Three Kings: Friday October 1, 1999

As the Americans prepare to dismantle their base camp at Saudi Arabia and return home, Troy(Mark Wahlberg), Chief(Ice Cube) and Conrad unexpectedly come into possession of a map that indicates the location of a stash of Kuwaiti gold bullion stolen by the Iraqi army.

While they puzzle over the map and what it implies for them, Archie Gates(George Clooney) learns of their acquisition and takes command of the situation. In his words, "Saddam stole it from the sheiks; I have no problem stealing it from Saddam… Just one stash would be easy to take…and that would be enough to get us out of our day jobs – unless you reservists are in love with your day jobs." Armed with little more than high expectations, the foursome jumps in a Humvee and launches its own private maneuver. Their plan is to "leave at dawn and be back by lunch."However, fate plays a trick on these AWOL treasure hunters. Their brief, single-minded foray into Iraqi territory becomes their first face-to-face encounter with the Iraqi people and the complex circumstances of life in a country at war with itself.
One misadventure leads to another, alternating grim reality with surrealistic dark humor, until the four soldiers’ mission changes radically, becoming a journey of discovery and redemption, and an adventure they’ll never forget. -- 1999 Warners Bros.


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  87.13 -
Definitely worth seeing

"A Must See"


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85-100 points Definitely worth seeing. "A must see!"


David O. Russell


John Ridley
David O. Russell




Three U.S. soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia find a real treasure map before the Desert Storm Invasion.


George Clooney as Archie Gates  
Mark Wahlberg as Troy Barlow  
Ice Cube  as Chief Elgin    

Running Time

2 hrs. 05 min.  


R for  violence, language and some sexuality 


Warner Bros




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 The People's Review of Three Kings

Carl Llewellyn
score = 100
All I can say is I am NOT an action movie fan.  That is, what I thought of an action movie.  This is what I would like all action movies to be. Intense, thought provoking, serious, funny, well-acted, and touching.  But not overboard on any of them.  I learned from this, and wanted to know more afterwards.  That's all that can be put into words.  Just go see for yourself!!

score = 60
I saw it and it was okay.  I thought they picked bad actors for the roles.  I mean Ice Cube?! Come on.

score = 100
A MUST SEE! They did a great job...It sure is a must see...

score = 20
The actors are atrocious except for Clooney who did his best. I hated the movie as it presented the Arabs as a "non entity" or caricature characters, but what could I expect of a Hollywood movie on the Gulf war? And if I were a member of the US army I would be scandalized by the way it is presented in this movie, the soldiers all look like, either handsome morons or ugly morons.

score = 90
Definitely one of the best movies I've seen this year.  There really is no way to properly describe this film - except that it's entertaining, thought-provoking, witty and unnervingly humorous. I look forward to David Russell's next film.

Linda H
score = 100
If you want a movie that entertains you, makes you think, and when you leave, you want to go see it again, go see Three Kings.  You all already know what's going to happen in Double Jeopardy. Who cares if Ashley Judd gets empowered. Go see Three Kings and be surprised!! If you saw Flirting with Disaster, you have an idea of how off the wall this will be.

Dylan Gaughan
score = 100
This is, hands down, one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's not just an action movie... it's a war movie with a politcal tinge (highly critical of Bush's decision-making at the end of the war), comic relief (David O. Russel can't help but be funny... see "Flirting with Disaster), drama... so much more.  I think this and The Thin Red Line will go down as 2 of the most underrated war movies of our time.

score = 100
The Movie Three Kings was a great movie and I wish more people would have seen it so I could talk about it.

Scott Silberbauer
score = 90
I loved the movie from beginning to end.  the mix of george clooney, mark wahlberg, and ice cube was awesome.  if you haven't seen this movie you must go now, do not delay.

The movie was very good, definitely worth seeing. One of Clooney's best.

score = 100
This movie is worth seeing twice.  I loved every moment from the humor to the terror to the ethical salvation.  I give it 100 and will say it is the best movie I have seen this year and is of Oscar Quality.

score = 100
Everything about this movie was amazing, from the cinematography to the dialogue.  i think the interrogation scene with said taghmaoui and mark wahlberg is one of the most powerful i've ever seen in a film.  and i'm not sure why "eve" below or anyone else would say that the film offers offensive portrayls of arabs because i was very impressed by the treatment of arabs.  in fact, this is one of the few american movies to treat arab characters as something other than comic relief or terrorists.  there are fully-dimensional, complex arab characters, from taghmaoui's interrogator to the twin brothers who are refugees.  i was also really impressed by the fact that russel used ACTUAL arabs, not latinos or jews to portray arabs.

score = None One of the few movies set about the Gulf War and there has to be a heavy politcal anti-american sentiment.  More self-hatred and internal self-destruction from Hollywood.  Who needs enemies when we have friends like this. The heroes are anti-social, let's screw everybody types. The movie is choppy. There is some humor,   but the overall theme is antisocial and america is the great satan. As long as you personify the devil in political terms, you never have to deal with the true evil. How ignorant. I just wish the writers and directors would get into therapy and deal with their own issues and not abuse the film medium as their own personal catharsis venue ( or toilet) and subject us to their pain.

score = 100
Three Kings was a really good film, i enjoyed it alot, the cinima photography was excellent. I recommend it to everyone

r.h. schwab
score = 100
Intelligent demonstration of the humanity of all peoples and the benefits of human contacts with one another. reveals the pathos and agonies of weapons with its anatomy cartoons in a  wrentching  unforgeteable manner.

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