Sweet November

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Sweet November:  February , 2001

In "Sweet November," Keanu Reeves portrays a busy advertising executive who meets a free-spirited woman (Charlize Theron) who persuades him to spend a month with her so that she can help him work through his unresolved emotional issues. What neither counts on is falling in love. Directed by Pat O'Connor ("Dancing At Lughnasa," "Circle of Friends"), the film also stars JASON ISAACS ("The End of the Affair"), GREG GERMANN ("Ally McBeal"), Frank Langella ("Dracula") and youngster LIAM AIKEN ("Stepmom"). 2001 Warner Bros .


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Pat O'Connor


Herman Raucher,

Paul Yurick 




Keanu Reeves as Nelson Moss
Charlize Theron as Sara Deever
Greg Germann as Vince Holland
Lauren Graham as Angelica
Michael Rosenbaum as Brandon

Running Time



Rated PG-13 for sexual content and language.


Warner Brothers


All Types


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