The Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair: Friday, August 6, 1999

From the director of some of the best actions movies of this century (Die Hard: With a VengeanceThe Hunt for Red October, Die Hard and Predator) comes The Thomas Crown Affair. The movie is a caper about a millionaire art theft, who steals only for the joy and excitement of it. 

This year a similar movie, Entrapment, also came out and made over 80 million dollars. But even though, The Thomas Crown Affair is said to be a must better movie, don't expect it  to do as good, since 

  1. people are already tired of the caper flicks

  2. there is too must competition this week

  3. the promotion is weak.  

I'll be there anyway! I love a good caper!

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57.6 - Go see at Matinee

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John McTiernan 


Leslie Dixon

Kurt Wimmer 


Thriller / Action


A female investigator must track down a millionaire playboy who has stolen a world-class Monet


Pierce Brosnan


Thomas Crown 

Rene Russo


Catherine Banning 

Denis Leary


Michael McCann


Running Time

1 hr. 51  min.


Rated R for some sexuality and language. 






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The People's Review of The Thomas Crown Affair


Not ever seeing the first movie ever done, I like it. Rene Russo was great!! She looked great also! Would like to know how to get some more pictures of Rene new hair style. If you can help, Thank-you!


Just saw it  last night and loved it.  Both Russo and Brosnan are excellent and the story has lots of twists and turns.  Go see it!!

Movie Knight

If you like slick writing than Thomas Crown is a good flick. Pierce Brosnan, toting his James Bond like english smug attitude, was the perfect choice to play a bored millionaire unchallenged by anything in life. Everyone who loves the "super-thief" movies where they have cool gadgets and crazy plans to steal whatever it is they are going to steal, will enjoy this movie. If you liked the Jennifer Lopez/Sean Connery flick "Entrapment" (besides the scenes of Lopez's apple like buttocks) than you probably have a mental illness. However, Thomas Crown Affair blows that movie away. Renee Russo gets butt naked, but I could have done without Brosnan's scrawny but shots. Also, as I watched the movie I couldn't help thinking that Russo is almost ready to assume Susan Sarandon's role as the hot older looking chick. Tim Robbins digs it, so who am I to criticize. Anyway, this is worth a matinee ticket at least.