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The 6th Sense: Friday, August 6, 1999

This Friday Bruce Willis returns to the screen with, The 6th Sense,  a thriller about a kid who sees dead people. So what?  I see dead people all the time! What a premise? We have to remember that Bruce Willis is the same guy that did, Striking Distance, Color of  Night, Last Man Standing, The Jackal, Mercury Rising and The Siege. So, what are the chances of this one being any good. But much to everyone's surprise, the advance word on this one is that it's fantastic. I'll believe when I see it.  I'm not  buying into the hype anymore, not since Blair Witch Project anyway. 

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Reviewers Ebert UsaToday Mrshowbiz TVguide Average
Points 75 87.5 30 40 58.1

58.1 - Go see at Matinee

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0 - 40 points Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"

M. Night Shyamalan  


M. Night Shyamalan 


Thriller / Action / Horror


A child psychologist uncovers the frightening truth about an 8 year-old who is haunted by spirits


Bruce Willis


Malcolm Crowe

Haley Joel Osment



Toni Collette


Lynn Sear

Olivia Williams as Anna Crowe 


Running Time

1 hr. 47 min.


Rated PG-13 for intense thematic material and violent images. 


 Hollywood, Buena Vista




 Official Site

The People's Review of The Sixth Sense

One of the most moving films I have ever seen.  Haley Joel Osment performed brilliantly and should have won an Oscar for his role in this film.  Between him and Bruce Willis you really got sweapt up in this picture.  High five to you all.

Not often these days does a movie come along that relies on your imagination to complete the experience. Most movies these days are a hodgepodge of blood/guts, titanic explosions, bullets, profanity, wild special effects, busty women, and crappy storyline and acting.
The best movies make you think. That's what impressed me about Contact, and that's what *really* impressed me about The 6th Sense. Using clever plot elements and settings, this movie holds your attention and keeps you immersed. Add to that a nifty ending that for some odd reason I didn't see coming, and it's just plain a winner. If I had any complaints at all, it would be:

1. How can someone be shot in the gut and not bleed in front?


2. Honestly... No room is going to drop to -60 F because of a ghost. Cold, maybe, but not *that* cold.

Anywho, go see it. It doesn't need a big screen viewing, but it's worth it, and that's saying alot these days :-)

 - NR


I've seen the movie at least twice on video disc and it just gets better with every viewing.
It's a very tight film with excellent story, directing, editing, sound, and acting.
The reviewer from Mr. Showbiz who gave the film a low rating must be very red in the face after seeing how most people - including prominent film critics - have reactively so positively to the film.
Seeing the same film critic's review of M. Night Shyamalan's other film Stuart Little, I could sense that he was sheepishly trying to make amends.


Review - I have never written to any organization to give my views on any movie before in my life.  I have to say that I have always enjoyed Bruce Willis movies, to some extent.  I have always thought since the days of the show Moonlighting, he has been poorly utilized.  In this movie he shines.  This is one of the best movies I have seen in years!!!   Serious!!!  The suspense is just incredible, no "speacial effects", actors acting & reacting to the situations.  I love the Hitchcock films & this movie reminds me of them. It's all I can do NOT to tell my husband & friends the ending of this film. I jumped once during the film, that was when the little girl showed up in the tent that Cole made.  When he (Cole) turned & saw her, that's when I jumped, it scared the s**t out of me, I thought something would be coming thru the top, it got my attention.  The rest of the time I clung to the armrests.  If any one is able to pass this on to Bruce Willis, I hope you get an oscar & Haley Joel Osment should get an oscar too.  Good going folks.  I plan to buy the video when it comes out.  Which is a compliment, we mostly buy the older movies.  If I were to rate this film I would give it a 96.  As for TV Guide, giving the movie a 40, those folks must have left early in the movie or they saw something different than what we did. Maybe they got it confused with the Blair Witch.  It was ok (Blair Witch) but if I had to do it over, I would wait untill it came out on video, wasn't worth the ticket & far too much hype.  Sixth sense is a movie that anyone who likes to be scared should see.  Later -


I think it is a great thriller the ending of the movie is totaly unexpected.  I would say that the part when the boy thout it was his mom but it was real a ghost!

Unknown 1

This is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a long time.  Also, one of Willis' best movies.  It brings chills to your skin right until the very last scene.

Unknown 2

It was good movie and my girlfreid jumped at times

John Vick

Put this one in the top 10 for year.  Bruce Willis proves he can act in this one and the young boy gives an Oscar caliber performance.  Most people wont toss the movie aside after viewing.  In fact I'll bet most viewers will resort to serious discussion as to its content.

Unknown 3

The concept of death in this movie really did make Sense, and It's just not a scary movie, it has depth, it's touching, makes you think about life and what's there after death and makes you look at the world and the people around you in a different light. It is worth seeing. I have never seen any movie as good as it is lately.

Unknown 4

Mrs showbis can give it .... at least a 82

Unknown 5

Excellent movie.  Should be a nominee for Best Picture and Hayley Joel Osment deserves a nomination for best actor.

Unknown 6

I have to say, this is one of the best movies ever this and Blair Witch Project are, by far, the best movies ever created. They are both innovative and original.

Unknown 7

score = 100 
This  is  an  awsome  thriller  movie  you  have   to  see  it now.  it  is  scary  as  hell.

Unknown 8

One of the best movies in years...the only movie in which you will want - have - to see it again...and again...


         We think this is the best movie out this year. A very well thought out movie which really make one think about their past, present, and even the future life to come. Communication is the key to success in all relationships in life. Our score:  99pts. This director, M.Shyamalan, needs to make more movies in the near future. He potrays very strongly one of the most important aspects of life.

Unknown 9

Much better than I expected - more depth and some great acting, not to mention one of the best storylines.  It's original and thoughtful and all I overheard from fellow moviegoers after the film was over were positive comments. This is a real top ten.  And if you're sensitive, bring some kleenex.


Unknown 10

I went to see it at a matinee but after seeing it would definetly give it a higher rating than you have here.  Yes Bruce willis has made some real losers but he redeems himself in this one.

Unknown 11

I am appalled at the ridiculous complaints in the reviews listed above.  I thought the pacing and acting was excellent, the story intelligent and startling.  Overall a must see rating from me and I'm not easy to please, especially when it comes to horror.


Outstanding movie.  Quick out of the gate and then slows a little and picks up the pace all the way to the incredible finish.  A solid 95 and worht seeing again.

Unknown 12


Andie C.

Incredible, engrossing and amazing! That barely skims the surface regarding my felings on this film. Haley Joel Osment MUST be nominated for Best Actor (forget that Supporting Actor junk). I have never experienced a performance such as his (adult or child). I hate horror movies-this does not fit into that category. This is a relationship film. A must see!

Unknown 13

Great movie.  I saw it alone and later saw it again with my wife.  It was fun having her try to guess throughout the movie what we discover at the end when all is revealed.

Unknown 14

I thought 6th Sense was an excellent movie. It was one of the best movies Bruce Willis has starred in. I just wanted to give him props. And the little boy is sooo adorable.

Unknown 15

It is absolutely a scary movie. But overall, I praise this movie. The story is so unexpected. I like this movie. If you are the horror movie fans, it's a MUST SEE..

Unknown 16

I truly enjoyed this movie, it is not only a must see, it is a must see again. The Haley was terrific in this movie. Job very well done. "I see dead people"

Unknown 17

i love this movie

Unknown 18

1000 points is what you get   for  the movie

Unknown 19

This movie was anything but predictable.  As an avid movie goer, I rarely don't get the ending before the movie ends - this one got me!  For it to be rated so low here shows how superficial people are.  I looked at how the director was brilliant and the acting was awsome (and I was not a big Bruce Willis fan).  Haley Joel Osment was incredible!  This is a must see!  Since it is the top movie your meter sucks!


This movie was the best! I still can't walk down the street without worrying about what i might see..... Haley is adorable and is so very talented. even though i had my doubts about bruce....he was great and  I give it a 95.... Jennie

Unknown 20

OH MY GOD the ending hits you like an 18-wheeler!  This movie was highly entertaining.

Salma M

Well, I always had two problems.  The first was watching scary movies and the second one was feeling convinced of Bruce Willis as a good actor.  I always felt he was acting.  I mean I did not feel when I saw a movie for him that he was the character he personified. I never believed him when he acted. So, I entered "The Sixth Sense" just because my friends pushed me to join them and well, I think I owe Bruce Willis an apology!   What a GREAAAAT movie!  Bruce Willis, I would say, has excelled himself in this movie.  He proved that he can be a great actor if he wanted.  He was so convincing.  I always felt I can see the camera man shooting the scene when Bruce Willis was acting in other movies. But in The Sixth Sense, Willis was so natural that I could not help my tears for the last 3 minutes of the movie.  The kid was a genius.   I had a hard time believing that he was just a 'kid'.  He was very expressive and he's make you cry and feel hurt for him just by looking at his eyes.  I also want to pay attention to the Kid's mother.  This woman is one of the best who acted in that movie.  I felt she was the real mother and that all what was happening was real. And that part at the end of the movie when the boy was telling her about her mother and she cried and.. that was a master piece.  Well, I think that the director of this movie deserves all the awards of the world for his genius way in directing this movie.   One thing I want to say about the Sixth Sense.  One should see it twice.   One time when they are in the illusion ( before they discover what is REALLY happening) and the second time after they discover what is going on for REAl just to appreciate the geniusity of the director.  Once again, CONGRATULATIONS, you made the movie of the year guys!!!

Unknown 21 

I don't know what movie MrShowBiz and TVGuide saw, but it couldn't have been the wonderful film I watched.   As a movie fanatic, I am difficult to please.  This was one of the finest films I've ever seen.  It evoked every emotion.  Haley Joel Osment gave a stunning performance.  Run, don't walk, to see this movie, and be prepared for it to keep affecting you even after it's over.

Unknown 22

The Sixth Sense is a film that does not rely on gory effects.  It's not a horror film, rather, a combination of terror and psychological truths that leave you reeling. The film's build-up is no doubt slow, but well justified and the final moments leave you gasping.  Unlike any other movie, this movie sends you into a thought-provoking journey after you come out of the movie hall.  And that's the stamp of a master director. For American audiences, used to blinding pace and instant switching of scenes, each one more gory than the previous one, this one might test the patience a bit.  But what the hell, don't you think we are all a bit more intelligent than most movie directors seem to think. And M. Night Shymalan honours us by treating us all as intelligent, mature adults.

Unknown 23

I just saw the movie last night and it absolutly terrified me!!! I slept with my light on and tv on. This one will be in my memory for awhile. However the acting was superb. The most upsetting part for me was when he could hear that ghost at the b-day party and they locked him in that room. I closed my eyes for a lot of the movie. It was really great and definitly the scariest movieof the year.

Unknown 24

excellent movie. It scared the heck out of me. Innovative and orignial ending.

Unknown 25

I am not a movie goer.   The last time I saw a movie was the X-Files and before that, T-2.  Other than these, though  the trailer may have looked good, we waited for it to come out on video.  But the Sixth Sense was worth the time and the money.  After the show, I thought about the movie.  I couldn't get it off my mind.  This is great stuff.   The beginning to the end, this movie is riveting.  I can't believe that they rated this movie "go see it at a matinee". Go figure what they think is entertainment, I wonder how the weather is in their planet?

Unknown 26

100% serious here, do _not_ let anyone you know who is scitzo. People who think they hear voices will worsen their condition by this movie that not only tries to explain "the voices" but also tears down years of therapy by scoffing psychology.

Unknown 27


Unknown 28

It was great!! It kept my aoura buzzing! if u know what i mean, when u get scared, its that shaking feeling you have all around you when you are scared :-o)

Unknown 29

The movie was so scary     at the end itwas confusing    i thought bruce willis talked to a lot of people  i recommend this movie to people who believe in ghosts and like scary ghost stories

Unknown 30

I had been waiting for a film like this for a long is a real masterpiece!!If you thought the ending of "seven" was cool, take a look at this one! It's amazing how everything fits together so nicely after you discover the truth...I spent at least one hour after the movie realizing how obvious it was. It is the work of a genius. If you haven't seen it, GO NOW!! and then you'll want to see it again.

Sharon C.

Thought-provoking, scary at moments, and a twist at the end that ties everything together.  Bruce Willis gives a very understated but effective performance. Toni Collette portrays the mother right on target, with the right mix of confusion, frustration and love.  But Haley Osment does a tour de force in his performance of a boy tormented by his "gift".  His maturity comes through despite his age.  Overall this movie is worth at least 90 points.

Unknown 31

What the hell are Mr.Showbiz and TV Guide thinking?!?!?!  The 6th Sense  was AWESOME!!!  Scary, funny, and even sad at the same time!!!!  Everyone go see this movie!!!!!!

Unknown 32

Excellent suspense; Bruce Willis is finally an actor I can appreciate!

Unknown 33

The 6th sense is another that must be seen. ive seen alot of movies but this one has the best ending to it ive ever adding to all that, the clues they give you in the middle of the movie(and beginning)to conclude the ending is outstanding. The little boy did a tremendous job too. if you can see the movie!

Unknown 34

WOW! Just WOW is all I have to say!

Unknown 35

First tought was itīs another zombies movie. Itīs really scary!! Itīs the most terryfying movie Iīve ever seen

Unknown 36

I thought the movie went a little too slow.  It took to long to get into it and when it finaly did the movie was practically over.  Also the ending was confusing.  Disapointing

Unknown 37

I think it's stupid that the ones that gave this movie a 30 and 40 actually get to be on this site.  They don't need to push their bad taste in movies on me...I give it a 99.9

Unknown 38

We watched the movie 3x! The star of the movie is definitely Haley Joel Osment bec. his portrayal makes you feel he was not acting at all. Bruce Willis is as versatile as ever and the team-up was perfect. The way the movie was made and shot and even written is perfect. Need we say more that we think, this is an entirely different movie that has captured our hearts ! We rate it a 99.9 ! Hope Haley wins an Osca for this !

Unknown 39

I loved the 6th Sense.   It's nice going to the movies and seeing something that's entertaining for a change.

Gina Antioco

I thought this movie was incredible.  It's definitely up there on my list of favorites.  I've seen it twice and I feel that the writers and directors did an incredible job.  -Gina Antioco

Unknown 40

The 6th Sense is absolutely, positively, without a doubt, not to mention unquestionably, A MUST SEE! I can honestly say that this is the first movie that I left the theater thinking "I didn't see that coming!" The bonus is that I did not have to hear "YIPPE-KI-AYE" coming out of Bruce Willis' mouth. A truly unique film.

Unknown 41

A truly moving performance by hayley joel osment. a unique picture and a moving one too. good work by bruce willis, showing another side to his usual character.

Unknown 42

ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! this is definetly the best and scariest film I have ever seen. Both Willis and Haley Joel Osment were fabulous. The Chemistery between made the film work. It had everything, scares a great plot and amazing acting! Should be nominated for an Academy Award for best in film!!! definetly give it 1000 points!!!!!!!****

Unknown 43

I thought the film was amazing.   The twist at the end was so unexpected.  This film had everything, it made you jump it keep you on the edge of your seat,your eyes where glued to the screen at all times, it had alittle bit of mystery thrown in as well.  I would definatly go and see this film again.

Unknown 44

I don't know what the reviewers are thinking, but his movie was excellent.  At times it was slow, but never boring, and the end was incredible! It was worth all $7.00!

Unknown 45

I think this was one of the best movies ever made. Great acting, especially from the kid(Haley Joel Osment) thrilling and chilling with an ending that will floor you. If you read Kevin Maynard's review from Mr. Showbiz, he states that Haley Joel Osment is a candidate for worst performance of this year, he says the kid is movie cute with pouty faces and bratty outbursts. If his performance was so bad, why did he get a Golden Globe Nomination? explain that Mr. Showbiz. I am sure an Oscar nomination will follow.

Tyesha B.

I personally loved "The Sixth Sense."  I viewed the movie on a college campus surrounded with a hostile movie audience that was upset because the movie started an hour later than previously posted due to audio/visual problems and the fact they packed 200 people in a room with no air conditioning about the size of a bathroom stall in a service station.  Through all of the smart remarks, boos, hooting, and howling of the audience, once the movie started the auditoruim feel silent and remained that way until the closing credits with the exception of a burst of laughter or surprise at an unexpected scene. The plot was amazing as well as the little twist in the end that noone was expecting.  Haley Joel Osment was a wonderful little actor along with Bruce Willis, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams, and Donnie Wahlberg.  I am definitely going to purchase this movie to add to my collection. Tyesha B.

Unknown 46

I thought this was a great movie. Very few scary movies actually scare me or make me jump but this one did. Definatly. The cast is awesome and its just all around a wonderful movie

Unknown 47

85-100 points
Excellent movie.  Hayley Joel Osment played an exceptional role in this movie. His character drew me in and I actually felt the fear that he exuded.  Bruce Willis was okay in this movie.  Not one of his best, but definitely a different role for him.  The movie was outstanding, definitely go see it.

Unknown 48 
The Sixth Sense, is, in my opinion, the best piece of cinematography ever produced. The basis-a young boy tormented by visits from the dead-is not profoundly interesting, but the movie itself is amazing. Watch Haley Joel Osment and you'll see what I mean. I concur that Willis is not excellent. but give Haley some credit too! I am Haley's number one fan! I would rate this a 150!!!!!

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