South Park: Reviewed June 29,1999   Viva La Resistance!!!

Well it's the last summer of the 20th century. The movie industry has moved to impress its audiences with slick state of the art visual effects or eye candy as I like top refer to them. But in the mist of all of these advances in cinematography comes the sleeper hit of the summer. And what movie is that? Its not Star Wars or Austin Power sequel or even the Jerry Lewisque vehicle Big Daddy starring SNL alum Adam Sandler, its a cartoon!!! And I am not talking about a Disney PC cartoon. I am talking about Comedy Central's rugrats who live in the Colorado mountain town named SOUTH PARK.
Yes, SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER, and UNCUT has arrived. It has nothing to envy any Disney cartoon plot. In fact , the SOUTH PARK movie has very well musical scores with some risqué lyrics that would make both the people at Disney envy and blush at the same time. Even better then most of the movies that have opened this summer, it has an actual plot. The screen play written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone have some of the most funniest lines that can offend and get a laugh out of the most politically correct person. Just to mention that no one is safe from their satire, not religion, nationalism, even Hollywood celebrities are the target in this summer cartoon epic. So here comes Stan, Kyle, Eric Cartman, and Kenny to conquer all those immature movie audiences this summer . Reviewed by Java

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Rated R

( ***1/2 )three stars and a half out of five