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Soul Survivors: Friday September 8, 2000

A college freshman's existence is suspended between life and death after a devastating car accident in Soul Survivors, written and directed by Steve Carpenter and produced by Neal Moritz (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer).

Soul Survivors boasts a cast of hot young stars, including American Beauty's Wes Bentley, Good Will Hunting's Casey Affleck and Home Fries' Luke Wilson. Bentley plays Matt, a sarcastic Harvard-bound teen who still carries a torch for his former girlfriend, pretty, well-liked Cassie (Melissa Sagemiller). Cassie and her loving boyfriend Sean (Casey Affleck) quarrel about Matt just before a collision takes the three of them, along with Cassie's sultry best friend Annabel (Eliza Dushku), tumbling into a rain-slicked ravine. With Sean dead, a shattered Cassie returns to college and Matt gladly postpones Harvard to take care of her. But Cassie remains haunted by the accident, obsessed with Sean and tormented by guilt. Strange and frightening things begin to happen to her, nightmarish experiences that grow in intensity and may or may not be real. While her friends urge her to rejoin the living, Cassie is no longer sure where she belongs. -- 2000 Artisan Entertainment


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Steve Carpenter


Steve Carpenter




Wes Bentley as Matt
Melissa Sagemiller as Cassie
Casey Affleck as Sean
Eliza Dushku as Annabel
Luke Wilson

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Artisan Entertainment








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