Thomas and The Magic Railroad

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Thomas and The Magic Railroad: Wed. July 26, 2000

The movie chronicles the adventures of a young girl called Lily, who sets off to visit her lonely Grandpa, but finds herself on a great adventure that leads to a meeting with the world's favourite steam engine, Thomas the Tank Engine, and the magical Mr. Conductor. The trio become involved in a classic good versus evil story that takes place in Mr.Conductor's special universe. At one end is the Island of Sodor, and at the other Shining Time, nestled deep in the Indian Valley. Linking these two worlds is The Magic Railroad. 
This harmonious world of magic and innocence is put in danger by greed and cynicism. However, Lily and Thomas, with the help of a special dog called Mutt, a young boy named Patch, Mr Conductor Junior and a host of other colourful characters triumph, bringing the story to its happy end.  -- 2000 Destination Films


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Ebert UsaToday Mr Showbiz Herald Average
Points 25 37.5 12 25 24.88


24.88 - Not Worth Seeing

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Rating System:

0 - 40 points

Not Worth Seeing
40 - 65 points  Go See At Matinee
65- 85 points Worth Seeing
85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


Britt Allcroft


Britt Allcroft


Based on television series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. A young girl takes a train trip to visit her grandfather onboard Thomas  




Peter Fonda as Grandpa Burnett Stone
Mara Wilson as Lily
Alec Baldwin as Mr. Conductor
Didi Conn as Stacie Jones
Russell Means as Billy Two Feathers

Running Time

1hr 29min


General Audiences


Destination Films




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 The People's Review of Thomas and The Magic Railroad

Andrew McDonald
score = 40
This film was OK for a child who loves Thomas.. and thats all. Out of my family it was only my 3-year old son who enjoyed it. We all agreed if there is to be anbother Thomas movie it should all be on the island of Sodor- and not having all this real life stuff!

score = 100
this  was  a good  movie.It  teaches  kids  leasons  and  for  the  cridicts  who  give  it  a  bad  rating they  have  to  remember  that  it's  a  kids movie  and it's  what  they  think.As  for  me I  say it's  great.

Tony Hullender
score = 90
It's not my kind of movie and I thought Peter Fonda was aweful, but my 3 year old loves it and has watched it about 10 times in the last couple of days.  In fact, I came across this web site while trying to find somewhere to buy the movie because we're concerned about the fit my son is going to throw when we take this back to the video rental place.

Tyler Rogers
score = 100
comments = Thomas and the Magic Railroad was an excellent and exciting movie. I really liked it alot, it was the best movie I have ever seen. I liked the part where Diesel 10 chased Lady and Thomas and when he picked up Mr. C with his claw.  I liked the happy ending and the music in the movie.I also liked the part where the troublesome truck went through the magic buffers after it uncoupled from Thomas.

Jack's Mom 
score = 20 
I have an almost 4-year-old and 18 month old who are devoted to Thomas (well the little one just goes for all trains) and they were singularly unimpressed with this movie. As an adult, I thought it was awful. The story made no sense and there were enough loose ends to weave a rug. Jack wonders "why didn't they have more trains (James, Henry) etc.?" As one friend of mine said... they would've been better off  just putting in one of  the videos.

score = 10 
This movie sucks!! Don't waste your money!! I only saw this movie to get my girlfriend in the sac (p.s. mission accomplished!).... What were these actors thinking about when they signed the contract!! I saw parents in the theatre ready to kill themselves watching this monotonous crap! There was no story to it! Ok, I'm gonna give you the whole story right now and spare you $8.50, ready?? A stupid toy train runs around and picks up passengers for an hour and 29 minutes. Thats it! They should've computer animated somebody or something to make it interesting. I can't stand Mara Wilson and Alec Baldwin, an actor that i admire, lost all his self dignity. Hey Alec.... Russel Crow is Gladiator..... Kevin Bacon is Hollow Man..... Patrick Stewart is Proffesor X..... AND WHAT ARE YOU???? Alec Baldwin is Mr. Conductor. Here's a word of advice. Go do yourself a nice action movie. Please people, if your kid really wants to see this movie, just tape 3 television episodes and put them together, sit them in front of the TV, and tell them its the movie. OH! and another thing, I saw 4 year olds walking out of the theatre saying that this movie was a waste. IF DESTINATION FILMS IS READING THIS, I COULD WRITE A BETTER MOVIE THAN THIS!! SO JUST CONTACT ME AND I'LL GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS!! MAYBE WE COULD GIVE ALEC BALDWIN ANOTHER CHANCE IN A HUMANS VERSE ALIENS FLICK WITH ALOT OF BLOOD AND VIOLENCE!! PS: Go take your kid to see Pokemon, at least thats half as enjoyable compared to this.

Sheryl Fowler 
score = 60 
None of these reviewers has a 3-year-old boy. If any one of them did, they would know that it was a fantastic journey for the audience it was intended for. My 4-year-old twins adored it. No, it's not great film-making, and it wasn't meant to be. It was meant to entertain small children who love Thomas.  I usually find Mr. Ebert's reviews to be on the mark but I have to scold him for not remembering the movie's audience and taking that into consideration. Thanks for the chance for a rebuttal.

Susan & Evan (5) 
score = 100 
Great "G" rated movie for anyone; of course Thomas fans will LOVE it! Train fans of ANY age will be entertained. Alec Baldwin delivers a smashing performance that will leave you looking around for him as a miniature conductor, for sure! Story-line is more complex than several recent hollywood releases! (ha) Best for age 3 to 8 (unless 2-yr-old is devoted Thomas fan like mine was!) Can't beat the music --- "Locomotion" memories of the 70s for parents!! 

Ex-Thomas Fan 
score = 10 
Oh My God! Was this movie a joke?!  This was terrible; surely Ed Wood was resurrected to direct this movie; it made me want to jump in front of a steam engine! I mean what was with the boom mike coming down into Mr Topam Hat's office? What about the cousin being allergic to grass? More like he was SMOKING grass! Peter Fonda also looked stoned. The whole movie was like a bad bad trip. Peeeeewhewwwww.

Bev Maine 
score = None 
Terrible, terrible, terrible....what are we doing to our children, when we expect them to sit through such's time to become parents again! Go to the park, play sports together, but keep them out of this movie.

Tom Tipper 
score = 70 
must see for the 3 to 8 year olds, tolerable for the parents, diesel 10 has the best laughs. Overall enjoyable way to pass 1hr 40 with your children.


score = 10

I have a 3 year old boy and half way through he was ready to leave the movie.  He was saying things like, "not see Thomas the movie daddy".  The movie truly did suck.  My kid did not go to see real life situations he wanted to see Thomas and friends.  NOT Peter Fonda acting like a loser the whole movie...I love to watch the Thomas videos with my child.  Neither I or my child liked the movie at all.  What were they thinking????? A waste of money.  They could have transferred all of the actual scenes on the island of sodor and had a full 30 minute video, leaving aside all of the real life crap.