they advertise it enough).

Adam G.
score = 100
I have been an avid viewer of movies. I found that Julia Stiles made this movie, with out her the shoe's of Sara Johnson would not have been filled. And Sean Partick Scott did an outstanding job as Chenille Reynolds. But I this movie is a ground breaker for MTV to produce. Most of their films have been comedies (example: Joe's Appartment, Beavis and Butt-head do America, Dead Man on Campus, etc.). So for a mainly comedy producing company this film is a film which guys can take their girlfriends and enjoy it. It is not a "chick-flick" in any sense though it may have some "touching" parts. This film aims at mainly teens. But will hit families across the world. It is worth seeing more than once. Even though today's theatre prices are definately rediculous this film is worth every bit of the admission price. I definately give it 100 out of 100 but if I could I'd give it 130 ouut of 100.

score = 90
Contrary to most other reviews, I loved the film.  I thought the plot line was well thought out, and the entire thing kept me entertained.  The fact that I'm a dancer may have something to do with my high review, and from a dancer's persective I have to say that I think the dancing was sensational.  Stiles and Thomas had a greta on-screen chemistry.  I'd see it again!

Jackie A.
score = 100
This movie was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.. Lately it seem likes the movies were hitting a "dry spell" coming out with nothing but "duds" I saw this opening night and believe me when I say it was worth every penny I spent on the ticket and more.  The movie is a very good example for the world and it did a very good job in showing the world that interracial relationships can work. Not only that but it is a very wide eye opener to what world is like A definete must see for Everyone.

score = 100
This movie is a "Mustt See" Especially if you're a teenager.Julia stiles is terrfic, and the movies story line was well written, ad Fatima did great on the choreography.Everyone should see this drama/romance/commedy. It's also a pretty date-worthy flick.I'd go see it again..and again. I'm planning on geting the soundtrack awell as the movie when it's available on video.

score = 100
i love this movie.I dont think they could have made it any better..i like the plot of it and how she moves and makes a life somewhere else without her mom.this movie deserves a 100 and i am defenitly going to buy this movie

score = 100
This movie was off the hook!!It's a must see....TODAY!!!!!!!It's not a bout a white girl wanting to be white it's about a girl going through  troubles and she meets her love and everything seems better for her. It's about love, bravery, and honesty.Go see it!



Thomas Carter


Duane Adler 
Cheryl Edwards

Toni Ann Johnson




Julia Stiles as Sara Johnson
Vince Green as Snookie 
Terry Kinney as Roy
Marcello Robinson as Wonk
Fredro Starr as Malakai
Sean Patrick Thomas as Chenille Reynolds
Kerry Washington as Sara Johnson
Garland Whitt as Kenny

Running Time

1hr 45min


PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned
for violence, sexual content, language and brief drug references


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