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Shanghai Noon: Friday May 26, 2000

The Wild West meets the Far East in a battle for honor, royalty, and a trunk full of gold when acrobatic Imperial Guard Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) comes to America to rescue a beautiful kidnapped Chinese princess (Lucy Liu). With the help of a partner he doesn't trust (Owen Wilson), a wife he doesn't want, a horse he cannot ride and martial arts moves no one can believe, Chan finds himself facing the meanest gunslingers in the West. -- © Buena Vista Pictures Distribution


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63.75 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Tom Dey


Miles Millar 
Alfred Gough


Action / Comedy


Jackie Chan  as Chon Wang
Owen Wilson as Roy O'Bannon
Rafael BŠez as Vasquez

Running Time

1hr 45min


Rated PG-13 for action violence, some drug humor, language and sensuality.


Buena Vista Pictures


All Types


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 The People's Review of Shanghai Noon

score = 90 
This movie is definitely worth seeing because it is hillarious, interesting and very entertaining. It is definitely worth the money. The chemistry between Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson is great. The martial arts is also as superb.

score = 90 
I actually liked this movie. It had everything I needed: action, comedy and a (very) little bit of romance. As always Jackie Chan stole the show with moves that were so good and so impossible that only he could have pulled them off. Another nice touch was this wife that he didn't want and the way that she saved them each time just as they were about to fall into trouble. In fact, the only reason it didn't get a score of 100 was because they (his real wife) ended up with Owen Wilson and not with him.

Huy Nguyen 
score = 60 
I think this movie is not a very good movie.  What I do not like most about the movie is how the Chinese emperor times is mixed with the American cowboy times.  The Chinese emperor times was way long before the American cowboy times.  That part just doesn't make any sense.  The movie isn't so interesting neither.  And this movie doesn't contain much martial arts action.  I don't think this movie is worth seeing.

score = 90 
This movie was hilarious, enjoyable, and entertaining. It is a great summer comedy/action flick (Jackie Chan's specialty) for the whole family and will most likely do well at the box office. This movie was more enjoyable than Jackie Chan's last movie Rush Hour (1998). Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson had great chemistry, which helped create a very funny western. Owen Wilson deserves a lot of credit in his lines and his delivery of them to make his character both admirable and hilarious.

The Rater 
score = 100 
I love this movie. Finaly you get to see something that has Jackie Chan in it and he can speak english. Jackie Chan is my role model and i am defenetly going to see this movie again and again. I expesially liked the part where he was drunk and he fell off of his horse. This movie i saw with my friend, but he fell asleep. I am the only one who likes Jackie Chan in my group. Owen Wilson did a good role also because he was the funniest at being invincible.

Troy Tennard 
score = 80 
Overall this was a decent flick.  The only reason for me to go was Jackie Chan.  I am a big fan of Hong Kong movies and the casting of Roger Yuen , Yu Rong Guang and a few other Hong Kong actors was a definate bonus.  The story was good and Owen Wilson was enjoyable, very funny.  However I felt that the movie was not really focused.  Perharps a different director could have made a more cohesive movie.  Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson worked well together, however I feel that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker made a better team.  I am not a big fan of Rush Hour, however I feel that thier teaming worked better. Overall this was a very enjoyable and funny movie, however I am extremely biased.  There was no way I was not going to like this movie. The main attraction of Shanghai Noon is the martial arts and to my surprise there is more then enough.  American audiences will finally get to see what Jackie Chan can do.  This movie contains more martial arts action then Rush Hour, Lethel Weopon 4 and Romeo Must Die combined!  Jackie jumps, rolls, kicks, punchs, flips, spins and even get to use various weapons.  I have seen most of Jackie Chan's movies and I have basicaaly seen him do it all. Incredibly Jackie Chan does some things in this movie that surprised me!  I'm not sure how he average movie goer will respond to all of the martial arts, some may say that it is to much.  I know that I have to see this movie at least two more times.

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