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Snatch: Friday January  19, 2001

 A diamond heist gone helter-skelter, the rough and tumble world of bare knuckle boxing, a colorful Irish gypsy and...a dog. Writer-director Guy Ritchieís highly anticipated Snatch is a rollicking ride through Londonís gangster world, the bustling diamond district and a rowdy gypsy camp. 
Diamond thief and courier Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) arrives in London en route to New York to deliver a huge diamond to boss Avi (Dennis Farina). In his mission to offload smaller stones to Aviís cousin, Doug 'The Head' (Mike Reid) and other local Hatton Garden jewellers, he is tempted into placing a bet on an illegal boxing bout by Boris 'The Blade' (Rade Sherbedgia). Little does he know that Boris has set him up - and local pawnshop owners Vinny (Robbie Gee) and Sol (Lennie James), along with their rather plump getaway driver, Tyrone (Ade) are to rob him at the bookies.

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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 50 75 68 75 67


67 - Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Guy Ritchie


Guy Ritchie


$6 Million


Crime / Thriller


Benicio Del Toro as Franky Four Fingers
Dennis Farina as Cousin Avi
Vinnie Jones as Bullet Tooth Tony 
Brad Pitt as One Punch' Mickey O'Neil 
Rade Serbedzija as Boris The Blade 
Jason Statham  as Turkish
Alan Ford  as Brick Top 
Robbie Gee   as Vinny
Ewen Bremner as Mullet 
Lennie James  as Sol

Running Time

1 hrs 44 mins 


Rated R for strong violence, language and some nudity.


Colombia Classics




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