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Scary Movie: Friday July 7, 2000

From Director Keenen Ivory  Wayans ( Low Down Dirty Shame and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka) comes a movie that is said to take gross out comedy to a new low. Scary Movie is a parody of I Know What You Did Last  Summer and Scream, but it also spoofs films like,  The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, and The Blair Witch Project. 


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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 75 25 68 62.5 57.63


57.63 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Keenen Ivory Wayans 


Phil Beauman 
Jason Friedberg 


Comedy / Horror


Carmen Electra as Drew Becker
Shannon Elizabeth as Buffy Gellar 
Shawn Wayans
Marlon Wayans

Running Time

1hr 29min


Rated R for strong crude sexual humor, language, drug use and violence


Dimension Films




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 The People's Review of Scary Movie  

score = 80
I thought this was one of the funniest movies of the summer, except fo maybe "Me, Myself and Irene" and I am sure all of the people who hated this movie also hated "Me, Myself and Irene" Scary Movie was really quite intelligent becuase it satarizing our society and the people in it. Playing on trends and sexuality to make us laugh. I think this movie hit to close to home and/or used content which we as a North American society are uncomfortable with. To all those people lighten up, please. If you didn't like the movie fine with me but if you want to whine and complain about the ratings come on. Maybe you should grow up and realize that sex is everywhere and rather than hide it we should maybe make it a bit more important in society.

score = 40
comments = Yes well. After viewing this, I was quietly bemused by a few of the jokes throughout the movie. All the rest you can forget about, or shut your eyes while watching. Cringe all you want, it won't make the scenes go away... Oh, I did like Doofys' appearence half-way, though he dosen't say anything funny.

score = 90
comments = Absolutly hillarious. It takes a certain type of humor i suppose, but in most parts of this film my friend and i were crying with laughter. if you don't like this you should go get yourself a humor transplant, because as far as i'm concerned, films like this should be made more often!

score = 50
comments = OK, granted I was a little drunk while watching this one; but reviews confirm my memories ;).  The first five minutes were great, but its one of those movies with some hits, outdone by far too many misses.  Certainly there were several mint moments in the movie, but there were also many sad attempts at comedy as well as some really grotty scenes!! (hey, some people go for that I spose).

score = 100 
I LOVED IT! SO FUNNY! Whoever says this is a bad movie just has no sense of humor. Geeze , just let yourself relax! Sure there is sexual content but that's life! Sex is a part of life , why not get a good laugh at somebody's sexual life and thank god it's not yours!

J. Galt 
score = None 
Giving this waste of time and money 0 points would be too good. Sad to see todays youth find this sort of garbage entertaining. This movie makes South Park almost seem intelligent (and thats really Scary).

how about bad movie? 
score = 20 
 This movie was...bad.  It had some very, very crude humor in it but all the jokes were about swear words and sex.  I agree with other people that this movie should have been rated NC-17.  It was not really funny, at all.

Elita Antezana 
score = 80 
I thought this movie was great it was hilareous but, it was also really nasty. I think that this movie kids shouldn't be allowed it isn't the type of movie parents should take their kids too. Either way I think it is one of the best movies I have seen.

score = 30 
The only reason i gave this movie a thirty is that it did make me laugh.  Put it also was terrible due to the sexual explicit scenes.  The aspect of the movie that was really it's downfall was the fact that the movie would have been just as funny without those disgusting scenes.

Luke Morine 
score = 100 
This Movie was a great laugh and I loved it! im only 13 but any teen would love it!!! USA today is full of crap and don't know a good movie if it bit em 

score = 100 
I thought this movie was really funny because they were taking some scenes out of other movies and putting it in their movie and I thought that was really cool. And the killer rocked big time. I would definetly go see it again.That movie kicked .That's why I gave it an A.

score = 10 
Anyone who laughed is proof of the downfall of society today. Its funny that few people understood the ending scenes were based on an awesome, yet somewhat old, movie "The Usual Suspects" Check it out for real entertainment instead of the pornographic disgusting garbage being made lately

score = 80 
This movie was one of the funniest moves i've ever seen!! It was really great. Especially the parts where they made fun of other movies like Scream, Blair Witch Project, Sixth Sense, Matrix, and I know what you did last summer. But i really didn't like the porno parts, but the guy sitting next to me sure did!! It's a really good movie and you should go see it, especially if you've seen all the other movies they talk about in it, or you wouldn't really understand some parts of it.

score = 80 
Before you see this movie, make sure that you use the bathroom.  I kinda couldn't wait for the movie to finish cause I had to go to the bathroom bad.  And I kept laughing which made it worse.  But if you go to the bathroom, you'll miss many of the constant jokes.  This movie mainly spoofs the first Scream.  This movie has a lot of what some may consider offensive, but so what. It spoofs I know what you did, Scream, Blair Witch, Matrix, Sixth Sense, and people tend to leave out final destination.  Guaranteed laughs.

score = 10 
I by ACCIDENT went and saw the matinee...GOOD thing i did!  This was the WORST piece of garbage evermade! How has Keenen Wayans managed to last so long in this buisness?! He has made crap movie after crap movie. I did laugh some. However, The majority of the time I was thinking to my self "So who wrote this script was it Kevin Willams or Phil Beauman and Jason Friedberg?" This movie COPIES Scream(1-3) and I know what you did last summer. It Does not make fun of the movies it completly grabs entire lines of text. To make it even worse the acting is TERRIBLE the soundtrack and composing does not help to make the movie fun, exciting, dramactic, or any of the possible moods. IT simply makes the movie stink even more!  There have been several movies that "HOLLYWOOD" has put out that completely lack all the good makings of a Feature Film. I say next time anyone is thinging of giving money to Keenen Just throw it out to the Indepentent scene There are better film makers there that can really use the support and backing from large funding companies.

dan venture 
score = 80 
I saw the movie and man was it great it was hilarious escpecially when they spoofed scream its about time someone made fun of those movies but i really enjoyed it and was laughing ALOT!!!

score = 80 
The director did everything he wanted to do.  He made me (a normal "joe") laugh , while the reveiwer sitting next to me, was afraid to even snicker.  Thought it was disgusting, sick, un-p.c., insulting, and hilarious.

score = 20 
This was the absolute worst movie I've ever seen.  It was basically soft-core porn and I can't believe it was rated R rather than X.  You would think that Scary Movie was written by sexually active 12 year old boys.

Frank Kaestner 
score = 100 
Waring if your going to go watch this movie make sure not to eat or drink while whatching the movie. I choke eating a Starburst. This is the most funniest movie ever. You won't stop laughing in the whole movie. Also if you are going to go whatch it wait until all the way at the end there will be a funny clip!

score = 60 
Hi, I won some free passes to see a sneak preview of Scary Movie, so I got to see it on Wednesday instead of on the Friday when it comes out.  All I have to say about the movie is don't eat popcorn or anything you can choke on during the movie.  I almost choked on my popcorn, I was laughing so hard!  This is one funny movie, if you dig that kind of sick humour.  All I know is that I've never laughed so hard at a movie in as long as I can remember.  Go see this movie, but be warned, there are some damn nasty scenes in there (funny as hell, but real nasty).   HAVE FUN!

score = 70 
Went to see a sneak preview and I don't think I stopped laughing until I left and realized how stupid this movie was.  My original thought was that all the funny parts were shown in the trailer.  WRONG!!  The beginning was just like Scream, just funny, and the lead in to the Blair Witch spoof was great.  Lots of crotch jokes with some pretty risque scenes.

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