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The Skulls: March 31, 2000

Luke McNamara (Joshua Jackson) pays the ultimate sacrifice for fitting in. Once the over-achieving New Haven townie is able to claw his way into an Ivy League College, he is invited to join an elitist secret society known as The Skulls. He jumps at the chance, hoping it will help secure his acceptance into a prestigious law school. At first seduced by the club's upper-crust trappings, Luke finds himself ensnared by his own ambition when his journalist roommate commits suicide amidst cloudy circumstances. Now at the risk of his own life, he must outwit The Skulls at their own game -- Universal Pictures


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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 25 37.5 68 50 45.13


45.13 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Rob Cohen 


John Pogue


Suspense thriller 




Joshua Jackson as Luke McNamara
Paul Walker as
Hill Harper as
Leslie Bibb as Chloe

Running Time

1hr  40 mins


Rated PG-13 for violence and brief sexuality. 


Universal Pictures


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 The People's Review of The Skulls

Jon Troike
score = 80
I had never heard of this movie, or any of the actors/actresses in it, and was pleasently surprised at the captivating storyline.  It was suspensfull and exciting, albeit a bit far-fetched (such as when the new members awaken and 'the duel').
Overall, however, I thouroughly enjoyed the movie.  It is too bad it involves so many 'teen idols' so as to get the brainless teenagers to fall in love with a movie they have no comprehension of.

score = None 
I, along with millions of other fans of Joshua Jackson are just over joyed with his performance in this movie. Not only is this man hot, as well as being young, but he is amazeingly talented. I see a big, Bright future in films to come. Joshua has great skills in acting. I belive, if he gave it a shot, could also have a of the side carrer in music. I belive if his beautiful voice was heard, it could be a whole new thing. If he were to start off by doing a deuet or something with someone like, i dont know joey (Katie) if she has a hidden voice in side her it would work out. As well as help him out many many many years from now. Just a thought though. The reason I say or bring this topic up is that, Joshua Jackson has experince in singing as a child. Anyway, thats just something to think about. As far as his role in THE SKULLS, I have yet to see it. But just from the previews I can predict it will be his best ever. I just can not wait until it comes out. I think it will be the best movie ever. Well I have to go now but I will be back to say more about the movie once it comes out. I know everyone says the movie has a terific cast an all but none of them will ever beat or compare to Joshua Jacksons excellent performance. I look forward to seing Josh in the many other films to come.

score = 100 
Oh my gosh> this is the best movie i have seen this year i definitely paul walker deserves an oscar nomination it was very suspensful with a most intruging plot Paul walker is so hhooooooooot he is a firin hotty

score = 80 
this movie is a step above all those teen-beat films and entertains you all the way through.  the last 30 minutes i was on the edge of my seat. great car chase and beautiful images make this movie a hell of a good time.

score = 90 
I was great I loved it.  One of the best scary movies I've seen.  It was like a scream or cruel intentions.

score = 90 
This was a really  good movie. I went to see it last night. It was actually won of the best that I've seen lately. And I see a LOT of movies! U gotta see this one!

score = None 
I can't put my thoughts into words without losing some meaning.  This moive robbed me of an hour and fourty minutes of my life.  It was so bad that I prayed the whole cast would randomly die and they would roll the credits.  Don't see this movie unless you need a reason to commit suicide!

score = 100 
I'm Weetzie Bat, and I just wanted to say that this is one of the most slinkster cool movies I've seen in awhile. You should definatly get yourself out to the nearest theater RIGHT NOW!!! The Skulls is an interesting, thought provoking film and my friend Kor and I absolutly adored it! You will too, honey-honey, so go. Go now!!!! Luv and kisses, Weetz

score = 100 
I see a lot of movies, but this one (I saw it with Weetz, if you didn't already read her review) was definatly worth your money. I paid 8 bucks! I went in thinking, "Godd, that's a whole lot of money to pay..." and I went out thinking, "Let's go see it again, Weetz!" It was a thoughtful, interesting, realistic portrayl and I appreciate movies like that. Alright moviegoers, um, rock on and go see it!! Luv your Kor

score = 100 
I went and seen it the day it came out becaue I love Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker, But I found this movie to be exceptionally intreaging and thought provoking... I realized that there are more "Secrt Society's" than a person wounld thik and that they actually control. I thought Joshua Jackson did an excellent proformance, he is a VERY tallented young actor and definetly should get praise. As for Paul Walker, I found him to also be VERY exeptional... Paul played his character up to a Tee. Both him and Josh played there characters up perfectly. It is a deffinate must see.

score = 60 
Well, to my opinion, "The Skulls" was an overall average movie.  I had expected it to be much better from the commercials and previews I have seen, but it was not as good as I had expected.  Sure, the chases and mysterious content might be pretty cool, but it could have been better.  Kind of boring at times.  Especially in the beginning.

Skull and Key 
score = 10 
This was a waste of time and money and plot.  As these organizations exist all across the American countryside it is saddening when the mystery and thematics enjoyed by members and their surrounding campuses is used to make a quick buck.  Beyond exciting the interest of a few grade/high school children this movie is little more than a conspiratorial dream.  Too bad because a resonable documentary with the same budget would have yielded a far more interesting view into the entombed life on our collegiate campuses. Woe is he who seeks the truth without reason.  Woe is he that is blinded by the cloak of others smirking trust.  And woe is he who does not rethinks his own demise.  All the same in death.

score = 80 
I thought it was a well acted movie. It was well made and it did not drag on like most movies do. Congrats!!!

score = 50
This movie was fun, but utterly meaningless.  It would appeal to anyone who is into teen exploitation films, like Cruel Intentions.  I have to admit I'm one of them a lot, but this movie was just so stupid.  Half the audience would laugh during so many key scenes, it was such a mess.  Josh Jackson showed some true talent.  Paul Walker, reminds me a lot of Jude Law. Paul is probably better looking, but is so much less talented.  Anyway, it's a guilty pleasure.

score = 90 
This is a realy good movie. Its a real suspence-thriller. I like it at the end with the duel. I loved it and Im sure you will too.

score = 90
I would just like to mention that the actor in the beginning in the cafeteria was an excellent actor, I think his name is Jim Finnerty.  He really has the looks of an young inspiring actor.  It would be nice to see him in any other upcomming movies.  If he is going to be in any up comming movies can someone please let me know!  e-mail; Thank you!

score = 70 
I recently saw this movie and thought that it was very interesting. I was on the edge of my seat through the entire thing, and personally thought that it should have received a higher rating.  The movie had a couple of surprises including the accident scene inside the WAR meeting room and the duel at the end.  I am not a huge fan of Joshua Jackson, however, I did enjoy this movie.  FOr those people out there who didn't like it, you are entitled to your opinion.


score = 90 

An excellent movie. It was also great to see a woman at the steering wheel during the car chase. I have to say I loved "The Skulls" and I thought the plot was the best.


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