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Peoples Reviews For The Patriot

Doug Becker 
score = 90 
A magnificently maufactured film, The Patriot is never dull. Unlike the John Wayne war movie genre of times past, this movie shows that above all else, war  brings people death and despair. I liked the lack of  speechmaking. I liked that the English were shown  truthfully as "Germans with a sense of humor", brutal , pompous and ruthless. Too often their imperialistic cruelty has been hidden behind a vaneer of civility. The film was soft on slavery, but so was the American Revolution. We preached equality and liberty for all... all white christian men, that is. The one thing I did not like was the focus on Mel Gibson vs. Jason Isaacs. The ending where out of thousands of combatants, Gibson picks out Isaacs and they duke-it-out mano y mano was much too contrived. Isaacs should have been killed by the eldest son as retibution for Isaacs killing his younger brother. Why must Gibson do everything? The way the movie ended was too much like James Bond killing his 20 arch-villians with his bare hands. The Patriot, like Saving Private Ryan, shows War Movies have grown up.

Gary K 
score = 70 
Just saw the Patriot on the weekend.  It was a pretty good film, lots of emotion and action and realistic violence.  The only thing that I didn't like was the one sided Patriotism showing that Americans good, British (red coats) bad.  It would have been a nice change if they showed some of the personal life of Mel Gibson's British enemy in the film, then I would've felt for both sides.

score = 100 
I thought the Patriot was a must see. I saw it and I couldn't stop thinking about it. The movie showed how men sacrificed everything to fight. And it showed how lucky we are today so we don't have to go through what they went through.

Film Fan 
score = 90 
I just got home from seeing The Patriot.  It was appropriate and moving to watch this film on the $th of July.  It makes one realize how much was sacrificed for us to live in freedom.  Many of those people lost everything they had, but did it willingly to breathe free in their own country. Mel Gibson is always watchable.  His emotions play across his face, and you feel his joy and his pain. Heath Ledger will become a much sought after actor based on his fresh good looks, and a superior performance. A must see.

score = 30 
What was a hopeful look into a significant part of our heritage became a cartoon. Are you sure Vince McMahon didn't direct this thing???

score = 90 

gary winstead 
score = 100 
Great movie, a must see for all true Americans, least they forget how their freedom was won. Kudos to Mel Gibson and the real Patriots of the free world. In one scene my wife cried and in other scene our son cheered,I cried and cheered, something for all!!!

score = 100 
I see a lot of movies and am not particularly a big fan of Mel Gibson.  This was however the best film in any category I have ever seen.  I highly recomend it to one and all.

score = 100 
Excellent!  The Patriot was not advertised as a documentary and thus did not need to define all the terminology, such as "the cause".  I would hope that the average American is well aware of what the Colonists fought for during the Revolutionary war.  Once again, the audience was rewarded for going to the theatre.  There were many historical loose ends left and poetic license wonderful that so many people recognize these moments and know their own country's history so completely! Thank you Mel Gibson and Company...It was a pleasure... 
score = 100 
What a way to celebrate the 4th of July in this country then to learn of the sacrifices made to allow us the freedom.  I was thrilled to feel the crowd into this movie rooting for the eventual winners......God Bless America, Mel Gibson and the Patriot.  The contributions of the Smithsonian Institute should not go untold in attempting to keep within accurate historical telling of the story....although only a few inaccuracies can be found...the spirit of the fight for freedom was definitely felt.  My heart skipped many beats thinking of the sacrifices....I will never look at the flag with nothing less than respect for the lives given so we can live in the land of the free.

Stan, Linda 
score = 100 
My husband, and I dearly loved the movie, It is another Best picture, and if Mel Gibson is not Picked for best actor then there should not be a best actor award given at all. It is a better picture than "Braveheart" if thats possible, and we loved Braveheart"!  Congratulations to the cast, and crew it was a tremendous effort only second to the real battle itself.

Jeff Kreinbring 
score = 90 
This movie should be required viewing in all high schools to counter all the anti "dead white guy" politically correct trash kids are subjected to nowadays. I know it's not totally historically accurate, I majored in History in college, but it's way closer than the revisionist garbage and should make everyone who sees it appreciate a little more the preciousness of the freedoms they enjoy.

Karen K. 
score = 100 
It takes a great movie to keep me awake, or even to want to go and see it.  Though I watched most of the violent scenes through the fingers laced over my eyes, I did truly like this film and definitely think it's worthy of a trip to the theater.  The scene where his young sons helped him was disturbing, but later you see one son proud that he helped his father and one son totally troubled by the experience.  This is the nature of man.  I think Mel Gibson acted admirably in this movie, and I usually comment that he's way too hyper (in movies) for me. Perhaps he's involved in these types of movies because he does have a family he cares for, and he sees the waste of humankind abhorrent.  For the critics that complain about historical inaccuracies, most of us do not go to the movies for a history lesson but to be entertained. This gets a 10 in my book.  It's a long movie, but keeps you engrossed til the end.

score = 100 
I thought that this movie was the most profound and wonderful movie ever.  It had such a great combination of history, drama, and a little bit of love.  I think that all the actors were absolutely brilliant.  I just hope that everyone will run out and see this film and feel just as enthrawled and entertained as I was.

score = 100 
I really loved this movie!!! Good story, breath taking action!!! Also talks about family values. PS :      If you go see it bring a tissue box

Tommy Chandler 
score = 90 
Not being a real big Mel Gibson fan, I thought this was one of his best movies. I would say it is at the top of my list of best movies I have seen this year.

Rusty Carlock 
score = 50 
Though the cinematography of "The Patriot" was beautiful and in itself provided adequate reason to see the film, I feel that the true essence of the American ideal was not portrayed to its fullest potential and at times the film resorted to cheap film cliches to achieve a desired emotional effect in the audience.  The biggest letdown, by far, was that the film only gave a few lines to define the reason all of our American forefathers were particpating in such a bloody war.  The film talked often of "The cause" of the rebels without doing much to delineate exactly what this cause was.  Of course "freedom" (as in braveheart) was mentioned many times in the film.  But the pure hope in an entirely new world that drove the colonists was mentioned only a few times. Perhaps because looking at the course American history has taken (the slaughtering of the Native Americans, the exploitation of the environment) one would look sadly upon the words of Mel Gibson's character at the end of the film "I pray that the sacrifices of our people will spawn and fulfill the promise of our new nation."  A good film, but one that did not live up to the full potential of its subject matter.

score = 100 
I thought that the movie, though very lengthy, was a definte worth seeing movie.  It keeps your attention the whole time and is not jumping from scene to scene.  The plot is very thick and dramatic.  This is a must see film. It has comedy, drama, and action all packed into one film.  2 thumbs up!!!
Oh yeah, and another thing...the people protesting about this not being a good movie because in one scene Mel Gibson tells his sons to take up arms, is just ridiculous.  That's the way life was back then and you had to do what you had to do.  People do have a mind of their own and are accountable for their deeds.  And another one about being too graphic...they were capturing the essence of a real battle.  How it really was and what we were really fighting for.

Tarryn Coetzee 
score = 100 
I found this movie to be amazingly beautiful. Mel Gibson, once again, graces us with a strong and truthful performance. Although I found some violence to be unnessesary, the movie provides us with enough action to keep us interested for the whole 2 hours and 46 minutes. Not only does this movie provide enough 'American Pride' (Pefectly timed with the july 4th weekend) it also holds comedy and romance. I deffinatly recommend this movie to ANYONE, not only historians and/or mel gibson fans!

score = 90 
The best movie I've seen in a long time.  Cried from beginning to end.  I encourage everyone to go see it.

Stan Harrison 
score = 90 
This movie is definately a crowd pleaser, the plot was good, and Mel Gibson was a great actor.  Of course, the only flaw in the movie was the identical plot to Braveheart.  But it's still a excellent movie.

Stephen Bader 
score = 100 
I study revolutionary history, and found this movie to be among the best I had ever seen. The authenticity was superb, from the recreation of colonial charleston and the the lowcountry plantations, to the battle scenes, uniforms, and acting. The violence brought home how serious the war was, and the sacrifices that men made 225 years ago.

Cindy Parrott 
score = 80
I am a history buff and found this movie wonderful.  It really depicts the overwhelming hopelessness of the situation when the Colonial Army faced the mighty British forces.  The one thing I did not like about it was that the violence was too graphic.  I do realize that battles are supposed to be violent, but it can still be shown without being quite so graphic.  Again, I did enjoy the movie very much.


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