The Beach

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The Beach: Friday February  11, 2000

Leonardo DiCaprio portrays an American who sets off on an exotic adventure in Thailand in search of "The Beach," a legendary tropical paradise free of conventional society's problems. But when he finds the modern day Eden, he learns that it hides more than a few disturbing secrets. -- 2000 20th Century Fox 



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Points 50 25 34 62.5 42.88



42.88 - Go See At Matinee

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Danny Boyle 


Alex Garland (novel) 
John Hodges 




Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard
Guillaume Canet as  Etienne 
Staffan Kihlbom as Christo

Running Time



Rated R for violence, some strong sexuality language and drug content. 


20th Century Fox




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 The People's Review of The Beach

score = 90 
This movie was clearly an outstanding piece of work . I mean , 50 points - Go See At Matinee . Almost everyone that walked into this movie would think it were a tipical boy meats girl , boy gets girl , happily ever after . I did . But they didn't figure on the part where boy goes looney and hides in the woods . I think all around an excellent movie . Beautiful scenery and a gorgious , well dressed cast . Definitely worth see " A must see! " in my book .

jim simpkins
I thought the movie the beach was not  a good movie i didnt understand it too
well. leonardo is a great actor but he shouldnt play in it. he better in
other film like the titantic. 

score = 20 
this movie sucks.... sometimes is unusual, unexpected, atractive... but finally, falls into common...

score = 70 
This movie is good for anyone who likes Dicaprio, but not necessarily because of his acting ability. Aside from the stars it is a good story, a movie that makes you think about what we, as a society, have become. After seeing the movie I am excited to read the book which I believe will be much, much better.

score = 90 
Great movie well played though not everyone will understand it even if they think they do they won't. I did understand its deepness, cause I too have gone crazy

score = None 
First of all I have to say that the book is tremendousand Alex G did a great job.But the movie is not so good though because some important details weren't in it.But the "beach" in the movie is excactly what I imagined in the book,so all in all I have to say that both of them are awesome.I can't wait when the movie goes on sale on video.(and Leo D was very good too,I always thought of him as a gay actor in his past movies.Salute to him.)

score = None 
I cannot say it was not a good movie.  I would suggest waiting until it came out on video.  I would not go to the movies to see it.  You would think Leonardo would learn to stay away from that water.

score = 100 
I thought it was a wonderful movie.  More than entertainment, a piece of art.  It made me reevaluate a few things in my life.

score = 90 
The Beach was a fantastic movie. You walk into the theatre either expecting an outrageously gory thriller, or a complete show based on the lust and romance. But what you get is an outstanding drama that makes you think and never allows you to predict what's going to happen. All I can say is, don't walk into the Beach for a "cute Leo" and a teen romance like Titanic. See the movie for some REAL acting ability.

score = 90 
it was a good movie for leo ,he did veryb good The story got weard

score = 90 
I read the novel first so i had an idea what ideas were being presented... to say this movie has alot on it's mind is a bit of an understatement.  I think it takes a certain type of personality to follow artists/actors through a film like this...fortunately it's the kind of personality that i am so no problems here...The story is truly going to be a just has that feeling to even if the critics pan doesn't matter, because many times critics just don't get genuine art...and when all of their reviews good or bad or long forgotten, this story will not be.  The acting is's the kind of role dicaprio shines in and he does shine in the beach...sometimes more of a snarl than a shine but he's captivating and takes you where he's going as if you're along for the ride...the whole cast fits together like a giant puzzle that in the end is a beautiful(did i mention the scenery), provoking film...i've watched it 3 times already, and it was better each time.

score = 70 
Gut. Darkness is behind every unturned stone in the Paradise in 'The Beach'. What seems is essentially questioned. The movie questions the condition of the human soul; The darkness and evil it possesses and creates. Man is essentially evil whilst Nature is pure. When these two elements collide, there is a clear disruption in both elements. Wonderfully expressed in 'The Beach' in terms of stylistics such as the collision of colors- Green and red, use of lighting-dark shadows vs. bright light and editing. The narrative maybe hard to follow at times because of these stylistics . However, for the avid movie goer, it heightens and deepens the quintissential nature of the movie.

score = 50 
A good film I thought, UNTIL i read the book. Why all the gratuitous sex and violence that did not appear in the book. It did not add anything to the story. Boyle emits vital points of Garland's "The Beach" failing to develop Richard's charcter so the audience is left wondering what the hell is going on with Richard and why he swings from mad to sane every 2 seconds. Maybe Boyle should have concentrated on developing some of the book's main characters such as Keaty and Jed instead of concentrating on the superficial and unimportant storylines such as the Beach football and the sex.It seems to me that the story has been watered down into something more digestible for all those Leo fans out there - where is the mutilation, the stabbing, all those psychological themes that made the book so great? Pity; the film had all the makings of a cult - the actors, the director, the soundtrack, the story: Why did it choose not to exploit the last and most important?

score = 90 
I think that is the most crazy movie of the year.beautiful and really really CRAZY.

score = 80 
Defintely a must see for anyone who has read the book. Defintely not a must see for any Leo-crazy teenage girls who just want to see Leo again like in Titanic. I read the book half a year ago, and it was the best book I had read iny years, simply outstanding peice of literature. The movie was by far not as good as the book, still it lived up to my expectations. DiCaprio did a tremendous job and performed enourmously well, just like the other members of the cast. I was surprised. My salute to Danny Boyle and also to Leo's outstanding acting. Great movie, and if you allow yourself to become a part of it, it makes you think a whole lot about your life as well.

score = 80 
clearly if you read the out weighs the movie by far. They left a huge character out, Jed i thought he was a  supporting character, and also for  developing Richard's character, it would have made Richard seem more of a human. I thought that the movie was good and it made me want to travel more and look for the pure things that are out there.

score = 90 
I think the movie was werry good. The actors where also werry good. But not Leonardo DiCaprio Cause I get so mad at him youst cause al the girls think that he is pretty, then by saying thet I think he is a bad actor I get my dignety back. Yust kidding, I think Leonardo DiCaprio was outstanding, he deserve an oscarnomination at least cause Kevin Specey where not as good in American Beauty as leonardo Was in this movie. Well i still say that his best movie was This Boys Life and his best acting in a movie was in Gilbert Grape. The Beach is werry good, a little bit like Lords of the Flyes but whit a bit more substanse.

score = 100 
The film was very good and i would like to say i think its about the thin line between sanity and insanity cos leo had a great part and he was very good actor for the role as especially Robert Carlise. The film was great the book just as good and for those who dont understand it well get a life

score = 80 
First of all, to anyone out there thinking of seeing this film, READ THE BOOK FIRST.The book is by far the best thing I've read in years and is by far better than the film.Having said that, it would've been difficult to incorporate everything from the book into the film, so even then the film is a outstanding piece of work.The acting from Leo DiCaprio is his best I've seen from him, and the girl, Virginie Ledoyen, acts well and,to me anyway, is truly stunning. Still, the book is way better and the film left too many important details and characters, like Jed, out of it. Great, but could've been better.

score = 100 
After seeing this movie 3 times since its launching last week you can see that this movie is a definate "must see". The deep meaning of the story is hard to get without pure deep thought.. i bought the novel and the soundtrack today (the soundtrack is a killer) Compred to the other predictable movies on the circuit at the moment "the Beach" comes out as the better choice... CATCH IT WHILE STILL ON BIG SCREEN!!!!!

score = 80 
This was a pretty good movie.  It lacked in character description and other aspects the book shined in.  I would have expected more scenery and emphasis on the good things on the island though.

score = None 
Hi just stoped in to say as a big fan of leo's. I myself personaly loved the movie. although Idid think there could have been less blood shead.

score = 80 
I thought that though the book was amazing, the film tried to b too faithful to it.  It was too difficult to understand if you hadnt read the book. All of the Vietnam bits werent explained, and im still not totally sure what the video game bit was about! All in all, though, it was a good film, it just should of been explained more.

Rosey & Meeli 
score = 60 
If you haven't read the book, it's good...but, having read it the film lacks a great deal. They have ruined parts of the story that were fantastic, which left chills dripping slowly down your spine. I was also sad to hear that they bulldozed down loads of trees to make the football scene...should such a beautiful place be trashed simply for a hollywood film??? But. having said all that we both think that Guillaume Canet, who plays Ettienne, is utterly gorgeous!!!!!

score = 90 
This movie is excellent for a number of reasons. Firstly it is an interesting story and it clearly has something to say about today's world. Leonardo shows he is an excellent actor who is capable of not just being goody two shoes-Titanic! He is much better in complex roles and the rest of the cast are good. The scenery is glorious and the film all in all is excellent. You must see it!

score = 10 
This is without a doubt the worst movie of the year.  the people who designed the previews should win some awards because, like me, im sure many were fooled by the previews into thinking this would be a good movie.  I just got back from seeing it and i can't really tell you the plot it was so bad.  i kept waiting for something to happen and it never did.  what a waste of time

score = 90 
I think it was a great movie. For Leo fans absolutely! But the actors were all very good, also the special effects. So, I want to say : go to that movie! O yes, the only thing I can't understand is the deep background of the movie. I'm still thinking about it. But I also gonna see him for a second time so.....

Eme Walker 
score = 100
I thought this film was excellent. One of my favorite books is Lord of the flies, so this film interested me. The plot was very similar to the Lord of theFlies, even though it is based on another book. I like a mystery and a little romance and rendevous is good as well. Also, the movie was a little scary, but I like that. The music that went with the film was amazing and the day after I saw the movie, I bought the soundtrack. Two thumbs up!

score = 90 
i really enjoyed this movie coz it was entertaining. it was romantic, dramatic, violent, scary, funny, everything rolled into one. it was a beautiful film with a good soundtrack and leo was fantastic as an actor looking forward to reading the book

Krystle Casper 
score = 100 
I thought this movie was great and worth spending the money to go see it.Leonardo Dicaprio did a wonderful job making this movie.I give this movie a rating of 100 Definitely worth seeing.

score = 100 
I lost count how many times I have seen this film. I enjoyed it so much first times round on it's opening day that I've seen it over ten times in two months. The main reason I like this film is because it says alot about what we have become as a society. The film has a deep and meaningful story and it is hard to follow unless you allow yourself to become involved in the drama. Leo and the rest of the cast do an excellent job at bringing a complex story to life. Leo is fantastic in his role and should get an Ocsar nomination next year-2001. The film is beautifully shot and the soundtrack is superb. I cannot wait till it comes out on video.

score = 90 
If you were in touch with today's teenage society and you knew what type of films we like, you would see that this is a major hit for the youths of today. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. (That is if I have thumbs after biting my fingers during the shark attack!:)


score = 100 

Anyone who didn't like this movie probably didn't understand it. They probably aren't capable about thinking what points the movie is trying to make.  The Beach reminds me of Fight Club in a lot of ways.  Anyone else?  It's a GOOD movie.


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