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Shaft: Friday June 16, 2000

Crooked cops on the take small-time drug lords sleazy informers and sadistic rich kids ready to kill -- for police detective John Shaft, its just another night in the underbelly of New York City, another shift facing down cops and criminals who want him dead and a legal system that thrives on money, not justice.
With Samuel L. Jackson in the starring role and John Singleton directing, "Shaft" is a new approach to one of the great film icons of the 1970s. Hes tough, hes smart, hes cool just what youd expect from a man whose uncle and mentor is John Shaft, who, now as then, is played by Richard Roundtree. Also starring in the Paramount Pictures presentation are Vanessa Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Christian Bale, Dan Hedaya, Busta Rhymes and Toni Collette. 2000 Paramount Pictures


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63.5 - Go See At Matinee

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Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


John Singleton


Richard Price


$40 Million


Action / Crime


Samuel L. Jackson as John Shaft
Christian Bale as Walter Williams 
Vanessa Williams

Running Time

1hr 36min


Rated R strong violence and language


Paramount Pictures





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 The People's Review of Shaft

score = 90 
Although the plot was stale,unoriginal,and very predictable,I loved the action and the comedic performance by Jeffrey Wright. I also thought that the actors chosen for the part of Peoples and Walter are VERY TALENTED and I hope to see LOTS more of them. This movie is worth seeing if you really like action,comedy,and cute guys.*LoL* 
score = None 
An open letter to Samuel L. Jackson and John Singleton: I have admired all your films and have seen you progress from originally depicting stereotypical roles to more normal, and even heroic, characters for African Americans. So it was that I went to see "Shaft" with my 16-year-old son. I loved the movie, but was horrified to see that every single Latino character was a criminal drug dealer (even the women). I saw "good" and "bad" white and black characters, but there was not even one "good" Latino in the entire movie (the only passable one was the "snitch" who got killed, but the actor was really a "brother" who spoke very bad, very fake Spanish). Also, the regional accents of these so-called Latinos was obviously that of west-coast Chicanos. But, hey, the movie was set in New York City, which is predominantly Puerto Rican and Dominican. Listen up, Samuel L. Jackson and John Singleton, if you are going to represent us, please be fair and get the facts straight. We're not all drug dealers and criminals, you know. (A disappointed fan)

score = 90 
As usual, Christian Bale (and w/o even being the title character) takes this movie to another level--he's such an awesome actor--generates energy and interest in every scene he's in.  Sorry, but Jackson just isn't as cool as Roundtree as Shaft--where Roundtree was smooth, Jackson was hard--not as appealing--but he is a great actor, gets the job done--and he is one bad mutha...  Just my opinion, OF COURSE!  :)

Katie A. Couvson 
score = 100 
I thought the moveie was well produced and excellently played by Samual L. Jackson, and Others. I have seen all 3 Shaft movies in the past and this one is the best of all. Keep up the good work. I have recommended this to all of my friends.

score = 40 
Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft was too violent.  If you remember, Roundtree as Shaft was cool, calm, laid back.  Jackson knocked people out for no reason.  The only high points of the film was the two bad guys.  Christian Bale and Jeffrey Wright are the only two interesting characters and make the scenes with Jackson seem boring.  I would much rather see the original Shaft.

Kathlene Ferguson 
score = 80 
I went to see Shaft last night and although it was not exactly what I expected, it was a pretty decent movie, it is worth seeing.  The acting was done quite well and Samuel L. Jackson, was on point as usual - I don't know much about this man except from his movies but he his definitely one of best in Hollywood.  Go see the movie, it will be well worth the admission fee.

score = 90 
It was great, although it didn't depict the real John Shaft as well as I would have liked it to. It was interesting to see the "old" Shaft appear as his (Shaft's) Uncle. Be sure to look for the hidden cameo. All in all it was a great movie and had lot's of funny humor. It is action packed and chock-full of all the daily "Shaft-ism" one might need. America's James Bond!

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