The Bachelor

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The Bachelor: Friday November 5, 1999

Jimmie Shannon (Chris O’Donnell) values his freedom more than life itself. As his male peers, even his best buddy, Marco (Artie Lange), begin to hook up in marriage, Jimmie continues happily plugging away with his dating lifestyle, in no rush to find “the one.” When he least expects it, Jimmie crosses paths with the adorable Anne (Renée Zellweger) and falls in love. After a three-year relationship, Jimmie feels the pressures of commitment and decides to "give in", reluctantly proposing to Anne at the most romantic of restaurants. Sensing his uncertainty and angry over his botched and lame attempt at a proposal, Anne dumps Jimmie back into the town known as "Bachelorville."
Shortly thereafter, Jimmie’s grandfather (Peter Ustinov) passes away and wills a $100 million inheritance to his grandson, on the condition he marries before his thirtieth birthday, which is less than twenty-four hours away. After seeking advice from the family attorney, Gluckman (Ed Asner) and stock broker, O’Dell (Hal Holbrook), a desperate Jimmie hastily arranges for a priest (James Cromwell) to wait in the wings while he finds a bride.
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Gary Sinyor


Steve Cohen








Chris O'Donnell as Jimmie Shannon
Renee Zellweger as Lotte Schwartz
James Cromwell as Olivia Morice


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PG-13 for Language


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 The People's Review of The Bachelor

score = 100
I really liked 'The Bachelor' because the film was very funny and interesting at the same time. It wasn't one of those movies where the humor comes with no plot. I recommend 'The Bachelor' to anyone who likes comedy/romance movies!!


Krystle Thomas
score = 100
I thought the bachelor was a great romantic movie that was very funny!!!  I loved it so much.  Its a movie that you could watch on rainy days and it doesn't get boring.


Ihe movie was so cool!!! I have this big crush on Chris O'Donnell. And the movie was great and because of that it was extended for 2 weeks! Im from Philippines, Cebu City. Hope they'll do a movie together again.